SHOCK STORY: Notorious Church-Suing Lawyer Obtained Clients by Phoning Parishioners and ‘Fishing for Victims’

John Manly Catholic abuse lawyer John C. Manly

Southern California contingency lawyer John Manly, who has pocketed millions of dollars by suing the Catholic Church, has now admitted that his office has obtained clients for abuse lawsuits by making unsolicited phone calls to Catholic … [Read more...]

Holy Week at PBS: ‘Frontline’ To Profile Catholic Church Abuse – Again

As Christians observe Holy Week and the anticipation of Easter, PBS' Frontline program will air another investigation into abuse by clergy of the Catholic Church. In an episode entitled, "The Silence," the program (Tue. … [Read more...]

Part I: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ (2006): Serious Problems With Facts

Even before the first frame of film was exposed, director/writer Amy Berg took a dishonest approach to her project. Berg and her staff approached an elementary school in Ireland under the false pretense that they were filming a documentary … [Read more...]

John Manly Lies Again, This Time on HDNet

Appearing on an episode of Dan Rather Reports on television network HDNet (episode number: 522; title: "Spiritually Bankrupt"; debut: June 29, 2010), attorney John Manly once again exposed his utter disregard for facts. This time, … [Read more...]

More Wild Tales From John Manly; Manly Can’t Make Up His Mind

Attorney John Manly was at it again during a September 21, 2009, interview on the John & Ken Show on KFI 640 AM. 1. Manly accused Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony of "[giving] the wrong name of [a] victim to the police." The … [Read more...]

LA Times’ Lopez Misleads On Clergy Scandal

In a September 23, 2009, article in the Los Angeles Times, Steve Lopez deceives his readers by suggesting that recent testimony by a member of "[Cardinal Roger] Mahony's inner circle" could spell serious problems for the local … [Read more...]

Lie-lapalooza: John Manly Airs Numerous Falsehoods – Again (PART III: KUCI interview, Dec. 5, 2007)

In a December 5, 2007, interview on KUCI radio in Southern California, attorney John Manly aired a substantial number of falsehoods and outrageous statements. For starters, in claiming that priestly celibacy "does not work," … [Read more...]

John Manly Compares Being a Priest To Being a Train Conductor for Auschwitz (PART II: KUCI interview, Dec. 5, 2007) (w/ AUDIO)

In a December 5, 2007, interview on KUCI radio in Southern California, John Manly explicitly compared being a priest in the Catholic Church to being a train conductor who "transfer(s) prisoners to Auschwitz." This is outrageous. … [Read more...]

Wealthy John Manly: Poor People in Africa Go to Church Because They ‘Are in Desperate Need’ (PART I: KUCI interview, Dec. 5, 2007)

In a December 5, 2007, interview on KUCI radio in Southern California, John Manly claimed that the Catholic Church is growing fastest in Africa only because "those are places and people that are in desperate need." He also agreed … [Read more...]

John Manly, Lawyer For Alleged Church Abuse Victims: ‘Just Give Me the Money’

In a eye-opening comment on a blog, California attorney John Manly appears to let it slip that his work on behalf of clients who claim to have been abused by Catholic priests is really all about the money. Manly and a blogger going by the … [Read more...]