John Manly Compares Being a Priest To Being a Train Conductor for Auschwitz (PART II: KUCI interview, Dec. 5, 2007) (w/ AUDIO)

In a December 5, 2007, interview on KUCI radio in Southern California, John Manly explicitly compared being a priest in the Catholic Church to being a train conductor who "transfer(s) prisoners to Auschwitz." This is outrageous. Here are Manly and KUCI host Mari Frank discussing the clergy scandal:

MANLY: The reality is that if you are a priest in this system, all of them know that if they come forward and they speak – they speak out and they speak in favor of kids … What's really disconcerting to me is that none of these guys have the courage to speak out. None of them …

HOST: Well if you speak out you have to leave.

MANLY: Well, honestly to me, when you know this is happening, if you stay, it's equivalent to being a train engineer – you love your job – but you just happen to have to transfer prisoners to Auschwitz. You don't really like it, but it's important. You gotta feed your family. What are you gonna do? You can't stay. You gotta leave.

Hear the shocking audio:

Listen to John Manly on KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, CA, Dec. 5, 2007

By the way, priests have spoken out against the way things were handled. Were they punished? Of course not. (Manly has repeated this lie before.)

As for Manly's Auschwitz comparison … Hello, ADL. Are you listening?