John Manly, Lawyer For Alleged Church Abuse Victims: ‘Just Give Me the Money’

In a eye-opening comment on a blog, California attorney John Manly appears to let it slip that his work on behalf of clients who claim to have been abused by Catholic priests is really all about the money.

Manly and a blogger going by the name of "Jubal" (actually an Orange County conservative named Matt Cunningham) were sparring online over the role of a monsignor in a 2007 case in Orange County. Manly wanted to invite Jubal to his office to see the monsignor's files. In the comments section below a post by Jubal, here's what Manly wrote (emphasis mine):

Instead of going to mass on Sunday, why don't you do a Saturday evening service and come in on a Sunday? We'll even turn the air on for you. Speaking of Church, why don't you just give me the money you're going to put in the collection basket this weekend? It would be quicker.

See you at Mass.

Manly out.

Posted by: john manly | September 28, 2007 at 07:00 PM

Lest I be accused of taking Manly's remark "out of context," I have provided a screenshot of his complete comment below.

A Los Angeles radio host once quipped, "Whenever anyone says, 'It's not about the money' — it's about the money."

It appears for Manly it would be "quicker" to "just give me the money you're going to put in the collection basket this weekend." Jubal, surprised by Manly's words, subsequently posted a piece about what Manly wrote ("What John Manly Is All About"). Added Jubal, "You mean 'give it to the victims,' don't you John?"

No one can challenge the awful harm that abusers wrecked upon their victims. But judging from Manly's very own words, it appears the lawyers have reached a point in their crusade that their work is not really about "healing," "help," or "justice" anymore. It's about two things: money and bashing the Church. How can anyone dispute this in light of Manly's revealing comment?


Here's the screenshot for posterity:

By the way: Did you catch Manly's "I'm beginning to feel like your avoiding me"? You'd think a lawyer would have the "your"-vs.-"you're" thing down by now, wouldn't you?

Pierre out.