Contingency Lawyer John Manly

John Manly : John C. Manly abuse attorney

Church-suing contingency lawyer John C. Manly

No one can deny the awful harm wrecked upon innocent youth by Catholic priests. However, high-profile contingency lawyer John C. Manly has repeatedly voiced outrageous statements and wild falsehoods about the scandal and the Catholic faith. Manly's venom against the Catholic Church cannot be overstated. Some will conclude that his mean-spiritedness and dishonesty can only be categorized as vile.

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"John Manly Compares Being a Catholic Priest To Being a Train Conductor for
Auschwitz" (w/ SHOCKING AUDIO)

"Wealthy John Manly: Poor People in Africa Go to Church Because They 'Are in
Desperate Need'"

"John Manly, Lawyer For Alleged Church Abuse Victims: 'Just Give Me the Money'"
"John Manly Sanctioned By Judge For 'Unacceptable' Conduct"

"SHOCK STORY: Notorious Church-Suing Lawyer Obtained Clients by Phoning
Parishioners and 'Fishing for Victims'"

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