Part III: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ (2006): Even More Factual Errors

Even the simplest facts presented in the film are problematic. Director Amy Berg published several falsehoods on the screen that appear as captions: “Over 100,000 victims of clergy sexual abuse have come forward in the United … [Read more...]

Part II: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ (2006): A Fallacious Attack on Cardinal Roger Mahony

In the film director Amy Berg often interviews serial abuser Oliver O’Grady inside a church about his disgraceful crimes. Berg overlays graphic descriptions of stomach-turning abuse with images of the Mass and other Catholic imagery. … [Read more...]

Part I: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ (2006): Serious Problems With Facts

Even before the first frame of film was exposed, director/writer Amy Berg took a dishonest approach to her project. Berg and her staff approached an elementary school in Ireland under the false pretense that they were filming a documentary … [Read more...]