The Untold Story: What the Media Refuses to Report in the Cardinal Mahony / L.A. Archdiocese Documents Story

Roger Mahony :: Cardinal Roger Mahony Los Angeles

By his very own admission, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, the former archbishop of Los Angeles, tragically mishandled cases of abusive priests from decades past. The devastation to victims has truly been immeasurable – a fact which Mahony … [Read more...]

LA Times Issues Correction After One-Sided Slam on L.A. Archdiocese

On Monday, August 24, 2009, the Los Angeles Times printed the following slam in its "California Briefing" section (bold in body of article mine): Parish targeted by victims' group Members of a support group for victims … [Read more...]

Part III: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ (2006): Even More Factual Errors

Even the simplest facts presented in the film are problematic. Director Amy Berg published several falsehoods on the screen that appear as captions: “Over 100,000 victims of clergy sexual abuse have come forward in the United … [Read more...]

Part II: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ (2006): A Fallacious Attack on Cardinal Roger Mahony

In the film director Amy Berg often interviews serial abuser Oliver O’Grady inside a church about his disgraceful crimes. Berg overlays graphic descriptions of stomach-turning abuse with images of the Mass and other Catholic imagery. … [Read more...]

LA Times’ Lopez Misleads On Clergy Scandal

In a September 23, 2009, article in the Los Angeles Times, Steve Lopez deceives his readers by suggesting that recent testimony by a member of "[Cardinal Roger] Mahony's inner circle" could spell serious problems for the local … [Read more...]

The Ignorance of KFI’s John Kobylt: Cardinal Mahony Has ‘Love’ For Child Rapists

Many have said that bigotry is bred from ignorance. KFI's John Kobylt, half the afternoon drive team of John & Ken on Los Angeles' KFI 640 AM, may have illustrated this perfectly during an angry rant against Cardinal Mahony … [Read more...]

Omissions + Misleading Information = More Dishonesty From LA Times On Clergy Scandal

A September 19, 2009, article in the Los Angeles Times by Martha Groves and Richard Winton blares the headline, "Sex abuse cover-up by L.A. Archdiocese is alleged." Under the headline: "The former vicar of clergy testifies … [Read more...]

Yet Another Fallacious Op-Ed on Church Abuse Scandal From the LA Times

As we've stated before, no one can challenge the awful harm wrecked upon youth at the hands of Catholic clergy. The harm is real, incredibly sad, and unspeakably damaging. But that is no excuse for the Los Angeles Times to continue its … [Read more...]

Surprise From LA Times’ Rutten: Fed Investigation of Cardinal Mahony ‘Frivolous,’ ‘Overreaching’

As we've noted several times before, Los Angeles Times Opinion Editor Tim Rutten hardly misses an opportunity to bash the Catholic Church. So imagine my shock and amazement when I picked up his Saturday column (1/30/09). Rutten rips a … [Read more...]

LA Times Minimizes School Sex Scandals But Trumpets Flimsy Story on Cardinal Mahony

When a veteran middle-school teacher in nearby Santa Monica pleaded guilty last month to "multiple counts of illegal sex acts" and molesting nine young girls, the Los Angeles Times didn't feel the story warranted their … [Read more...]