SNAP Hypocrisy Shocker: SNAP’s Clohessy Fights Court-Ordered Deposition

David Clohessy

The strident National Catholic Reporter has exclusively reported that a Missouri judge is forcing David Clohessy, the national president of SNAP, to appear at a deposition, and Clohessy is vehemently fighting the order. A judge has told … [Read more...]

Media Touts Dutch Study Claiming 20,000 Catholic Sex Abuse Victims; What Are the Facts?

There has been some news about a recent study from the Netherlands claiming that there have been 20,000 Catholic Church sex abuse victims in that country. However, a closer look at this story reveals that the ‘20,000’ number … [Read more...]

Is Huffington Post the Most Anti-Catholic Mainstream Site on the Internet?

Huffington Post

The popular online site Huffington Post recently relayed a much-seen Associated Press story that Pope Benedict XVI may be in tired and weak health. Below is just a small sample of over 2,100 comments that were posted: “Maybe, if … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Gives School Abuse Kid-Gloves Treatment

The Boston Public Schools community has been rocked by the shocking allegation that one of its schools shuffled a special education aide to another school after suspicion that he may have sexually abused a special needs student. The aide is … [Read more...]

NY Times Ignores Shocking Child Abuse Crimes In Its Backyard

District Attorney Charles J. Hynes, of Kings County, New York, recently announced that in the last three years 85 accused child predators have been arrested in Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish community. The cases involve at least 117 alleged … [Read more...]

Not the Catholic Church? NY Times Ignores Shocking Hollywood Pedophilia Charges

Recent reports suggest that the Hollywood community has a monstrous child abuse problem on its hands, and the New York Times is remaining silent. Yet when it comes to decades-old allegations against long-deceased Catholic clerics overseas, … [Read more...]

Lawyers Unleashed: Anti-Catholicism Infects Court Filings

1. "I've never seen anything in 30 years of practicing law like this. This is so far over the line, it's in another world." That's a bankruptcy trustee responding to a court filing last month by a Minnesota … [Read more...]

Bravo! Archbishop of Kansas City in Kansas Slams SNAP

Kudos to Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, for an excellent interview in the National Catholic Register regarding the recent high-profile case of Bishop Robert Finn. (I highly recommend it.) Archbishop Naumann responded … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Keeps Anti-Catholic Reputation Thriving

Imagine if a newspaper disproportionately and endlessly harped upon decades-old crimes committed by black people. Even if the stories were all true, people would be rightfully outraged at the paper’s overt racism in consistently and … [Read more...]

Falsely Accused Priest Awarded ‘Substantial’ Settlement

After Irish television network RTÉ falsely claimed that Rev. Kevin Reynolds had impregnated a teenage girl and fathered a child in Kenya in the early 1980's, a High Court settlement has arranged that the reckless network will pay … [Read more...]