Revisionist History Debunked: Yes, Cardinal Bernardin’s Accuser *DID* Recant His Allegation of Abuse [w/ VIDEO]

Michael Voris : Cardinal Bernardin : Richard Sipe

There has been an unfortunate attempt in some sectors of the Catholic media to rewrite an important episode in the Catholic Church sex abuse story. It is a clear historical fact that on March 1, 1994, Steven Cook, a man who months earlier … [Read more...]

Coincidence? McCarrick Accuser Now Claims That the Late Cardinal Bernardin Assaulted Him, Too!

Cardinal McCarrick : James Grein : Cardinal Bernardin

Last year, this site was excoriated after we dared to raise questions about decades-old abuse accusations made by Virginia resident James Grein against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Well, we feel even more confident in our beliefs now … [Read more...]

Minn. Supreme Court Rejects ‘Repressed Memory’ Junk Science Against Priest, Media Yawns

Jeff Anderson attorney abuse

Last Wednesday, the Minnesota Supreme Court flatly rejected the psychological theory of "repressed memory" as bogus. The Court declared that scientific studies that have tried to prove the bogus theory have "lacked … [Read more...]

SNAP Hypocrisy Shocker: SNAP’s Clohessy Fights Court-Ordered Deposition

David Clohessy

The strident National Catholic Reporter has exclusively reported that a Missouri judge is forcing David Clohessy, the national president of SNAP, to appear at a deposition, and Clohessy is vehemently fighting the order. A judge has told … [Read more...]

Harvard Prof. to Calif. Supreme Court: ‘Repressed Memory’ is ‘The Most Pernicious Bit of Folklore Ever To Infect Psychology and Psychiatry’

As I assert in my book, Double Standard: Abuse Scandals and the Attack on the Catholic Church, the issue of "repressed memories" is yet another unreported component of the Catholic Church abuse narrative. For my book I culled … [Read more...]