Lawyers Unleashed: Anti-Catholicism Infects Court Filings


"I've never seen anything in 30 years of practicing law like this. This is so far over the line, it's in another world."

That's a bankruptcy trustee responding to a court filing last month by a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer named Rebekah Nett

As reported by David Hanners of the Pioneer Press, attorney Nett filed a memorandum in court in which she referred to a U.S. District Court judge and other court personnel as "dirty Catholics." She then reportedly labeled a bankruptcy judge as "a Catholic Knight Witch Hunter"; branded a trustee as "a priest's boy"; and asserted that another trustee was a "Jesuitess."

Nett also added, "Across the country the court systems and particularly the Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota, are composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic beasts that carry the sword of the church."

Good … grief.

Another lawyer, stating the obvious, opined that Nett's memo and language were "shocking, unprofessional, and go far beyond the bounds of zealous advocacy."

By the way, the media response to this story has been minimal. What if Nett had targeted another religious group (e.g., Mormons, Jews, Muslims)? Is there any doubt that that there would be a lot more outrage and media attention to this story? (HT:

2. Meanwhile, the notorious Kansas City victim attorney Rebecca Randles a close friend of SNAP has filed a number of alarming suits recently on behalf of individuals who have claimed that they were abused by Catholic priests.

As first reported by the Catholic League, one suit by Randles actually claims, "The [Kansas City-Saint Joseph] Diocese ratified [a priest's] sexual abuse of the plaintiff by encouraging him to commit the abuse and encouraging him to continue committing the abuse."

That's right. Randles is actually asserting that the Catholic Church has encouraged priests to molest children!

And it gets worse.

Two other civil suits by Randles actually claim that "the sexual abuse of minors became a collective objective of the Diocese."