NEW SHOCKER: Widespread Media Claims of Sadistic Abuse at Ireland’s Famed Magdalene Laundries Determined to be Completely Bogus

Brendan O'Neill

For the past several decades, the media has told a story of how the Catholic Church in Ireland operated homes for troubled youth – the Magdalene Laundries – that were rife with unspeakable barbarity and unrivaled cruelty from … [Read more...]

** MEA MAXIMA CULPA: Exposing The Falsehoods of HBO’s New Anti-Catholic Documentary ** Film Trumpets Debunked 1997 Ireland ‘Smoking Gun’ Letter, Blames Vatican for Rape by Irish Priest Walsh

Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God :: Alex Gibney ::

[Click here for the complete index of our review of Mea Maxima Culpa.] A letter that is not 'smoking' In seeking to portray the Catholic Church as callous to the issue of clergy sex abuse, Alex Gibney's Mea Maxima Culpa airs … [Read more...]

‘My Worst Nightmare’: Falsely Accused Priest Bemoans Slow Church Response

Rev. Oliver Brennan :: Ireland

A number of Irish media outlets have previously relayed the ordeal of Rev. Oliver Brennan, a priest who was falsely accused of sex abuse dating back some thirty years earlier. However, as the Irish Catholic newspaper now reports, while … [Read more...]

‘The Darkest Two Years of My Life’: Popular Priest Describes Long Torment of False Abuse Accusation

Fr. Eugene Boland Ireland

Very few priests speak publicly about their horrifying ordeals of being falsely accused of child sex abuse, but Rev. Eugene Boland is doing so after a jury in Derry, Ireland, unanimously found him not guilty in June of the flimsy claim that … [Read more...]

The Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis in Ireland That Isn’t


If one were to believe the mainstream media, the Catholic Church in Ireland is reeling from a burgeoning and active network of pedophile priests relentlessly preying on innocent children. However, the recent release of the annual report … [Read more...]

Resignations Filed at Damaged Irish TV Network That Defamed Catholic Priest

Falsely Accused Priest Rev. Kevin Reynolds

Nearly a year after Irish television network RTÉ defamed an innocent Catholic priest, employees connected to the incident have resigned. The resignations are on the heels of a major television scandal that erupted in Ireland last … [Read more...]

Falsely Accused Priest Awarded ‘Substantial’ Settlement

After Irish television network RTÉ falsely claimed that Rev. Kevin Reynolds had impregnated a teenage girl and fathered a child in Kenya in the early 1980's, a High Court settlement has arranged that the reckless network will pay … [Read more...]

Irish TV Network Defames Innocent Priest, Issues Apology

Last May, RTÉ, the national television network of Ireland, aired a high-profile, prime-time special entitled, "A Mission to Prey." It was a show designed to lambaste the Catholic Church for sex abuse scandals. The show … [Read more...]