Boston Globe Gives School Abuse Kid-Gloves Treatment

The Boston Public Schools community has been rocked by the shocking allegation that one of its schools shuffled a special education aide to another school after suspicion that he may have sexually abused a special needs student. The aide is now alleged to have abused a non-verbal autistic student at the new school.

Indeed, the Boston Globe has covered this stomach-turning story. However, it sure seems that the paper is giving this episode the kid-gloves treatment.

The actions by Boston Public Schools officials are exactly what the Globe has endlessly and mercilessly lambasted the Catholic Church for committing decades ago.

For sure, the Globe buried this alarming fact in the middle of one of its articles this past week:

Since fall 2009, employees have reported more than 500 suspected cases of child abuse to the state Department of Youth and Families, she said. The reports encompass incidents in or out of school, including suspected cases in a child’s home.

“500 suspected cases”? Is this not an issue worth exploring? And if 500+ cases have been reported, how many have gone unreported, as in the first case that was suspected?

Will the Globe activate its ‘Spotlight Team’ to investigate modern-day abuses in the Boston Public Schools? Will the paper apply the Freedom of Information Act to force schools to divulge abuse information? Will Kevin Cullen get off his park bench and rail against the “heartless cover-ups” and “mind-numbing abuse” committed by Boston Public Schools administrators and staff?

Or does the Boston Globe only reserve this harsh treatment for the Catholic Church?

We’re waiting.