No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: ProPublica Attacks Church For Being Transparent


Banging their heads against the wall: Journalistic malpractice at ProPublica

Fact: The Catholic Church is the only institution on the planet where if you are an employee merely accused of wrongdoing from decades ago, your name may end up on a diocesan web site somewhere for the entire world to see as if you were a convicted child molester.

Think about that.

Despite the evidence of widespread abuse and cover-ups in public schools (this, this, this, this, this), the Boy Scouts, Hollywood, and elsewhere, only the Catholic Church has made the effort to be "transparent" by posting the names of all merely accused employees on their web sites even though many of those listed may be entirely innocent.

Lexi Churchill : ProPublica

Following the herd:
Lexi Churchill from ProPublica

But leave it to the "nonprofit newsroom" of ProPublica to write a long and breathless "investigation" attacking the Catholic Church because the names of some accused priests are allegedly "missing" from some diocesan lists.

ProPublica's anger is just plain weird. For example, the writers, including Lexi Churchill, were downright incensed that the name of the long-retired Rev. Richard Donahue (ordained in 1968), whose accusations of abuse from many decades ago were thoroughly investigated by the Archdiocese of Boston and found to be completely bogus, didn't have his name listed on the archdiocesan web site as a dangerous pedophile quickly enough in order to defame him.

In truth, no other institution in the world has done more to rectify for the sins of its past than the Catholic Church. Over $3 billion in settlements in the US alone; over $100 million in therapy payments for victims; countless mea culpas. It never ends.

Yet the haters and jihadists at ProPublica continue to pile on. They think that it's highbrow journalism to flyspeck diocesan web sites to find "missing names" of accused priests from long ago (who may or may not be guilty of anything) to ensure that a mere accusation is taken as proof of misconduct.

Here are some ideas, ProPublica: How about questioning the fairness and morality of these "lists of accused priests" in the first place? Are these lists really about "supporting victims" and "transparency"? Or are they actually about giving fraudsters, mental cases, and contingency lawyers a free database to help them solicit lawsuits against the Catholic Church? Would Ms. Churchill approve of having a similar list of former "accused employees" of ProPublica on its own web site for eternity based upon a mere accusation?

That ProPublica spent so much time and effort into such an investigation based on such a weak premise just demonstrates how ingrained is the mindlessness among journalists when it comes to this issue.

It's high time for journalists to put their thinking caps back on and think about the fairness or unfairness of the stories which they write.


  1. Dan G. says:

    That a very flattering picture of Miss Lexi, LOL.  I love the work that you do on here.

  2. peoples clown says:

    Just more of the Bolshevik commissars putting on their fake public opinion trials , to destroy innocent priests. That's the first satanic accolade! The second satanic accolade are the Bolshevik lawyers who know the Catholic church is an easy cash cow, and continue to go after it, while leaving public schools, and other religions alone, for the most part. I know Dan is with glee about news like this, but I don't think he will have glee if the church goes bankrupt, like the diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,(thanks to commissar josh Shapiro) and closes all its hospitals(1/4 of all in the u.s. and worldwide) and has to pay a ton of money for himself and the person he cares for, if they go in. The church eats much of the poverty bills, unlike most hospitals. Some, now, will go after you, and try to put you in debtors prison, just like 300 years ago! Watch out for what you wish, Dan!

    Pax to all! Have a blessed weekend! – PC

    • Dan says:

      Hey Clown, Don't you Cathys ever tire of your desire to blame everyone else, but yourselves, for the evil your hierarchy? First, let's blame the media and then let's not forget that its just the haters of our church. Secondly, why does everyone pick on our poor church and not the schools, Boy Scouts or other religions? For the first two, those are not people claiming to be religious that are committing the crimes. Big difference. As far as other religions, are there any as bad as you. Your church deceived and secretly hid pedophiles and perverts from the public, and even worked on judges and police to go easy on them, promising priests would behave and be kept away from children. LIES, LIES and more LIES. I believe all crimes of child molesting should be exposed and prosecuted against any perpetrators, or the organizations hiding or protecting the creeps. If your priests and bishops practiced what they preached, then these issues wouldn't even need discussion. No so-called religious leaders should have ever touched or sexually harmed children. It's just a no-brainer. Maybe that's the problem. No brains!

  3. peoples clown says:

    Let's hope Harvey Weinstein gets what is coming to him. He has hidden much of his money, from the start, and now walks around with a walker. Its been known for years, what hes done, but his power, and fear that he instills, have kept him free, like bill Cosby!

    • Dan says:

      Harvey is nothing but a creep, posing now as someone to old to be picked on. As far as his power, the fear he instills and the poor crippled soul farce, sounds like he's following the catholic playbook, Oh! The bishop or priest should be retired to prayer and penance, and leave the poor deceiving soul in peace and rest for his last days. Hang all of them by their "balls", as saint Dan G. would say. The Hypocrite!    servant 

  4. LLC says:

    This article is very poorly written, and should’ve been rejected by the newspaper’s editors, had they the decency of doing their jobs. For example, these lists under scrutiny are sloppily referred to as “list of accused priests” or “lists of abusers”, as if they were the same. Furthermore, the article draws conclusions out of thin air, accusing the Catholic Church of having a “long history of denying and burying abuse by priests”, while the reality is much more complex, as a real journalist would (and should) know. But this is what passes now for “investigating journalism”.

    Sentences like “The USCCB says it does not have the authority to order dioceses to release names or to resolve disputes over who should be on the lists” also are in clear conflict with facts, since the “Ten Year Progress Report” from the USCCB (2012) states plainly, “Dioceses/eparchies are required to report all allegations of sexual abuse of minors to public authorities and to cooperate with all investigations on all matters of sexual abuse”. The statement from the USCCB spokeswoman confirms it, and yet it is placed in the article to somehow affirm the opposite.

    The next sentence, furthermore, is an incredibly puerile attempt to imply that the Pope is the force behind the alleged denying and burying efforts by the bishops.

    It is very interesting that these journalists have started their article with the claims against Fr. Donahue, implying that he must be included in the list of credibly accused list from the Archdioceses of Boston, but at the end of the piece (better late than never) the possibly true story actually comes out, with Fr. Donahue being able to tell his side and casting reasonable doubts to the story told by Mr. Giacalone, but clearly not enough to warrant a closer scrutiny of his claims. And yet the article draws the conclusion that the Catholic Church is somehow negligent in reporting the names of accused child abusers.

    And so forth. It is really sad that somehow the Media doesn’t seem able to actually produce an unbiased piece on this issue.

    • Dan says:

      LLCs response and explanation = more deception, manipulation and defense of the indefensible corruption of many inexcusable disgusting sins of a clergy that does nothing but deny their filth. Like I've previously explained, there have been several priests who denied involvement in one child rape, only to be caught later molesting other children and then admitting to the first rape they so emphatically denied.

      Donahues big single excuse is that one of his accusers had the date wrong by only one year. Oh! This has to mean he's totally innocent after molesting the kid for several years. How can you catholics shovel such BS and think were going to just accept your weak excuses and deception?

      P.S. No one is more biased than you Cathys and your fake one holy church. Bah!

    • LLC says:


      “…there have been several priests who denied involvement …” = if I am not mistaken, you are saying that it’s only a matter of time, and the accused will be proven guilty? In this case, since you also have been accused but denied any wrongdoing, let’s wait a little longer for the truth to catch up on you. I hope you don't mind seeing your name displayed in a list of convicted sexual predators.

      “Donahues [sic…] big single excuse” = incorrect. It’s not an “excuse”, it’s a possible explanation (mistaken identity or plain false accusation). Fr. Donahue has denied both accusers’ allegations, and the Archdioceses has concluded the accuses to be unfounded, and so must have done the police, otherwise he would be in jail. As previously explained, organizations often settle claims outside of the courts, and it’s not an admission of guilt.

      This is why a list of “accused” individuals is not the same as a list of “guilty” individuals. Evidently, it’s a concept too difficult for the writers of this article to comprehend, and for you as well.

      Now, if you have anything else to say pertinent to my points, please do. If not, sayonara, baka. Incidentally, ranting doesn't count.

      Have a blessed weekend, non-Christian brother.

      PS: “Bah!” = nice to see that you’ve added “sheep” to your titles.

    • Dan says:

      Creep LLC,

      Big difference is that no young children, let alone little boys or those who have now grown to stand up to the creeps of your church, ever accused me of touching or sexually harming them. I was falsely accused by your evil priests, pastors, corrupt catholic cops and cowardly violent thugs from your church. For you to even suggest that I could end up on the "list of convicted sexual predators" is downright evil and cowardly, especially coming from a church plagued with pedophiles and repetitive sexual predators. You are one disgustingly sick bastard.

      Matthew 5:11 "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me." I will "Rejoice and be glad", like JR would say, when I can dance on your grave, sicko.

    • Dan says:

      I wrote Bah! YOU IDIOT! Not the sound sheep make, Baa! Mr. Know-It-All once again with his foot in his mouth. Too bad it can't replace your forked tongue, snake.

    • Dan says:

      Fr. Donahue – Case unsubstantiated. Not "unfounded" or "completely bogus". FYI

    • says:

      Some readers are unclear on what is meant by “unsubstantiated” allegations.

      The annual audit reports of Church abuse state (emphasis added):

      “‘Unsubstantiated’ describes an allegation for which an investigation is complete and the allegation has been deemed not credible/false based upon the evidence gathered through the investigation.”

      In other words, “unsubstantiated” claims are indeed bogus claims.

    • LLC says:


      “Big difference is that no young children, let alone little boys or those who have now grown to stand up to the creeps of your church, ever accused me of touching or sexually harming them” = yet. According to the ProPublica article, Mr. Giacalone has sued Fr. Donahue for something that allegedly happened 41 years earlier. So, according to your logic, let’s wait few more years, and perhaps you too will be found guilty.

      The issue is that this article refers to “list of accused priests” and “list of abusers” as if they were one and the same. You, apparently, agree. How does your own medicine taste?

      Furthermore, as TMR has clarified more than once, unsubstantiated and unfounded are synonyms. “Unsubstantiated” derives from the Latin, “without substance”, and “unfounded”, “having no foundation or basis”. Like your church.

      Have a blessed week, non-Christian bleating brother. And don’t forget, Wednesday is the beginning of Lent.

    • Dan says:

      If a biased unqualified church judicial system, whether run by the vatican or the arcdiocese, is the judge and jury of their own members and makes their own definitions for words, well then I would have to declare that to be terribly unjust for the victims. Send them to the proper authorities first and have the diocese or the vatican hand over all pertinant information on each accused perpetrator. This would be justice we might begin to trust. Until then, I say FOUL and it even smells FOUL!

    • Dan says:


      Are you done yet? You think you need to add to the lies I've already suffered for, jackass?

      I need no reminder of lent, another day for those who worship death to put stupid ashes on their foreheads and brag about their great sacrifice. No thanks. Read Col 2:16-23 and Hosea 6. When are you catholics ever going to follow God's Word, instead of believing you know better?

    • LLC says:


      It seems that your own medicine is burning your biased soul. Good. Perhaps you, too, are learning.

      The key to Colossians 2:16-23 is found in verses 6-7: “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness”. Christians must uphold what they have been taught (note that nowhere here Paul mentions the Bible as repository for such teachings) by Jesus, His Apostles and His Church (Matthew 18:19), and the old precepts are no longer mandatory. In other words, Colossians 2:16-23 refers to Jewish observations of the distinction of clean and unclean meats, and their festivals, new moons, and sabbaths, as being no longer obligatory. Incidentally, Paul is not saying that these things are bad in themselves; the judging of others based on them is bad. So, Paul is condemning those who, like you, do the judging, not the precepts.

      Hosea 6, similarly, refers to the attitude behind the precepts, not the precepts. Jesus followed the very same precepts for His entire life, after all.

      Now, unless you post a comment to the topic of this post, I bid you farewell.

      Have a blessed week, non-Christian brother.

  5. Dan G. says:

    Dan the uneducatd, erroneous, willfully ignorant, and piece of work oneness unchristian fundy says what is to be expected in the following diatribe:

    ey Clown, Don't you Cathys ever tire of your desire to blame everyone else, but yourselves, for the evil your hierarchy? First, let's blame the media and then let's not forget that its just the haters of our church

    It's painfully obvious, even to non-catholics that the media has a role to play and much to gain in the smear campain against the Church since the adversary will never cease in trying to destroy her and will use all means available to him in order to do so.  The media hates not only the One True  Church Dan but people like you who, in unison with the Church, do not like the feces that that media defecates on the airwaves.  So you FAIL.

     Secondly, why does everyone pick on our poor church and not the schools, Boy Scouts or other religions? For the first two, those are not people claiming to be religious that are committing the crimes. Big difference. As far as other religions, are there any as bad as you. Your church deceived and secretly hid pedophiles and perverts from the public, and even worked on judges and police to go easy on them, promising priests would behave and be kept away from children. LIES, LIES and more LIES.

    LOL.  You are not only blinded by your hate of Our Lords Bride but also utterly stupid to say what you did.  As we have stated before, the reason that the Church is attacked is because there is money to be made since she is larger than those schsim boxes that claim to be churces and rightly so becasue the Church is Universal since it was founded by Christ.  If you think that what some legimately guitly and innocent priests have been accused of does not happen else where and that elsewhere are no cover up then Dan, you are STUPID.

    .I believe all crimes of child molesting should be exposed and prosecuted against any perpetrators, or the organizations hiding or protecting the creeps. If your priests and bishops practiced what they preached, then these issues wouldn't even need discussion. No so-called religious leaders should have ever touched or sexually harmed children. It's just a no-brainer. Maybe that's the problem. No brains!  

    You kind of corrected yourself but not completely so you are the one with NO BRAINS1 Yes all moleters should be brought out into the light and exposed but you still contend that it is only the Catholic Church that hides predators and not other Churches and instutions which is a false and stupid thing to think.  Sorry Dan in your blind hate you FAIL but BLESS YOUR FEEBLE MINDED HEART!

    • Dan says:

      Dan G. – You would think if one was to accuse another of being "uneducatd", they would at the very least be able to spell the word correctly? Duh!

      And so you continue to mindlessly blame the media for your cults indiscretions? That second sentence makes no sense, and no one really wants to hear your "feces".

      "Our Lords Bride"? Really? More Like Satan's Hoard of Whores. Who do you think your foolin'?

      You cry, "… you still contend that it is only the catholic church that hides predators and not other churches and institutions which is false and stupid thing to think." Know what is even more stupid? I plainly stated, " 'organizations' hiding or protecting the creeps". That would mean plural, meaning all organizations, not just your false one. Do they teach all you Cathys poor reading comprehension in your schools, seminaries and dumb philosophy classes?

      Now try to "be a man" and try answer my questions. Try not to use your poor "out of context" Bible quotes. And I surely don't want to hear your longwinded Didache quotes. The name even sounds stupid. Maybe you should try reading "Catholicism for Dummies". Love that title! Mary on the cover and authored by a morbidly obese priest and his partner, both titled with degrees in philosophy, and Big Boy titled with his degree in theology. Oh Wow! A couple of BSing catholic Dummies. LOL. You just can't make this stuff up!

  6. Dan G. says:

    Oh Dan, I write in haste and that is why you see all the typos.  Seriously you act like a child.  

    The Bride of Christ is taken right out of Revelation and refers to the Church.  That Church can be no other than the Catholic Church which He founded.  You are an idiot.  FAIL.


    • Dan says:

      I just can't agree with you more. Plain as day in Revelations 17:5

      MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. 6 And I saw a woman, drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus …" 

      Why do you think your churches are built on the bones of Apostles and real disciples? Why do you think you have all these bone fragments and pieces of flesh that you ghouls like to admire and believe they have some miracle power?

      I was watching your pope today going to the crypt of St. Nicholas in Bari. The commentator on EWTN said they dip a container down into the crypt to pull up some of the perfumed myrrh to bring home as a souvenir. Can you catholics get any more creepy with your worship of the dead? Your catacombs just aren't weird enough for you devil worshipers? Guess it's time to add necromancers to your Satanic hierachy!  servant of the Living One

      P.S. I understand you making typos, but if you're going to call someone 'uneducated' then you would think you'd be educated enough to realize you misspelled the word. Otherwise I don't have a big problem with typos or mistakes and refuse to call them out like LLC and publiar has with their [sic..] BS. I think they think they're so smart, when they're some of the dumbest deniers and excusers of your cult.

    • Dan says:

      hierarchy [sic] – Sorry Mr. Know-It-All, LLC. Did I take away the chance for your childish criticisms?

  7. Malcolm HARRIS. says:

    Dave Pierre said…."how ingrained  is the mindlessness of journalists when it comes to this issue?" ….  Because the real issue is really militant secularism, which so many journalists appear to have embraced. But surely this reveals a peculiar ignorance of history. Because the faith of Catholics has saved western civilization on many occasions.Three such monumental historical occasions come to mind, e.g…… The battle of 732 near Tours, when Charles Martel's army, of devout Catholics, defeated a Moslem army that had invaded, to within 40 miles of Paris. And in 1571 another Moslem invading force, this time at sea, was defeated in the battle of Lepanto. Again by the faith and courage of Catholics. And in 1683 an Ottoman army (Moslem) were defeated at the seige of Viena, by a force spearheaded by the Polish Hussars, under command of devout Catholic, John Sobieski. Yet today we have these ignorant journos trying to destroy the very fatih that saved our western civilization. Makes me wonder where these clowns are coming from?.

    • Dan says:

      Allow me to humbly educate you Malcolm, and all catholics and religious warmongers of all faiths. There may have been wars sanctioned by God during Old Testament times. Once Jesus came to earth there should have been no more call for wars or violence against anyone. I did have a "peculiar ignorance of [catholic] history", but thankfully have little ignorance of Biblical history. Jesus preached peace, turn the other cheek and love for your enemies. How do religions show love for Jesus or their enemies if they boast of killing them. Saddest of all facts is these evil religious wars are blamed on God and have put a bad name on Him and His Son. 

      One of my favorite books is Ephesians which states, "and with your feet fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all of the flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:15-17

      I've had to take up the shield of faith several times in order to "extinguish" many "flaming arrows of the evil one", his lying accusing catholic priests, nuns, corrupt cops and violent cowardly thugs, using "the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God". I have yet to have killed, harmed or laid a hand on one of my lying accusers, even when they several times sent cowardly thugs after me. Read and learn the Word and try living by it, and it just may turn your violent, evil or perverted life around. Keep proceeding in the violent direction or history you're so proud of and nothing of God's holiness will come near your church.

      Servant and soldier of God's Army, fought without weapons of any kind.

    • LLC says:


      This is a very well-made point. The ignorance of history of the new generations is staggering and frightening (as proven by some readers of this blog as well). Christianity, and in particular the Catholic Church, has shaped and saved the western civilization as we know it. She has preserved the ancient knowledge in the medieval monasteries after the fall of the Roman Empire. She has promoted art and literature, and produced priceless treasures for the entire World to enjoy. She has initiated public schools and hospitals, granting education and care for everybody. She has fought enemies from all directions, actively when needed, culturally always.

      Even in recent years, the Russian empire has understood the danger to its failed ideology represented by the Church, and has tried to disrupt the popular trust by diffusing false accusations against her. The Chinese regime has been trying a more subtle tactic, still to no avail. Jesus’ assurance of protection from Matthew 16:18 will protect His bride forever.

      And yet, since the sixties, the education system in America and Europe has systematically eliminated even the smallest mention of the great achievements of the Church. Students have been indoctrinated to accept every ideology as equally valuable, and are incapable of critical thinking. At the same time, pacifist movements, encouraged by ignorant readers of Scriptures, have established the idea of a pacifist Christ that has no basis in Scripture.

      The results are in the open now, with journalists ignorant of history and ill-prepared to critically see the forest behind the tree, so to speak. That’s why so many similar news articles come out in droves. Journalists are uncapable (or afraid?) of individuality and simply follow instructions, looking for the cheap shot but always missing the real target.

      Have a blessed day, brother.

    • Dan says:

      LLC, All you and Malcolm have proven is that "warmongers" make good bedfellows with "whoremongers" and pornos (Greek). Mr. Know-It-All, since you think you're so well versed in Scripture, show me where pacifist Christ has no basis in Scripture.

      If you think you're going to claim at the Temple where he knocked over the money changers tables, well you can't be more wrong. Never says he harmed anyone, and they were bringing disrespect to His Father's house. When Peter slashed the ear of the soldier, he immediately healed it, when he had every right to ask his Apostles to fight back. That is a pacifist and you are an idiot to claim anyone ignorant of Scripture, when you are so dumb.

      Keep flattering yourselves and others and show that you listen to none of the Lord's Word.

      "They speak falsehood to one another; With flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak. May the Lord cut off all flattering lips. The tongue that speaks great things." Ps 12:2-3

      "There is nothing reliable in what they say. Their inward part is destruction itself. Their throat is an open grave; They flatter with their tongue (with their tongue they tell lies NIV)" Ps 5:9

      And you think that doesn't describe you flattering deceivers perfectly?  servant of the Truth

      P.S. Showing how your church disrespects Christ and shows their greed at their false temples, once again crucifying Him, the catholic church of several of my false accusers was selling crowns of thorns for ten bucks. Can your church of hypocrites be any more stupid? You weren't happy enough with your mutilated trophies of Christ on the cross in your temples, sickos, warmongers and "pornos"?

    • Dan says:

      Brag and boast all you like of your church's art and literature, priceless treasures, schools and hospitals, along with your money-making museums and tax-free donations, and all I hear is an organization of outright greed, material lust and way too much worldly power. Meanwhile your pope, in total hypocrisy preaches how you're the church of the poor and against the very greed and materialism your church lusts for. You guys and your church are a joke and a half. Add all your denied sexual immorality and all you've got is a church full of every type of evil lust that God's prophets and Christ preached against. And yet you still think you are this great church of God. You cathys are absolutely hilarious in every sense of the word.

    • Dan says:

      "All makers of idols are nothing, and the things they treasure are worthless. Those who speak up for them are blind, they are ignorant, to their own shame. " Isaiah 44:9

    • LLC says:


      Revelation 19:11 and Revelation 19:15 depict Jesus as a King warrior, and He often speaks of war and armies in His parables. In Matthew 8:5-13 Jesus doesn’t tell the Centurion to quit his job as a soldier, but He praises him for his faith. Similarly, in Luke 3:14, John the Baptist doesn’t tell the soldiers to quit the Army; he tells them to behave honorably while being soldiers. Jesus’ disciples owned weapons, and we never see Him telling them to get rid of them. In Matthew 10:34-36 and Luke 22:36 Jesus foretells His followers to expect – and be prepared – for conflicts. Even Matthew 5:39 seems to refer to a slap or insult, not a hard punch, which would constitute an attack. In John 18:22-23 we see Jesus objecting to being stricken unjustly, not to the act in itself.

      The idea that Jesus was a pacifist is not Biblical. The idea that He is against unjust or unjustified violence, absolutely is. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

      Now, if you have anything to say pertinent to the topic of this post, please do. If not, sayonara.

      Have a blessed Lent, passive pacifist non-Christian brother.

      PS: war is not only physical. You continuously display worrisome tendencies to verbal and ideological belligerence, undeniably analogous to a war-like aggressivity stand.

    • Dan says:

      I guess ignorant and violent warmongers can come up with anything to justify their greed, violence and wickedness. Many soldiers are forced to join Armies and are not there by there own choosing. When Jesus had his apostles grab two swords, saying it was enough for twelve men, it was only to fulfill Scripture and prophecy. My guess is one who is pretty Biblically inept wouldn't know that. So go ahead and vote for your pro-NRA rulers and believe all this killing is fine as long as it's justified and God will allow you and other warmongers to personally witness what He has planned for the wicked of this world in Revelations 19. 

      My anger with your disgusting idolatrous perverted church and you excusers of their filth is not only totally justified, but it's also Biblical. You never heard, Be ye angry, but do not sin."

      Stick around and listen and you just may learn something. Turn a deaf ear like you Cathys have been doing and suffer the consequences you so rightly deserve. You think God will go easy on those who defend and minimize the terrible sins of an apostate church? Well good luck with that!    Servant of a Wrathful God who says, "Revenge is mine saith the Lord!"

    • Dan says:

      Then Jesus said to him; "Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword." Matthew 26:52

      You accuse me as if I'm wrong to be "sola scriptura", yet you can't even follow the words of Christ himself. What kind of church are you people listening to? You've listened to lies for so long that you have no clue as to what is the truth. Sad to think you call yourselves Christian.

  8. ProPublica is an "independent" news source that is anything but independent.  It is a slave to the progressive agenda and its identity politics.  I blame the U.S. bishops for this fiasco.  By adopting the term "credible" as its measure of these cases,  they led the public to believe that it means "substantiated." In fact, it means only that these decades-old claims "could" have happened. If any administrator in any US corporation dismissed employees based on such a standard they would find themselves buried in court cases and they would lose. The biggest problem with priests in America today is that they hesitate to sue their bishops when their civil rights are trounced upon.  I wrote about how this is being handled in one dubious diocese here:


    • Dan says:

      Uncivil pedophile or pederast priests or bishops shouldn't be afforded civil rights. This is the real problem. Instead of being prosecuted by the proper authorities, they were investigated by the biased unqualified church hierarchy, who was happy to hide the truth in order to protect the poor reputation of the church. Worse yet, this is still the M.O. of the catholic church. God will judge this travesty of justice more harshly. You better believe it!

      servant of Truth

      P.S. The church isn't divided enough. Now let's see priests suing bishops. From knowing the hierarchy I've come in contact with, they have not the guts. Obvious cowards bowing to an absolutely corrupt leadership!

    • Dan says:

      And Ryan, I read the first part of your hilarious article and all that tells me is that your church does a terrible job playing judge, justice system or making legal statements. This is why accused priests or bishops should be sent to the proper authorities from the get-go. The diocese and vatican should probably shut their mouths and present all evidence they are aware of from all accusations pertaining to the suspect to the courts. Rather than playing games and preventing justice in order to protect the reputation of the church. 


    • Dan says:

      And what made me laugh was the statement that "The Church has been a victim of the actions of Gordon MacRae …". "The Church" is a victim of a mess of its own making. They should never under any circumstance call themselves a victim, after the harm they have caused real victims. NEVER EVER!

  9. Julie says:

    Dan Corner, You need some Jesus. 

    • Dan says:

      Julie, You don't really have much to add to the conversation, unless you're boasting of your giving. You take these cheap shots at me. Do you really know, as an ex-pentecostal turned catholic, anything about what a real Christian would sound or act like? You now worship idols and false goddesses, so how would you even know Jesus, or think others who are real Christians are lacking Christ. You need to read the Word and learn the truth, before you can tell others what you think they're in need of, because you fall far short. Sorry to have to tell you the truth, but maybe it will set you free, even thiough I doubt if your ears are listening.

    • Dan says:

      I forgot, signed servant 'Dan', believer in the 'Corner'-stone. That would be Jesus, if you even know the Bible.

    • Dan G. says:


      He also needs some psychiatric help.

    • Dan says:

      And you think you're in no need of help, worshiping false goddesses and gods, a false belief system of liars and those who worship death and the dead? I think you need a complete exorcism, and not the phony charade of an exorcism your charlatans perform. servant

  10. Dan G. says:


    Julie's M.O. if fairly simple.  Unlike YOU she gets down to the most important part and that is that you need Jesus, Son of God, second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, the Rock that was rejected and who built His Holy Catholic Church on the corner stone of the first Pope, Saint. Peter.  She doesn't engage you because that inflates your ego.  We should all take lessons from her, just sayin.  By the way, as I see it, Julie follows the example of St. Francis of Assisi, the great reformer unlike your hero Martin Luther.  His motto, "Preach, use words if necessary."  BLESS YOUR HERETICAL HEART! 

    • Dan says:

      Dan G.,

      And the next disgusting disingenuous flatterer steps forward. Check out my Biblical quotes that apply to you also on Feb. 26 @ 1:32am.

      You claimed Peter was your Rock and I had guided you to Isaiah 44:8-9. "Is there any God besides Me? No there is no other Rock; I know not one. All makers of idols are nothing, and the things they treasure are worthless." Now you're finally right acknowledging that Jesus is the Rock you ignorant catholics rejected, but now you're calling Peter the cornerstone your cult was built on. WRONG again! Jesus is the only cornerstone and Peter is one of the foundation stones of God's true church, the gathering of His true believers. FAIL! Eph 2:19-22 If you could stick to the Bible, instead of depending on your didache, catechism, traditions and magisterium, well maybe you just may learn the truth that shall set you free of your church's ignorance. Give the Bible a chance catholics. After all it is the only book called God's Word. Too much knowledge will prove you out to being a fool. Trust in God over man.

      Engaging me inflates my ego? Are you kidding? I feel stupid trying to teach brainwashed indoctrinated deaf, dumb and blind catholics. And you Cathys have taken that to an all-time high.

      P.S. I don't need Julie or any Cathys to tell me I "need some Jesus", as if I'm the one lacking. We all need Jesus, and catholics with their worship of Mary, bowing to her and insisting her rosary is powerful or important, have been deceived by Satan himself and have shut themselves off from God and Jesus. I need no advice from any idolaters of false gods or goddesses.

    • Dan says:

      By the way, Dan G., I knew very little of Martin Luther until you cathys started saying that's where I've gotten my teachings. NOT! I looked him up and am in total disagreement with his Mariology and claims of her perpetual virginity, immaculate conception or the prayer, Hail Mary. Quit trying to connect me with people or religions I don't belong to or believe in. I'm not a spin-off from your church whatsoever. I belong to no organized religion, period. I am a Bible believing follower of God, Jesus Christ and have been generously blessed with his Holy Spirit. I have no boast in myself. He chose me and sent me to spread His Good News to those who would listen. I don't make Christians, That's His doing. What does it take to convince those who refuse to listen or believe?

  11. Dan G. says:

    Dan the simpleton says the following:

    And you think you're in no need of help, worshiping false goddesses and gods, a false belief system of liars and those who worship death and the dead? I think you need a complete exorcism, and not the phony charade of an exorcism your charlatans perform. servant

    Actually Dan, here's a testament to the Truth of the Catholic Church.  The black mass is a parody of the Holy Mass.  The summit of the black mass  is to desecrate the Blessed Eucharist.  Now there are other so-called churches that celebrate the eucharist but there are only two Churches that have the real thing, that is the Body Blood Soul and Divinity of Jesus present at their liturgies. Those are the Catholic Church and it's separated sister Church, the Orthodox.  Satanic priests will only accept communion to desecrate from those Churches because they know that Jesus is present subtantially and wholly in Holy Communion from those Churches and for those sorry souls, desecrating the Body of Christ makes them happy.   So that is an off the beaten path testament to the truth of our claims.  

    Dan you say that the Catholic Church is the seat of satan but you are actually sitting in the seat of satan by insulting Christ's Bride, the Catholic Church.  

    • Dan says:

      Boy are you ever a brainwashed fool! There ain't any good truth about your false church, other than it being false. I don't know how you come up with these off the wall answers to what I say? If your church is the only one of two churches consuming the "Body Blood Soul and Divinity of Jesus", then we can easily say you are either cannibilistic or you are eating the very relics of Christ or saints that you creeps so treasure. Well that would line up with your worship of death and the dead, and wouldn't surprise me if your hierarchy is secretly eating their relics. Everything about your church is sickening and disgusting so that would not surprise me in the least. Weirdos, Creeps and Sickos, performing every nasty sin they could think up. Sons of Satan himself, deceiving others while being themselves so deceived. Bride of Lucifer, please stay away from me, in Jesus name.  servant of Christ

    • Dan says:

      If God or Christ was so worried about satanic worship or a black mass, He would have warned us, "Beware of wolves in wolves clothing." But no, the verse reads, "Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing." He was warning us to beware of a holier than thou church, promoting itself as the True Church of the Almighty God, worshiping His Son and Holy Spirit, when in reality they are vicious, deceiving, goddess worshiping, hypocrites, posing as gentle sheep. The catholic church of lying phonies. That is your church in a nutshell. The worst religion on earth, followed by other false religions mirroring your disgusting cult, yet still not half as evil and filthy. Is that so hard for you to understand?

  12. Dan says:

    LLC, I would like to know why you and your fellow Cathys think you are the epitome of kindness and love? Are you under the impression that your repeated accusations and disbelief in my innocence, your idolatry and goddess worship, your defending of wickedness among your pedophile perverted hierarchy, your constant attacks filled with deceit and lies, somehow makes you a better Christian than myself? Give me a break! You guys think real Christians have to be faultless and pushovers and bow to all your deceptions. No way! We stand for what is right even when it makes those who are against us hate us. We fear no man, for we fear only the God who has made us. As the Word says, "Who will bring any charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies. Who is there to condemn us? No one." Romans 8:34 

    So continue to grant me your hypocritical blessing as you condemn me as a non-Christian, and in the end we'll let God decide who was the real Christian and you Cathys who were not.  servant of the One True God

  13. Dan G. says:


    How is your Lent going?  I thought you were giving up being mean and nasty but alas, you're still a bitter pill as ever!  BLESS YOUR SOUR HEART!

    • Dan says:

      I thought for lent you might give up being a brainwashed indoctrinated heretical puppet of your false church of hypocrites. Not a chance, I guess. 

      Apparently you didn't read or understand my comment on Feb 28 @ 3:03pm? You think your nasty blessing in caps and bold is some show of "kindness and love"? You have some terrible problem with hearing the truth, but what should I expect from deceivers and liars. Carry on, cathys, your day of reckoning draws nigh. Come Lord Jesus. 

  14. Dan G. says:


    I guess you didn't give up being a nasty troll for lent.  Tisk tisk.  Apprently for a bible Christian you lack the "joy that surpasses all understanding" but then again, you aint a Christian and your church is a counterfeit.  BLESS YOUR BITTER AND JOYLESS HEART!!!!

    • Dan says:

      You're right, Dan, I get no "joy" from seeing catholics duped and fooled by their church. Strange though how daily I am full of joy to talk to those I come in contact with who accept my message, though I can only plant seed. My Father is the one who decides who will listen and be saved. Apparently my joy surpasses all your understanding. I feel sorry for you! 

  15. Dan G. says:

    Dan the non-christian had this to say on 2/26:

    If God or Christ (Remember that when God works it is the threefold action of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three distinct Persons yet One God.  They ALWAYS work together)was so worried about satanic worship or a black mass, He would have warned us, "Beware of wolves in wolves clothing." But no, the verse reads, "Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing."(Nice try but FAIL.  Isn't it interesting that a Satanic priest ONLY accepts consecrated hosts from the Catholic or Orthodox Church?  Why? Because it is only in truly apostolic Churches that Christ comes to us, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Sacrament of the Altar.  All other "communions" are only bread and wine.  And since the Satanic priest knows this, then for him to get a consecrated host is the ultimate in blaspheming God by desecrating the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  You fail to understand the words of you Lord when he said the the Pharisees, " If Satan casts out Satan, then how can his kingom stand?"  He was warning us to beware of a holier than thou church, promoting itself as the True Church of the Almighty God, worshiping His Son and Holy Spirit, when in reality they are vicious, deceiving, goddess worshiping, hypocrites, posing as gentle sheep. The catholic church of lying phonies. (More of your childish attacks on something you are ignorant about.) That is your church in a nutshell. (Really?)The worst religion on earth (LOL) followed by other false religions mirroring your disgusting cult, yet still not half as evil and filthy. Is that so hard for you to understand?(Again more malicious, childish diatribe from a completely self-inflated, arrogant holier than thou.  Me thinks you are projecting your proclivities onto the innocent.)  BLESS YOUR COMPLETELY FEEBLE-MINDED HEART!

    • Dan says:

      Your excuses, deceptions, lies and total gobbledygook isn't even worth my response. You're a complete waste of my time and effort to teach you anything. 

      It's absolutely ridiculous to claim you partake in "Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity", when in reality most catholics are only offered the bread. The church has jipped you gullible puppets for so long that you have no clue of any truth from the Scriptures. FAIL! Totally Biblically INEPT!!!! The truth is not malicious, but instead rather sad to be wasted on deaf ears!

      P.S. You think clergy want to share their precious wine with gullible fools? Alkies aren't terribly wild about sharing their booze. LOL

  16. Dan G. says:

    Oh Dan, for a bible believing non-christian, you surely don't believe the bible when it comes to the words of Christ.  FAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLL