**Double Standard Alert** Southern California Schools Paid $313 Million In Abuse Settlements In Past Seven Years, National Media Mum

school sex abuse

Nothing to see here: Rampant child sex abuse in our nation's public schools

Just imagine: A pair of Catholic dioceses announce that they have paid out nearly one third of a billion – with a "b" – dollars for abuse claims not for allegations going back decades, but for incidents just in the last few years!

Is there any doubt that this would be a major national story for months, with media outlets exploring every facet of the story in lurid detail?

Yet how many are aware that Southern California school districts have done this exact thing, paying out $313 million in taxpayer-funded settlements just since 2014 for abuse only committed in recent years? See for yourself.

Don't be fooled: Lawsuits against the Catholic Church over abuse many decades ago have nothing to do with the "protection of children" or "justice for victims." It has to do with media hatred of the Catholic Church and what the Church stands for.

Never forget this.


  1. Frank says:

    A third of a billion here or there.  What's the big deal?

  2. LLC says:

    This is sad. Aside from the actual horrendous crimes involving children of all ages, just the economical side of this issue is sickening, where all Californians are paying for these lawsuits and they are not even aware of it. Truly, they are like the frog of the known experiment.

    For those adversaries of the Church who like to generalize the guilt of few priests, let’s also not forget that these numbers only show the situation in Southern California. Multiply them across all the school districts (Chicago Unified School District docet) and the numbers become nightmarish.

    It is interesting how all Californians are also mandate to pay for the ever-growing teachers' benefits, regardless of how little power they have on deciding or approving what the teachers should actually be teaching. Programs without any educational interest at all are continuously pushed to placate the most extreme fringes of the teachers’ unions.

    Finally, as easy and tempting is to use these reports as excuse or vindication, let’s never forget that some priest (albeit a small number, especially when compared to the situation reported in Redlands) are guilty of these same crimes. We should all pray for the strength to admit our communal faults while keeping absolute faith in Jesus’ promise that ultimately the Church He founded will triumph.

    • Mark Taylor says:

      By "The frog of the known experiment", do you mean the frog in boiling water? 

    • LLC says:


      yes. Incidentally, I am referring to what that experiment has come to epitomize, not the experiment in itself.

      Have a blessed day, brother.

    • Dan says:

      LLC says, "This is sad…. horrendous crimes involving children…", but "the economical side is sickening." Really LLC?! Sounds like you care more about the money, as many of you catholics have expressed regarding what the Church has spent for their "horrendous crimes [against innocent] children", than you care about the lives all pedophiles and perverts have destroyed. 

      Please quit deceiving and lying with phrases like "the guilt of few priests" or "albeit a small number, especially hwen compared to the situation reported in Redlands". You know darn well that the number of bishop and priest child molesters range in the 10's of thousands, and your church is as guilty of hiding the facts and the truth as the schools or any other corrupt churches or organizations have been.

      "Finally, as easy and tempting as [it] is to use these reports as excuse or vindication, let's never forget [that many and maybe all] priests are guilty of these same crimes." And you will continue as you have already done so many times to think that this is some excuse and vindication for the creeps of your church.

      Go ahead and pray all you like for the "communal faults" of your church and the world, because your religion is as corrupt and sickening as the secular world, and even worse based on the fact that it claims to being Christ's church. Christ's church is and will be triumphant, and it will be without the catholic church.  servant of Christ

      P.S. You claim adversaries generalize about the "guilt of few priests". I don't think TMR or Dave would want me to list by name all the thousands of guilty priests and bishops. Quit deceiving your fellow catholics, you incessant liar. 

    • LLC says:


      “Really LLC?” = no. Read my post in its entirety, and save your obnoxiously pompous self-righteousness.

      “Sounds like” = only to those who, like you, are deaf to the sweet sound of truth.

      “Please quit deceiving and lying” = I’ll let the deceiving and lying to you, a true master of this trade.

      “You know darn well that the number of bishop and priest child molesters range in the 10's of thousands” = factually incorrect, my fact-allergic brother.

      “I don't think TMR or Dave would want me to list by name all the thousands of guilty priests and bishops” = please do, brother Moronius. For once, it will be a short post.

      Now, when you are done paraphrasing and want to have an actual discussion, please bring intelligent ideas and we can debate them. Until them, sayonara, non-Christian baka brother. Or, even better, go back to your warm bath, Californian Rana.

    • Dan says:

      I read your ridiculously stupid post in its entirety and all I hear is lies, deception amd excuses, which you think equates to some sort of twisted vindication. Well it simply doesn't. My facts are absolutely the truth, because the liars of your church hierarchy have withheld names of priests and bishops for years, fighting the courts from releasing the true number of pedophiles and perverts in your cult. Judging from your nasty comments towards me, I can easily suspect that you would be right there with the rest of the lying hypocrites of your church to falsely accuse me and send me to jail, if that were possible. So glad U Can't Touch This! Can't Touch This!! HaHaHa!

      P.S. Just because I appropriately quoted this song to apply to you, Crazy Frog, doesn't mean that this is the music I listen to, "ignoramus". Can't be more moronic than to judge someone because they mentioned a song. Are you predjudiced too? Wouldn't surprise me.

    • LLC says:


      “I read your ridiculously stupid post in its entirety” = perhaps you read it, but, clearly, didn’t comprehend anything (Matthew 13:13); hence the moronic, “you think equates to some sort of twisted vindication”.

      “My facts are absolutely the truth” = in your twisted mind, they are. As far as being factual truth, well, not at all. In your previous post you claimed to be able to name “all the thousands of guilty priests and bishops”. Still waiting, Bueller.

      “I can easily suspect” = correct. All you can see with your sick mind is corruption, suspicion and sin. Fortunately, it’s all in your mind.

      “you would be right there with the rest of the lying hypocrites of your church to falsely accuse me and send me to jail, if that were possible” = factually incorrect, on so many levels…

      As for the song you keep quoting, I’ll leave the touching to you, since you seem so fond of it. Perhaps you weren’t falsely accused, after all. Sister Julie is right, once again.

      Have a blessed day, brother grenouille.

    • Dan says:

      Ignorant false accusations not worth any response.

  3. peoples clown says:

    Yes, indeed, LLC! Good post! With the Bolsheviks running the show, there's not necessarily a moral outrage, nor even an economic outrage,as so. cal residents, didn't even know about this! If there was a suspicion about a priest from 70 years ago, it would be blasted on the big brother media, in a demand for blood and money!!! Chicago will be the same as cal. There NOTHING about it in the media, only CPS strike updates. Probably done to blindside as well. I'm sure CPS might have cases that happened at the start of this school year, but its all submerged.

  4. Tom Wilson says:

    They also reported every incident to the Police. Instead of "Not Knowing About It."  "Not knowing any of the the dozen complaints were substantiated."

    • LLC says:


      “They also reported every incident to the Police” = according to the RDF article, the opposite seems to be the case: “But in school districts across Southern California, some educators are shirking that duty, choosing to keep things quiet rather than “ruin lives” of co-workers and suffer the taint of bad publicity”, and “reporters Joe Nelson and Scott Schwebke uncovered how school administrators not only ignored repeated warning signs, but allegedly tried to actively thwart a criminal investigation”.

      Regardless, the topic of this post is not whereas the Redlands Unified School District timely reported credible accusations, but the double standard of the media where it comes to make these situations public.

      Have a blessed day, brother.

    • Dan says:

      I'm glad you corrected and alerted Tom of the same modus operandi that your church was and still is guilty of. "Shirking [their] duty, choosing to keep things quiet rather than 'ruin lives' of [priests and bishops]" and causing the church to "suffer the taint of bad publicity". The church "ignored repeated warning signs" and is still doing so, and has done everything in its power to "actively thwart criminal investigation[s]".

      God will also treat your church and it's lying, deceiving perverts to His "double standard", doubly dead or "twice dead" Jude 1:12.  "Blackest darkness is reserved for them." Peter 2:17

    • LLC says:


      Correcting Christian brothers and sisters is my duty. I also try to correct non-Christian ignoramus like you, although it is quite hard. But, with God all things are possible, so there’s still hope, even for you.

      Have a blessed day, non-Christian brother.

  5. Dan says:

    How are your St. Peter's Pachamamas doing, you denyin' idol-worshiping anti-Christian liar?

    • Dan says:

      Why are you interested in correcting me? You want me to become a catholic lying excuser like yourself? No thanks.  servant of the Truth

  6. Julie says:

    LLC, I agree. It irks me a bit that Dan refers to himself as a Christian. He has made it abundantly clear that he is not a Christian. 

    • Dan says:

      No Julie, I am not a catholic and it irks me that you can't realize it. You and LLC flip flop more than fish. One day its "God bless you" or "Have a blessed day", and next day your both cursing me. Can you be bigger hypocrites   servant of the Only True God, and definitely NOT Catholic

    • Dan says:

      That is it irks me that you can't see that I am a Christian and catholics are not Christians. Christians don't have idols or statues or bow to them. The catholic church fulfills all of Romans 1:18-32. Read it and weep. I'm just as tired of correcting and teaching you two. Unlike LLC, I think there is no hope for either one of you. That saddens me, but I can only plant seed and only God can make the tree grow. 

    • LLC says:


      Since you seem to enjoy breaking your moronic posts in miniscule segments, I have taken the liberty to put together a somehow comprehensive response, my last one for you.

      If with “Pachamamas“, you are referring to the uncountable and priceless cultural artefacts hosted in the Vatican Museums, they are well taken care of, and available to all who want to learn about other civilizations without prejudiced assumptions. Hence, not you, clearly.

      As for correcting you, I do try. Your allergy to truth and facts make it difficult, though.

      “I am not a catholic” = no kidding!

      “and it irks me that you can't realize it” = actually, everyone here recognizes that you are neither a Catholic nor a Christian (well, except yourself).

      “next day your both cursing me” = words are important, non-Christian brother, and I would be extremely careful about using the wrong one. Please show wherever I have cursed you.

      “I am a Christian” = actually, your own rejection of the Trinity has put you outside of Christianity, so, no, you are not a Christian.

      “Christians don't have idols or statues or bow to them” = correct, nor do Catholics (idols). Statues, yes, we do. But you clearly do not understand the difference.

      “Read it and weep” = yup, anytime I read your posts…

      “I think there is no hope for either one of you” = and that, my non-Christian brother, is the unforgiveable sin.

      Now, we are again at the point where, since you are uncapable of bringing any substance to this discussion, I bid you farewell, this time with a personal short story. Last Sunday I went to Mass, and because I was a little late, I sat where families with little children usually stay. I was marvelous to see all the little ones, of any age, running around, and their parents absolutely enjoying that time together, and no one, absolutely no one, seemed apprehensive or concerned. Such a different portrait I saw, than what you imagine in your twisted mind! While deeply troubled by the few bad apples, Catholics understand very well that the Church is their family, and have full faith in Jesus’ promise that the gates of Hell won’t prevail against her. It saddens me that you are closing your eyes to this. Hopefully, God will open them before it’s too late.

      Have a great week, non-Christian brother.

    • Dan says:

      I loved your little fairy tale story about your mass experience last Sunday. Are you that stupid that you think priests or bishop child molesters are going to rape children in broad daylight in front of their parents? They groom the child and befriend the parents before they rape the kids in darkness away from witnesses. Why do you think so many priests and bishops got away with their nasty deeds against innocence. No witnesses and all they do is deny they're a pervert and the church will back them and so did the cops, district attorneys and courts. Seems like "them times they are a changin' ", and that's a good thing as God in these last days is bringing everything out into the light. Time for catholics to face the truth and open your eyes or go down with your sinking ship. Your Queen of Heaven has no power over Satan and the "gates of Hell" are wide open waiting for your church's triumphant entry. Don't let deceiving hypocrites tell you different with their "few bad apples" lies and deceptions.

    • Dan says:


      You think you can spin anything. First the "uncountable" number of pedophile perverted priests and bishops and their accusers that plague your cult. Now Pachamamas. They might be "priceless cultural artifacts" to religious idolaters, but to real Christians they are nothing but worthless pagan idols like your Queen of Heaven. One a naked fertillity goddess and the other a crowned fertillity goddess holding little baby Jesus, the age you catholics prefer Jesus because you think the baby won't be able to judge your sick and sorry selves. Otherwise you prefer Him crucified as a trophy to adorn your pagan temples. Sorry that you're deceived into thinking that "Jesus' promise that the gates of hell won't prevail against" your sorry church, is an oath He gave to pagan idolaters. Bow and bless your Pachamama idols, just like your papa Francis did, and then conjure up more of your lame excuses. Welcome catholics to the LLC SpinZone.

    • Dan says:

      That should be, "First the 'uncountable' number of pedophile perverted priests and bishops and their excusers…". You know, LLC, the excusers like yourself.

  7. Julie says:

    Dan, Even though I don't believe that you are a Christian with Christ in your heart, I pray for God to bless you, and for you to be happy. No sense in being hateful and miserable. No sense in wasting time verbally kicking people on the internet. Live. Accept Christ and the joy that comes with having Christ in your heart and in your life. 

    • Dan says:

      There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. As a Christian we're supposed to expose wicked hypocrites parading themselves as pompous religious deceiving hypocrites. Can you interpret Biblical descriptions of your false church in some other way? Matthew 23, Romans 1:18-32, 2 Peter 2, Jude, Revelations chapter 17 and 18. Do you think LLC is displaying Christian principles with his lies and deceit or words like moronic or ignoramus?

      "Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them." Eph 5:11

      Since I've been staying clear of your Temples of Idolatry, I've had no trouble being falsely accused. I live a very peaceful and happy life, except when I run across religious hypocrites, as I have encountered in this forum. It's extremely hard to get through to brainwashed indoctrinated members of religious cults. Believe me that I get no joy from my work here. 

      And I wouldn't call your "accusation is a form of confession", especially concerning the pedophile creeps of yoiur church, as some kind of Christian compliment to me.

  8. Julie says:

    "Believe me that I get no joy from my work here." lol. Sure, Dan. So, what are you hoping to accomplish here? All you have done on here is prove to us that you claim to be a Christian while embracing hatred and indulging yourself with satanic-sounding viciousness and insults that surely make Jesus weep with sadness for you. And since we are Christians, we are praying for you anyway. 

    • Dan says:

      "But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars, they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur." Revelations 21:8

    • Dan says:

      Since using your own quote, "accusation is a form of confession", then you must be an anti-"Christian while embracing hatred and indulging yourself with satan-sounding viciousness and insults that surely make Jesus weep with sadness for you." Funny how what goes around comes back around.    servant of the Almighty and hater of all that is evil

      P.S. Since I'm a Christian I'll pray for you anyway.