Eye-Opening Claim: Child Abuse in Boys Scouts ‘Dwarfs That Which We’ve Seen In the Catholic Church’

Tim Kosnoff

Telling it as he sees it: Attorney Tim Kosnoff

A televised report from an ABC affiliate in Phoenix has built upon the recent revelation that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) kept files on thousands of cases of child sex abuse.

The voluminous amount of stomach-turning abuse cases prompted Seattle attorney Tim Kosnoff to opine:

"I think the amount of abuse in the Boy Scouts of America dwarfs that which we've seen in the Catholic Church."

Kosnoff's statement is remarkable considering that he has secured millions of dollars in settlements from "several Roman Catholic dioceses, the Jesuits, and other religious orders."

Although abuse in the Boy Scouts has received some media attention, it certainly has not generated even near the magnitude and volume of coverage directed at the Catholic Church. This only shows that once again the rules of coverage of old claims of sex abuse in the Catholic Church differ markedly from the rules of coverage of abuse in other organizations. Don't expect this coverage to change anytime soon.

Watch the ABC12 report:

Now the question remains: When will the media really start to take a close look at the massive systematic abuse and cover-ups happening in its most revered institution, the public school system?


  1. Publion says:

    Looking at this from a strategic point of view, it's thought-provoking.
    The strategy – as best I can figure it – had been to a) appeal to the victim base  while also b) trolling for law-and-order votes while also c) furthering the secularist base and d) letting the tort attorneys and now the DAs wet their beaks mightily as well. And – as an added benny – e) playing to the 'liberal' Catholic base while simultaneously playing to the f) anti-religion base and g) the radical-feminist base. Quite a comprehensive menu. The media lapped it all up.
    Now the heretofore tight-focus on the Catholic Church – so serviceable for so long – seems to be loosening up; it's widening.
    Whether this reflects elements within the strategic playership starting to spin out on their own, or whether this reflects a high-level deliberate change in scope and focus … I haven't figured out yet.
    But the remora-like organizations such as SNAP and Bishop-Accountability must now face the possibility of their destination and their host-shark's destination now diverging.

  2. Xopheriggs says:

    Good points, Publion. I believe nets are also being cast in the direction of the public school systems across the country.

  3. Publion says:

    Curiously, SNAP has now taken out a full-page ad in – but of course – the 'New York Times', insisting that there is still a Catholic clerical abuse crisis of world-historical proportions.
    What they used to get for free from the 'NYT',  they now apparently will have to pay for: instead of getting free reporting, SNAP will have to keep the ball rolling with paid advertisements.
    Although maybe they get a special discount from the 'NYT' for old times' sake.

  4. Julie says:

    Publion, You are right on. Maybe Laurie Goodstein grew some ethics and isn't their shill any more. (I won't hold my breath). And I am sure the NYT had no problem printing an ad for them.

  5. Fitasafiddle says:

    Dare I mention that, as hideous as it is to learn that  the Boy Scouts are at it as well, that no other profession except CLERGY were representing Jesus, were present on altars daily and weekly, heard Confessions ( as in all the village secrets) and were the MOST trusted members of society, and not just in Catholic circles. Pedophiles and their enablers on the altars and sacraments, all over the globe. Different than the Boy Scouts.
    We have all been shocked by these awful revelations. And certainly, it says more about male culture than anything else. But please, folks, think more before you compare the global crimes of Catholic priests and their bishop/cardinal enablers with any other group. These clergy pedophiles/enablers are transubstantiators, don't forget. And they are backed with nothing but money.
    Lots to pray about.