SHOCKER: Chicago Public Schools Received *Three* Sexual Misconduct Complaints *Every School Day* This Year

Chicago Illinois teacher abuse accusations

Out of control: Child sex abuse is rampant in Chicago Public Schools

If it involved Catholic priests, the international news media would be in a state of acute apoplexy for months or even years penning one breathless story after another about the imminent end of the Catholic Church.

But these are not Catholic priests.

The next time you see someone in the media – including those in the cowardly Catholic media – yet again get worked up telling the same stale story of alleged abuse commited 40 or 50 years ago by a Catholic priest, simply show them this simple article from the Chicago Tribune:

"Complaints of sexual misconduct against people who work in Chicago Public Schools have arrived at the district's inspector general's office at a rate of nearly three each school day over the past nine months."

Three accusations of abuse. Each school day.

And this is in just one school district. In only one city.

And these are not allegations from 50, 60, 70 years ago. This is in July 2019. This is happening today.

450 complaints over a mere nine months.

Meanwhile, when we look at the Catholic Church and a body of over 70 million people in the United States alone, there were a mere three priests in all of 2018 whose accusations involving a current minor were even deemed "substantiated" by the very lenient standards of diocesan review boards.

The story of Catholic sex abuse committed decades ago no longer belongs in the news anywhere at all. It belongs on The History Channel. This story in Chicago is news, as in "new," happening today.

That the media will predictably neglect dramatic stories like this of widespread abuse happening in Chicago today only reveals that the media has never really been concerned about child abuse at all, except when it occurs in institutions it hates for ideological reasons, like the Catholic Church.


  1. LLC says:

    Few notes:

    It is interesting that, according to the article, “CPS has fired 23 employees as a result of a sexual misconduct claim and barred 15 substitute teachers from working in the school system, the report states” = in other words, they are still free, and have not “been thrown in jail”, as one of the assiduous frequenters of this blog routinely demands of accused priests.

    The article cites another 2018 investigation that “documented widespread failures in how district officials responded to claims by students of sexual misconduct by teachers, staff and other students”. The Church has enacted stricter procedures since 2002, resulting in a much lower level of incidents. And yet, many years later, secular and religious institutions are still not showing the same level of preparedness and response.

    “Of 97 adults pulled from schools pending investigations, 11 have been reinstated” = in other words, although no final decision has been reached yet, some individuals, allegedly guilty of sexual misconduct (nice euphemism, surely not used when reporting alleged crimes from priests) are still in contact with minors.

    Finally, “To better handle the caseload, the office has been adding staff and resources. That includes a new intake team whose role is to compile critical information in the first few hours after an allegation is made to recommend whether the accused should be pulled from his or her position” = one should wonder why these added staff and resources are not volunteering their time, like the ones in the Michigan Attorney General’s office have allegedly done…

    • Dan says:

      Since this statement was directed towards me, let me "assiduously" reassure you that I believe all pedophiles should be prosecuted and "jailed". Repeat offenders with several victims should be tortured at the hands of their victims and then given the death penalty, never to harm a child again. What don't you understand, or better yet, do you understand anything?

    • LLC says:

      “I believe all pedophiles should be prosecuted and "jailed" = Bravo, Dan! Although I believe that the correct phrase should’ve been, “all pedophiles proven guilty should be jailed”, I can assure you that every Catholic shares your feelings. Except for the torture part, it is. In that, you are alone.

      Now, are you willing to apply the same rigor and indignation routinely (pun intended) demonstrated against the Church, in pursuing justice from the Chicago Public Schools system? They are, after all, the worst sex crimes offenders out there, and by and large.

    • Dan says:

      "They are, after all, the worst sex crimes offenders out there, and by and large." Oh really!? Your Catholic hierarchy has hidden and secretly transferred clergy child molesters and porn addicted priests in and to every city, state and country in the world, and yet you have the nerve to make this false claim. How many now in St. Louis went to jail? Did you even read the articles on what the majority of the accusations are?

      It would be interesting to know how many guilty Chicago Public School employees profess to being Catholic? After all, "Rotten apples don't fall far from rotten trees".

    • LLC says:


      Sorry, I forgot you majored in math…

      The accusations in St. Luis span 70 years. According to the archdioceses very few names are being publicized for the first time, i.e. they were known.

      Interestingly enough, any time the media report alleged Catholic abuses, the focus is the monetary reparation. The abovementioned article from Chicago doesn’t. One must wonder why…

      Speaking of bad apples, hopefully you have recoverd from your fall.

      Have a blessed day, brother Dan.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan, I think you think some pedophiles are more guilty than others! Especially where billions of dollars are at stake! You being one of the comrade commissars, are consistently trashing the catholic faith. Chicago was incorporated in 1833, so I guess you are all for having that window open, but not for public schools. If I'm not mistaken, I think the window is 90 days. If that's the case why don't you advocate for the last 100 years, or are you worried that your bolsheviki apparatchiks will go bankrupt? Illinois just voted to legalize marijuana for Jan. 2020. What? Isn't the state getting enough money from suing the church? They have to resort to drug stupidity? I hope you come to Illinois carrying marijuana before Jan. 2020, so you get arrested again!

    • peoples clown says:

      1 sliding bathroom mirror + 1 sliding bathroom mirror = Dan corner truth

    • Dan says:

      LLC, St. Louis not St. Luis (sic). LLC, recovered not recoverd. Wow, how sic. See how petty it is to go around correcting others when your spelling stinks, along with your proof-reading. Sorry, I forgot you majored in english…Duh? When you only point out the mistakes of your opponent, but pay no attention to the mistakes of your fellow catholics, that says something in regards to your hypocrisy. I see an analogy there in regards to your willingness to point out others sins, but would like to defend and gloss over the more terrible sins of your clergy. Rotten apples defending the fellow rotten apples from the same rotten tree. ENJOY THE FALL!!

    • LLC says:


      As already mentioned, someday you’ll learn to distinguish typos (mine) from bad grammar (yours). Mine are fun to mock; yours make your points difficult to understand.

      Regardless, an error is an error, so thank you again for your fraternal corrections.

      Few points:

      1) As usual, you do not have any pertinent response to my observations.

      2) I do not care for your pettiness. It doesn’t bother me a iota.

      3) I never said I majored in English. I am not vainglorious, and do not proclaim to the world my alleged accomplishments.

      4) As every Catholic, I am extremely sorry and frustrated about the very few bad apples that are trying to contaminate to Church that Jesus established. We are blessed, though, because He promised His never-ending support to her.

      5) Since you like analogies, please look up Luke 18:9-14. You really sound like “praying to yourself”. Especially in your empty self-proclamations.

      6) I do enjoy the fall. And the winter, spring, and summer, and all the good things that our Father in heaven has created for us.

      Have a blessed day, brother Dan.

    • Dan says:

      I'm giving a "pertinent response to [your] observations". 

      4) If you are "extremely sorry and frustrated" with the "bad apples" of your Church, then why are you further contaminating the Church with your denials, minimizing and lies in regards to the many perverts, not "very few", as you wish to claim. And by the way, Mr. Denier, "contaminate to Church" should be contaminate the Church and that's not a typo. That's a hypocrite denying his many mistakes, just as Luke 18:9-14 describes you and your cohorts. How does your foot in your mouth taste? 

      5) Luke 18:9-14 describes your hierarchy of hypocrites to a tee. In actuality they are worse than Pharisees because they would stand before God and deny that they are "robbers, evildoers, adulterers" and let's not forget pedophiles, pederasts and porn addicts.

      Enjoy your fall, even though it's summer.

    • LLC says:


      Good job. You are seemingly learning to spot typos, but are still unsure about bad grammar. Not a problem, you can learn, with time and application. Next time I'll make them more difficult to find.

      As for your actual comments, still waiting on anything constructive. Hiding behind trite and debunked talking points do not qualify as open discussion. Incidentally, Luke describes self-appointed righteousness, a-la "servant of the Lord". Sounds familiar?

      Have a blessed day, brother Dan.

    • Dan says:

      Luke was describing pompous self-righteous hypocrites that parade themselves around in Satan embroidered gowns calling themselves Holy Fathers and Christ's representatives on earth, when in reality they're sexually immoral greedy evildoers disguised as God's chosen. "Servant of the Lord"* is in no way a pompous self-righteous title, but I'm more than happy that it annoys your lying, deceiving, catholic pointin' your fingers at others attitude.

      *God's chosen to expose the wickedness of a fallen apostate catholic cult of pedophile perverts.

      P.S. Why don't we have a little discussion on the latest priest abuse and sexual exploitation of the deaf in the Provolo Institute of Argentina and Verona, Italy, while the holy father ignores, protects, hides and looks the other way when it comes to his fellow cohorts.

    • Dan says:

      Oh! I'm so sorry. I guess Satan was a typo, Mr. Grammar Police. 

    • LLC says:


      As usual, you are in error. Your self-assigned titles do not annoy me; clearly you are still failing to understand that nothing you say or do has any effect on me, personally. Your actions and words do, indeed, shed a clear light on your own hypocrisies.

      Regarding the Provolo Institute, absolutely, we can talk about it. Father Provolo was an outstanding priest and man of God who took upon himself to provide care to deaf and mute children. He is a clear example of how the Catholic Church is a doer of the Word of God, and just a hearer, like your church of one. Perhaps asking this institution for help could be beneficial for you…

      It is a disgrace that few bad Catholics are tainting his extraordinary legacy. Hopefully, when all investigations are concluded, the guilty ones will face the justice they deserve. What's your point?

    • Dan says:

      I wouldn't care if your Queen of Heaven started the Provolo Institute. It became a sesspool of perversion and pedophilia against innocent deaf and mute little boys, like every other institute your catholic church organized. What the hell is your point, besides deceiving gullible catholics?

    • Dan says:

      LLC claims, "nothing [I] say or do has any effect on [him]". Laughable then how you feel the need to attack anything I state and even try to take shots at me while answering Jim.

      "It is a disgrace that few bad Catholics are tainting his extraordinary legacy." You catholics are more concerned with protecting your horrific legacy and terrible history than you care about the lives of children you've molested and destroyed. Shame on you and your Church.


  2. Shawn R Johnson says:

    No priests?  Nothing to see here.  Just move along now.

  3. Tom Wilson says:

    I wish they would stop beating up on all our poor, child-raping, priests.

  4. Dan says:

    We're the One Holy True Catholic Church of pedophiles, so please quit judging us, cause we're God's Chosen, so we have every right to point out all the other sinners of the world, even though the Bible says you're not supposed to do that. Thankfully we don't follow the Bible, so we are not held to it's standards. We have our Catechism that states we can do whatever we want, including raping innocent children cause our Queen of Heaven will forgive us for being idol-worshiping heathens! Hail Mary filled with lies, protect and keep the world from knowing what we do in the darkness.  servant of the God of Vengeance

    • Frank says:

      Dan Dan Dan …I think you missed the point.  The point is that no one else is held to ANY standard.  And that should only be ok with you if you are pro child rape–unless it happens in the evil Catholic church.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner – I think you need to evaluate your feelings about victims of these crimes. The vast majority of CPS students are non white. Don't you think they all matter? Or no? Your rant above sounds like something from "the Rite" ! Take care, get well from your fall.

    • Dan says:

      Clown, All your comments today are so ridiculously ignorant and stupid that they are unworthy of any response. Keep up the good work!

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner – I often wonder…..this CPS story was starting to come out a year ago, when….Comrade Shapiro came out with his meaningless, mean spirited, and vindictive "report", obviously sending the CPS story to the dust bin for a bit. Watcha think, dan. Was Shapiro helping CPS, or what?

    • Dan says:

      I don't know, Clown. You're the one who seems to know all about "the comrade commissars". I've come to think you're actually one of them. As your adversary, I'd like to take you as a political prisoner, torture you by ripping your finger nails from your fingers one by one, followed by reading you your "miranda rights" and then not giving you any rights, throwing you in jail hung by your toe nails. That'll be unless in a bad mood!! 

    • Dan says:

      That will be unless I'm in a bad mood!!

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan – its o.k., I need a good manicure and pedicure anyway!

  5. peoples clown says:

    Looks like this news story has gone in hibernation again!!!! Where's all the outrage! Where's all the indignation??? Where's all the finger wagging pontification on how to do things??? Is it time for the C.P.S. to go to court? We don't know or see it as they've (powers that be) seem to have buried it AGAIN! The power of the commissars!