Marci Hamilton’s ‘Child USA’: Victim Advocacy or Contingency Lawyer Front Group?

Marci Hamilton

Professional anti-Catholic bigot Marci Hamilton

Remember this the next time you see some contingency lawyer on TV earnestly trying to portray him or herself as some champion for the oppressed and the victimized: It's all about the money.

Lawyer Marci Hamilton – whose own legal scholarship has been cited by a law professor for a "reckless disregard for truth" – has recently founded a group that she calls Child USA, a "501(c)(3) nonprofit think tank dedicated to protecting kids and preventing abuse." However, a more appropriate name may be "Lawyer USA."

We've seen this party before

John Manly

Fishing for more clients?
Lawyer John Manly

Judging by a list of sponsors for her "annual awards dinner" in a couple weeks, it appears "protecting kids and preventing abuse" is nothing but a cover for contingency lawyers looking to drum up more clients for themselves and make more money:

Hamilton's "Platinum level" sponsor ($25,000 +) is none other than John Manly, a man with a long record of scandals and history of anti-Catholic bigotry. Manly's venom against the Catholic Church cannot be overstated. This is a man who once compared being a priest in the Catholic Church to being a train conductor who "transfer(s) prisoners to Auschwitz." A judge has even sanctioned Manly for "unacceptable conduct."

Then there is New Jersey's lawyer extraordinaire Stephen C. Rubino, another close ally of the hate group SNAP, to which he has funneled thousands of dollars. Years ago, Rubino appeared publicly with Hamilton and the Philadelphia District Attorney's office right before Philly unleashed its corrupt and fraudulent attack against the Catholic Church.

So the next time you see Marci Hamilton on TV claiming that her only interest is in protecting kids, remember that the only thing she is protecting is the pocketbooks of already rich lawyers who want to file lawsuits over abuse which allegedly occurred many decades ago.


  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Why's the money so important to you?  Was it Machiavelli who wrote? accuse your "enemy" first of that of what you are doing.

    The church can hoard money for milenia and when victims come forward The very people who allowed these rapes to happen feign that they are the true victims. So that they might continue to hoard money rather than compensate truly damaged people. Take responsibility for what you did. Who do YOU support finacially? What the church doesn't pay for lawyers?

    • malcolm harris says:

      On the 31st, our ever-complaining JR refers to "truly damaged people". Have to wonder if he would include himself in that category?. Because if memory serves he was paid out a million dollars, in a negotiated setttlement…. for being 'truly damaged'. It would be an interesting exercise to compare his claim, with say, a car accident victim. There would be numerous cases of car smashes that cause horrific physical injuries and permanent mental/emotional harm. The resulting big insurance payouts don't surprise us. However JR told us he was groped by a religious brother, at his school, when in his early teens. And a million dollar payout resulted?. Well if that "truly damaged" him?…. Then it's a mystery that he has been able to survive at all…… in this 'dog eat dog' world?.

  2. Jim Robertson says:

    Oh shut up Malcolm. Ad hominum attacks are simply you pretending you are better than me. I doubt your premise.

    And Mal dear, less than 15% of your victims have been compensated. thankfully the law recognizes our damages. The problem is you don't.

    Don't you think your church can afford to pay the people they've harmed?

    There are 2000 (men mostly sad to say) who head the catholic church that has One BILLION and 250 million followers world wide.  Imagine how many millions of children and teens were abused? That's what your church bosses don't want you to know. Your priest caste has betrayed you but you would rather blame their victims for what? Surviving?

    I'm ever complaining, Malcolm? listen you Australian toad in the hole, when have you ever stopped complaining about us victims? We're just greedy you say. we weren't harmed you say you imply (infer? i never get that shit right).

    I've survived by being who I am.

    I have survived my abusors and the harm they've done me.

    As to damage, my damage? I was tortured ,you dumb git, tortured physically and mentally daily for 2 weeks. I was trapped between my own obedience programming and my shock at what was happening. My faith was crashing around my ears. I was in shock. And was put in fear for my life.  Have you been groped under such circumstances.

    And my consequences? My damage?I have never had a loving relationship because I'm always on high alert. always ready to pounce on an injustice from the outside. I'm a coiled spring. Never relaxed. always expecting an attack from anywhere, from any one.

    Malcolm life was easy in Los Angeles when I was coming up. after the Army and 3 years of college. rents were low and working class jobs were easy to find. I survived till I had some blow out with authority then unemployed for 6 months. then another stupid job. I survived. So? what I shouldn't survive? But did I bloom? What happened to the kid with all the scholarships? Nothing.


    Malcolm unless you or one of yours goes through this abuse I'm afraid you'll never understand. because, sadly, you have no empathy.

    You Malcolm would rather pretend no harm's been done to any of us.

    You imagine that there exists a poor, martyred church being harmed.

    The Catholic church is the richest institution in the world, wealth wise; but it is bankrupt spiritually. because your leadership failed you and your children.

    To have child molesters in the church is no sin they are, sadly, in every institution..

    But to keep them in the church and hand them off to fresh groups of  your own children. That is beyond a crime and a sin. That's the death knell for your church as you have it organized now. So it's those few men who you are protecting. Them and the wealth they control. Those 2000 men who should be fired..

    but as always,, and this is the key point:  the church still ignores its victims, by the minute and why? 

    Why for the love of money. 

    And so tens of millions of your victims are cheated to protect the power and wealth of the very few.



    • Dan says:

      Wow Jim, you better stop attacking "the Church", because you're making victims look bad.

    • Dan says:

      "To have child molesters in the church is no sin they are  sadly  in every institution." I guess since you think you can speak for God, then you can become the one to decide what is sin and what isn't. You don't even know what is sin for yourself, and yet you think you're the one to decide what God thinks is sin for others? You're BS gets more amazing by the comment!

  3. Jim Robertson says:

    Shut up Dan. You attack the faith.  I attack the reality of the institution. People's faith is up to them


    • says:

      And with that, can we end this now?


    • Dan says:

      Let me explain, if Dave would allow. "There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism." Eph 4:5

      In this world there are many choices of "faith" to follow, yet there is only one true faith. Most people believe that theirs is the true faith. We better hope that we have chosen the right one.

  4. Jim Robertson says:

    Yes, according to you, you'd better have. Otherwise burny burny.

  5. "peoples" clown says:

    You're both acting like a couple "clowns"! Stop this internal dissension Patti/Cathy. Like I told you, I was " spanked" ,abused in a long ago political campaign, and I didn't get any money!

    • Dan says:

      Why are those who have nothing intelligent to say, other than making personal attacks, calling names or trying to loop me together with Jim, allowed to join in this conversation?