Falsely Accused Catholic School Teacher in Philly *Finally* Released From Prison; Philly Media Doesn’t Care

Bernard Shero : falsely accused : Philadelphia

Falsely accused by Philly DA Seth Williams: Catholic teacher Bernard Shero

Philadelphia Catholic school teacher Bernard Shero, who was falsely convicted in 2013 along with the late Rev. Charles Engelhardt in a high-profile trial for child sex abuse that never occurred, is finally going to be a free man.

After being falsely accused of sex abuse by a lying drug addict named Danny Gallagher, Shero will exit prison after serving four-and-a-half years of a maximum 16-year sentence.

The news was first reported by journalist Ralph Cipriano at BigTrial.net.

An insider blows the lid off

Regular readers of this site have long known that Gallagher's claims of abuse are wildly false (see this and this for background). It is now an incontrovertible fact that the Philadelphia D.A.'s office – spearheaded by D.A. Seth Williams, who now sits in solitary confinement on multiple charges of corruption and bribery – orchestrated a malicious scheme against innocent men and the Catholic Church based on Gallagher's bogus stories.

And another fact we now know is that the Philly D.A.'s office knew all along that Gallagher's claims were preposterous, but it proceeded against innocent Catholic priests anyway.

How do we know this? Back in May, Cipriano was the first to report of a stunning 12-page affidavit written by the lead detective in the Philly D.A.'s office, Detective Joseph Walsh. In the affidavit, Walsh not only blows the lid off Gallagher's wildly false claims of abuse, but he also exposes how when he confronted Philly Assistant D.A. Mariana Sorensen – truly a major force behind the decade-plus-long witch hunt in Philadelphia – with the numerous problems with Gallagher's case, Sorensen retorted, "You're killing my case."

[***Click to read Det. Joe Walsh's affidavit (courtesy of Ralph Cipriano)***]

After conducting numerous interviews with Gallagher himself and the people closest to his case, Walsh made his decision: "I concluded that this information was a lie."

Of course, Shero's release did not come without a catch. Based in part on Detective Walsh's stunning information, Shero had appealed for a new trial. And prosecutors knew that the judge in the case was likely about to grant him one. Prosecutors also knew that a new trial would expose the fraud that they themselves had perpetrated; so they struck a deal with Shero. In order to obtain his release, Shero had to agree to plea no contest to crimes he never committed. As Cipriano has reported:

"[Philly prosecutors] struck a deal so the D.A.'s office could still pretend that Danny Gallagher was a rape victim and that Rufus Seth Williams' self-described 'historic' prosecution of the Catholic Church was legitimate.

"Even though Danny Gallagher is a fraud, Rufus Seth Williams is a criminal on his way to hell, and his prosecution of the church is a certified witch hunt that put four innocent men in jail, and one of those men, the Rev. Charles Engelhardt, died there.

"Truth may be a casualty. But Bernie Shero will soon be a free man.

"In Philadelphia, this is what passes for justice."

The Inky goes into hiding – again

Complicit in the imprisonment of innocent men has been Philadelphia's newspaper of record, the Philadelphia Inquirer. While the Inky repeatedly trumpeted the numerous bogus claims of abuse years ago, it has been stunningly silent in reporting the corruption and fraud perpetrated by the Philly D.A.'s office against not only the Catholic Church, but also against truth and justice.

After Shero was released from prison on Wednesday (8/16/17), we wrote to a bunch of editors and staffers at the Inquirer asking them if they would report Shero's release. A short time later, we saw that the Inky mustered up a measly 123-word wire story (since slightly lengthened) from the Associated Press.

Breathtaking journalism, indeed.


[ADDENDUM: Since writing this post, Ralph Cipriano has published two new posts worth checking out:

1. "Billy Doe Prosecutor: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Investigation" (8/17/17)

2. "Detective Joe Walsh Responds To ADA Blessington" (8/17/17)]


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    The fact is that Shero and Fr. Englehart were NOT GUILTY, but had their lives ruined by false accusations, complicit prosecutors, a flat-out evil Seth Williams, and a cowardly judge. THAT is what this thread is supposed to be about.