OCD at the NYT: Times Now Publishes Three New Articles About Long Reported 2007 Transfer of Funds by Cardinal Dolan, Ignores Rampant Sex Abuse In NYC Public Schools Today

Laurie Goodstein : NY Times : Andrew Rosenthal

The New York Times is apparently suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the lack of any real news in the Catholic Church sex abuse story. Always eager to smear its local bishop, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, the Times recently ran three … [Read more...]

Delaware Cartoonist Smears Catholic Priests, Falsely Attacks Church

Rob Tornoe anti-Catholic

What cartoonist Rob Tornoe thinks of Catholic priests need not be explained. His caricature of Catholic priests is simply bigoted and ugly. If Tornoe – a contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer, WHYY News, and the far-left … [Read more...]

***TheMediaReport.com EXCLUSIVE*** Confidential SNAP Memo Reveals Founder Barbara Blaine Admits Writing Letter on Behalf of Doc Busted With Kiddie Porn, Outlines Plan For Cover-Up

Barbara Blaine

According to a tip received by TheMediaReport.com, Barbara Blaine, the founder and president of the anti-Catholic group SNAP, has admitted that she wrote a letter on behalf of a Louisiana psychologist, Dr. Steve Taylor, who was arrested and … [Read more...]

Journalism Outside the Box: Wall St. Journal Bravely Profiles Stunning Case of Wrongfully Convicted Priest Fr. Gordon MacRae

Dorothy Rabinowitz : WSJ : Rev. Gordon MacRae

In a stunning article that bravely veers from the media's usual, tired coverage of the Catholic Church abuse story, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dorothy Rabinowitz has taken up the case of Fr. Gordon J. MacRae, who has been serving … [Read more...]

Bravo: Chicago Tribune Breaks Rank and Refuses to Print Names of Accused Priests Where Claims of Abuse Are Unsubstantiated

Manya Brachear

When the Chicago Tribune's Manya Brachear reported the story of 31 Chicago-area grown men suing the Congregation of Christian Brothers religious order alleging abuse from decades past, it seemed to be no different from the thousands of … [Read more...]

A Headline in Search of a Story: Old Abuse Claims Are ‘New’ to the Chicago Tribune

Christy Gutowski : David Heinzmann : Stacy St. Clair

Last Sunday's splashy headline on the front page of the Chicago Tribune darkly warned readers, "Priest cases show abuse issues persist." From the headline and the ensuing 2,100-word article about the Diocese of Joliet … [Read more...]

Finally: Major Media Outlet Reveals the Media’s Hidden Agenda Behind Its Obsession With Abuse in the Catholic Church

Laura Ingraham

It may have been a first. In what may have been the first time ever on a major television outlet, two popular TV personalities finally revealed that the media's never-ending obsession with decades-old episodes in the Church actually … [Read more...]

NEW SHOCKER: Widespread Media Claims of Sadistic Abuse at Ireland’s Famed Magdalene Laundries Determined to be Completely Bogus

Brendan O'Neill

For the past several decades, the media has told a story of how the Catholic Church in Ireland operated homes for troubled youth – the Magdalene Laundries – that were rife with unspeakable barbarity and unrivaled cruelty from … [Read more...]

After Pope Benedict’s Resignation, NY Times Unleashes Record Hate

Bill Keller :: Rachel Donadio :: Jason Berry

The announcement that Pope Benedict XVI would be resigning his position has apparently provided the New York Times with yet another opportunity to rail against the Catholic Church for not conforming to its politically correct, secularist … [Read more...]

David Horsey’s L.A. Times Cartoon Revives Ugly Anti-Catholicism

David Horsey anti-Catholic LATimes 020413

In an episode that recalls something out of the 19th-century, anti-Catholic Know Nothing movement, a political cartoon in the Los Angeles Times by David Horsey portrays a Catholic priest as Satan. Horsey's bigoted work is sure to put … [Read more...]