**MEDIA FACT SHEET** What You Didn’t Know About McCarrick’s Kooky Accuser

Mitchell Garabedian : Theodore McCarrick : James Grein

Lawyer Mitchell Garabedian : 91-year-old Theodore McCarrick : Accuser James Grein

This coming Thursday, October 28, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, now age 91, is scheduled to appear in Dedham District Court in Massachusetts for the second time on the charge that he sexually abused Virginia resident James Grein, now age 61, at a wedding in 1974.

And thanks to the breathless and hyperbolic reporting from the media since the mid-1980s, the atmosphere against Catholic priests and the Catholic Church as a whole is so toxic, it is quite likely that a jury will find McCarrick guilty if this case ever goes to a trial, no matter what the facts are.

So instead of the usual one-sided coverage that is sure to ensue, we hope that the media will report some important facts about the current McCarrick case that they continue to ignore. For example:

● McCarrick is not the only cardinal that Grein has accused of abusing him. Grein has also made the claim that the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin abused him as well. Quite a coincidence.

● Grein has not one but two money-seeking lawsuits against the Church. Grein is represented by the smarmy contingency lawyer of Spotlight fame, Mitchell Garabedian. Indeed, it was Garabedian himself who wrote a letter to law enforcement to drum up the current case.

● Grein has also claimed without any evidence that he once had a private audience in the 1980s with Pope John Paul II (!) in which he told the pope of abuse by McCarrick. (See the remarkable video below.)

● As we have chronicled, Grein's bizarre accusations over the years have also contained near-impossible cameo appearances from Cardinal Bernard Law and the notorious Paul Shanley.

● Grein has strangely claimed, "My grandfather invented the bra and girdle." (Spoiler alert: He didn't.)

Salem witch trials – 2021?

Indeed, none of these strange facts alone refute Grein's accusations. We simply ask that the media try just for once to present a balanced portrait of this case. Everything is not as cut-and-dry as it seems.

We invite readers to see our extensive rebuttal to Grein's accusations as well as our posted video of Grein claiming that he met personally with Pope John Paul II.

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Must-see video:


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