**EXCLUSIVE REPORT** Cardinal McCarrick Accuser’s Claims Raise Questions

Cardinal McCarrick : James accuser

Only God knows: Cardinal McCarrick and accuser "James" pictured in the 1970s

The high-profile allegations that the prominent Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually abused seminarians and teenagers decades ago are indeed revolting and maddening. Our hearts ache for the unimaginable suffering that anyone may have endured at the hands of McCarrick.

It was the New York Times who first published accusations against McCarrick back in June. Since then, another accuser, a 60-year-old going by the name of "James" (Update: revealed as Virginia resident James Grein), has come forward to tell both the Times and the Associated Press that he too was also abused by McCarrick decades ago, starting at the age of 11 and continuing into his adulthood.

At first blush, James' accusations are sickening. However, as James has granted additional interviews, his claims have raised questions.

An impossible timeline

By the time James spoke last Tuesday night to the prominent ex-Catholic-turned-Orthodox blogger Rod Dreher, James had claimed that he had suffered abuse by McCarrick in several different locations across the United States during different chapters of his life:

  • Tenafly, New Jersey;
  • Hillsborough, California;
  • San Francisco, California;
  • Eldred, New York;
  • near Chicago, Illinois;
  • Beverly Hills, California;
  • Metuchen, New Jersey; and
  • Newark, New Jersey.

So it was the following passage in Dreher's piece about his interview with James that especially piqued our attention:

"After trying to kill himself with an overdose of painkillers washed down with gin, James embraced sobriety on November 21, 1991. He was 33 years old.

"He says that McCarrick, who had quit having sexual relations with him, prevailed upon Cardinal Bernard Law to get him into a Boston halfway house for released prisoners transitioning back to the mainstream. He says he was visited by two priests he describes as 'thugs,' on what he believes was a mission from Cardinal Law to intimidate him into silence. James alleges that one of those priests was Father Paul Shanley, who later went to jail for child rape after the Boston scandal broke in 2002. The other priest, Father Bill Cummings, put his hands down James's pants and warned him that he was never to say a word about what had happened between him and McCarrick.

"Father Cummings told James that he would henceforth be his spiritual father, and that he was to start attending his parish, so he could keep an eye on him. Father Cummings was an accused molester who died in 1994, shortly after telling his congregation that he was sick with AIDS."

We immediately found it a wee-bit odd that in his previous separate interviews with the New York Times and the Associated Press, James had said absolutely nothing about Boston's Cardinal Law and the notorious Paul Shanley being involved in his ordeal and that another priest (Cummings) groped him.

Think about it. Surely the Times and the AP would have mentioned an episode involving Cardinal Law (!) and Paul Shanley (!) – arguably two the most well-known names of the clergy abuse scandals – had James mentioned it. Why did James not mention any of this until he talked to Dreher? Why are there sudden appearances by Cardinal Law and Paul Shanley in James' story?

But, most importantly, upon doing some investigation, we noticed a major problem with James' timeline involving the two priests Shanley and Cummings. By 1991, Paul Shanley was essentially already out of active ministry and living in Palm Springs, California. And Shanley would remain in California until October 1993, when Cardinal Law summoned Shanley back to Boston to answer abuse accusations against him. As for Bill Cummings, Cummings learned he was carrying HIV in 1985, and in March 1993, after growing noticeably sick for some time, he was hospitalized with AIDS-related pneumonia. Thus Cummings essentially became bed-ridden, and he died a year later in May 1994.

[Click here to view a chronology of Paul Shanley's ministry]

[Click here to read a 1993 Boston Globe article about Bill Cummings' AIDS announcement]

Quite simply, James' timeline for the two priests doesn't work. It is almost impossible that Shanley and Cummings could have been in Boston in any level of ministry together around the time that James says that he encountered the two priests in the early 1990s. (And does the notion of a priest suddenly sticking his hands down the pants of an adult 33-year-old he just met ring true? Really?)

One more for the road

The are a lot more questions we have about James' dramatic story, but here is another glaring discrepancy that we could not help but notice:

NYT: "The last time [James] visited Archbishop McCarrick, in 1989, he asked for money, he said; McCarrick refused, and never called him again."

Dreher: "The last time he saw McCarrick, James says, was in 2012. He confronted the retired cardinal and told him that if he didn't agree to say the funeral mass for his mother, he was going to expose their past."
(As if there is nothing odd about demanding that your childhood sex abuser say your mother's funeral Mass or you will go to the authorities.)

Thus James told two entirely different accounts – in both time and substance – of the last time he saw McCarrick.

It seems apparent that James and Cardinal McCarrick knew each other at one point for a very long time. However, as far as any abuse occurring – or not occurring – only James and McCarrick know the truth. Not the New York Times. Not the Associated Press. And not Rod Dreher.

We invite you to investigate this unusual story of alleged abuse for yourself and reach your own conclusions.


  1. Kathy says:

    The mediareport is desperate to discredit clergy sex abuse victims, not unlike Loftus. For example, maybe I was off approximately several yards of the exact location when detailing to law enforcement and the media where I was sexually abused by a Catholic priest; one of the countless rapes and molestations by the Catholic church’s heirarchy that I endured like a “good Catholic.” I was one of the “lucky ones” when one of my rapist priests admitted to raping me. Go figure. So, for one of many examples, when the Catholic heirarchy plies their victim (s) with drugs, alcohol and/or Catholism (communion time?) rapes them and says they are two years old instead of six or twenty one years old blah blah ….when you are eight years old, what is their point? Oh we got it, you were raped at five years old, NOT six years old, case dismissed or you were raped five yards to the right not the left
    , case dismissed. Oh, or you are one minute or one month too late reporting the crime and on and on. How do you like that kiddo? Obviously, murder should not have a statute of limitations.

    • Dan says:

      And child rape should have no Statute of Limitations, but the catholic church fights any changes in the Statutes whenever they're under review in any state. Good old Gov. Jerry (ex-Jesuit seminarian) Brown vetoed the proposal in California a few years ago. From the looks of the way things are going in regards to the sexual immorality in our country, we're probably going to have to wait until Judgment Day before there will ever be true justice served to this gov't controlling, false catholic religion. Anyone who thinks their modus operandi of raping children, especially little boys, and then doing everything in their power to cover it up and deny  the truth is ever going to change, is living in la-la-land. Run from this wicked cult and stop donating to help their perverted causes. They are not God's One True Church. Not even close.  servant of the Lord

  2. Don't want to believe your eyes says:

    Notice how you cropped the picture, Media Reports. If that's how you distort 'evidence' so that you only see what you want to see, why investigate?  What about the altar boy who is the one that got Cardinal McCarrick removed–was he lying too about McCarrick stickin' his hand down his pants on Christmas Eve and following him into the bathroom–well, it's just his word isn't it (and he don't have a pic for you to crop) so that you just sweep under the rug.   I can understand James trying to pressure McCarrick to say the funeral mass for his mother–maybe his siblings asked, but it could have been a telelphone confrontation not a face to face meeting.  McCarrick was probably their big claim to fame. But when there was no money left–no big donation every visit–just the evidence of what he did to James staring him in the face, maybe he didn't want anything to do w/the family anymore. 

     As Fitzgerald put it:  

    “They were care less people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast care lessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

    If you want some more evidence why don't you go speak to the father of seven who's now pretending to be a six year old girl.–at 29 seconds you can see McCarrick w/his hands on the son of the transvestite's shoulders.  Looks to me like first McCarrick abused the father and then he abused the son.  (Maybe he did the same in James' family and that's why he had no interest in burying the mother–did he bury James' father?) 


    Seems to me odd that James is only protecting one sister.  Seems he should have way more siblings than that.  Maybe she's a religious.  

  3. Sienamom says:

    How do you know so well where these priests were every moment. ?

  4. raphaelheals says:

    James has already been a victim and you choose to victimize him again? Shame on you.

    • Mark Taylor says:

      Yes, Dave does seem to be hard on abuse victims, and yet he does such a wonderful job of defending falsely accused priests. I think he might be the opposite of SNAP who do not do wrongly accused any favours. For example, I was dismayed at what they did to Fr. Joseph Jiang.

  5. malcolm harris says:

    This tidal wave of accusations has all the characteristics of a witch-hunt. Why do we forget that most sexual abuse (however defined) is reported to police within hours, or days, of the offence happening? Yet these accusations are made decades after the alleged offence?. The explainers usually trot out the excuse that the victim was only a child. But kids have parents to turn to…don't they?. And the kid becomes a man…..why didn't he report the assault to police…. upon becoming an adult?. Or at least tell his doctor, given that they are saying the abuse…. "ruined their lives".  Why do we forget that under western law, the onus of proof is on the accuser?. And that the accused  man has to be found guilty.. "beyond reasable doubt". It seems that a Catholic cleric is assumed guilty… straight away…. upon the making of any accusation?, And would these lawyers be so active if they didn't see the Catholic Church as a potential gold mine?. For themselves and their clilents?

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, you're becoming more annoying than the publiar. Based on the fact of utter shame, misplaced guilt, unbelieving parents, catholic clergy claiming children are liars, and a police force and judicial system unwilling to prosecute church hypocrites (especially hierarchy), etc.etc., are all reasons why sexual abuse would go unreported. Even more so when the victims are young children. Hard to have evidence when catholic, holier than thou creeps, rape little boys in the darkness. It's not likely they would do their filthy deeds in front of witnesses. Stop with your denials and stupid defense of hypocrites. Why don't you and Trump take your witch-hunt ignorance and false accusations and shove it where the sun don't shine, as all of you nasty perverts and excusers prepare yourselves for Hell's Fire. Repent and keep your hands off innocent children. Stop defending pedophile and perverted creeps. servant of Truth

    • Adam says:

      I see s many anti Catholic bigots in the comments.  It does seem like a witch hunt.  Especially since public school teachers have a MUCH higher rate of sexual abuse.

  6. malcolm harris says:

     Kathy, on the 27th, makes some shocking accusations, if true it would give people a damning impresssion of priests?. She said the police asked her about the exact locality of the rape. Personally I last had dealings with police years ago, about my stolen car. They gave me a case reference number, saying I should quote that number when contacting them.  So Kathy…did your police give you a reference number… do you still have it?. Or do you at  least remember the name of the police station you went to, when you reported it as an adult. Because I have never, in my life, heard of any priests "plying children with drugs and alcohol". All things considered …it all sounds very unlikely.

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm has never heard of priests "plying children with drugs and alcohol". And you are aware of what every pedophile and pederast priest does in order to soften their victims. I've known from my parish alcoholic clergy, both nuns and priests, and you're telling me they only rape little boys, but they would never give them booze. Man Malcolm, you should come out of your closet and wake up to reality. Are you really that naive? 

  7. Kathy says:

    Oh yes Malcolm, law enforcement would definately care more about your stolen car. Wonder why?

  8. malcolm harris says:

    The injustice inherent in the 'court of public opinion' is that it's one-sided. Meaning the mainstream media usually trumpets the case for the prosecution, but the defendant's lawyer rarely gets a chance to have a say.. So in this way public opinion is generally manipulated. But sometimes the T.V. cop shows can show us a few things. For example have you noticed that in a police interview, the cops often ask the subject the same question, two or three times. This is deliberate.. because they reason that if the guy changes his story… then he is either making things up.. or just plain dumb. Either way he is not a reliable foundation, for a  strong case.. So I would suggest that  'James' , by changing his story and not getting his facts right…. is a very shaky foundation for accusing Cardinal McCarrick.

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, You must have meant, "The injustice inherent in the 'court of [catholic] opinion' is that it's [terribly] one-sided." Especially when it comes to your lobsided, biased, unwanted opinion. Send the creep (McCarrick) to the proper authorities to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Quit dilly dallying hoping that the creep will die and you have another clergyman you catholic excusers can sweep under the rug, claiming dead pedophiles can't defend themselves. And how do you defend all the other accusations against the cardinal, Malcolm? Let the courts decide if this is a 'strong case' or not, and let's not judge according to your poor catholic opinion. If this case goes as the status quo, be assured that the clergy whom the catholic church thinks got away with their perversions, will be judged with true justice come Judgment Day. No one will escape God's courtroom.

  9. Kathy says:

    You did all get the news about McCarrick and his crimes? The Vatican allegedly??? knowingly aided and abetted his crimes. Yet, of course, the Vatican denies that despite the facts. Another repeat of molesters/rapists getting away with their crimes/cover-ups
    Gaslighting continues. That is no surprise.

  10. Kathy says:

    The red lights have been blinking for decades while church officials laugh in the face of their flocks. Are their laughs now down to a chuckle?

    • malcolm harris says:

      Kathy, on the 30th, has informed us that red lights have been blinking for decades. Really?. Well I must have missed it all. Because for myself the worst gossip I ever heard, about a priest, was that one guy was too friendly with an attractive widow. But perhaps Kathy meant all those red lights in the media. Well… I guess it sells the newspapers, the more shocking and sensational… the better. And by the way, as Kathy is still hanging around, perhaps she could enlighten us about her alleged rape. If the perpetrator admitted it, then his conviction would certainly have followed. So it would now be a matter of public record. So who was he… and what was the name of the Church? 

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, When you live in a closet with blinders on, and refuse to see the disgusting perversions of your cult, it's not surprising that all you've ever known was one priest "too friendly with an attractive widow". The sorriest fact is that normal attraction to the opposite sex was not the norm among the perverted hierarchy of your church. They more often enjoyed the sickest sexual attraction with innocent little boys, those they could easily overpower, threaten and control, displaying the ultimate in cowardice and disgust. The "media" has exposed the least of your cult's perversions, and God is patiently exposing the rest, in hopes that some lost catholics might turn from this cult of lies and come to realize His Truths. Some, including yourself, show little hope of change, and I must say I feel sorry for your deceived self. You have no clue of what you're missing. Keep making excuses for your false cult and it's hierarchy and you might end up suffering the punishment of those think you're protecting!         servant of His Truth

  11. Glenna Kerker says:

    The Catholic Church has been hurt by older men who bring false accusations of sexual abuse against priests for the purpose of getting a monetary settlement from the church.  When one looks closely at the situation, the allegations, the proof, the nature of the crimes alleged, it is clear that the "pedophile priests" as advertised so luridly in the press are few and far between.  This website looks at the holes in the accuser's scam.  And its all for the money folks.  The false accusers know it, their attorneys know it and the church knows it.  I wouldn't be surprised if the people who write these negative remarks aren't on the payroll of the crooked attorneys. 

  12. Dan says:

    Dear Glenna Kerker, If the church has been "hurt" in any way, it most likely is from self-inflicted wounds from hypocrites. How dare you claim that "pedophile priests" are "few and far between". They turn up in every city, state and country where the church has set foot. Their clergy problems as young boy and seminarian child molesters is systemic and an infestation that is far beyond repair. They cult is also unwilling to repent and change from it's evil path and apparently beyond redemption. They claimed they were going to clean up their act several times now, and instead prefer to take the deceiving, lying and denial path, all for the protection of their evil cult. You claim you "wouldn't be surprised if the people who write these negative remarks aren't on the payroll of the crooked attorneys". First off, if the cult left us with anything positive to say about them, these facts would be "few and far between". Secondly, you insinuate we're "on the payroll of the crooked attorneys" and Jim claims I'm part of the cult's "new propaganda 'program'" and on their payroll, so what is it? Can you inform either party that they owe me money. You whacked catholics sympathizers and defenders are a joke. I will continue this with God's impression of your deceived catholic ignorance.

    • Dan says:

      Continued for Glenna and all the other brainwashed blind followers of the Catholic Cult- God's Word

      "Watch out for FALSE PROPHETS! They DRESS up like SHEEP, but inside they are WOLVES who have come to attack you. You can tell what they are by what they do. No one picks grapes from thornbushes. A GOOD TREE produces GOOD FRUIT, and a BAD TREE produces BAD FRUIT. A GOOD TREE CANNOT produce BAD FRUIT, and a BAD TREE CANNOT produce GOOD FRUIT. every tree that produces BAD FRUIT will be chopped down and BURNED. You can tell who the FALSE PROPHETS are by their DEEDS."  Matthew 7:15-20

      The BAD FRUIT of your cult are the CLERGY PEDOPHILES and CHILD MOLESTERS. Since  only a BAD TREE can produce BAD FRUIT, than this means that your catholic church is the BAD TREE that has produced this BAD FRUIT. Be not brainwashed and fooled into thinking there are only a few bad apples. The majority of catholic perverts and pedophiles have been hidden or among destroyed church archives, have died or have beaten the rap through Statutes of Limitations, denials, coverups and outright lies from liars and excusers. Do not be fooled by this APOSTATE CULT!!    servant of the Almighty

    • Dan says:

      Be not fooled into thinking that sexual sins against innocent young boys are the only sins of your church. There is ridiculous greediness, gross idolatry and goddess worship, cowardice and lets not forget liars, all sins from sinners destined for the Lake of Fire. RUN FROM THIS FALSE CULT!!

  13. Jim Robertson says:

    "Be not fooled"?  Somebody thinks they are the lord.

    O.K. Let me say this ONE MORE FKING TIME> To be defended by a religious zelot who's main goal is to attack the Catholic faith is not what victims want.

    I for one don't give a rat's ass what your faith is Catholic readership that is your business.

    We have a person, Dan ,who's stationed himself here to make victims, many of whom still believe in the Catholic faith, look like we are here to attack your faith.

    If sexual abuse of children is a tenent of your faith? I'd tell you to drop it too but it's not.

    Dan is here to use my and others molestations by less than 10% of your priests as his excuse to attack your religion. No victim I have ever met has done that. Nor would we. We were/ are Catholics.

    However Dan came here he has taken over Publion's job of herding Catholics towards an anti victim position. Just the same way Malcolm does.

    Malcolm's never heard of priests using drugs or alcohol to get to children? Who cares what you have heard of? Why don't you read some of the testimony of your fellow Australian church victims? Malcolm you are a low down lying jerk.

    Readership. your fellow Catholic believers were sexually abused by your priests when we were children. We were harmed irreparably. Our lives careened away from us. Our hopes our possibilities were damaged because of these acts. Your church is responsible but it pretends it isn't. You might want to start behaving as morally as you pretend to be. You won't but you should.

    And readers ignore Dan's attacks on your faith. He's an usurper stealing our horror to justify his religious beliefs and using our pain to attack your faith. The two have nothing to do with each other. I'm a real victim and I'm telling you.

    • Dan says:

      Your statements are so riddled with stupidity, ignorance and nonsense that I hardly know where to start. Point out to me in any of my material where I claim to be "the lord". Do you even know what the definition of servant is? If I'm acting like "the lord" and you feel such the need to attack me, well then that would make you the Troll of Satan. If you feel you need to criticize me as being a "zealot", maybe it would be wise for you to learn the correct spelling. Like I've previously stated, your foul mouth and homosexual creepiness does more harm to the reputations of victims than I've come close to. What in your polluted mind makes you think real victims want your vulgar nasty mouth to speak for them. I sure wouldn't.

      I have never attacked any victims of your faith, or lack of it. When others feel the need to deny, deceive or make excuses for the pedophiles and perverts of the cult, I've been the one to step forward to defend victims. Where were you? Interested in getting a bigger payoff for you or some of your gay friends. I beg to differ that molesters in the church are less than 10%. Have you not yet understood or looked at Romans 1:18-32, or do you refuse to listen because it includes homosexuality, just one of the many sins of your cult. I've also criticized their greed, idolatry, Mary worship, repetitive prayer (rosary), cowardice and especially their lies from compulsive liars. So how is it that your so stupid to think I've been only using victims as a tool to come against their false religion or what you think is "faith".  (cont.)

    • Dan says:

      And in your selfishness, have you forgotten that I was also a victim of this wonderful church you're defending? I've been cursed and threatened several times, beaten by catholic thugs, thrown in jail 7 days and did sherriffs work program in exchange for 20 days and 10 days of jail time. Was held overnight in jail 5 other times and thrown in psyche wards 6 times for 3 to 5 days. I paid close to $2,000 in fines and all the punishments I suffered were based on false charges from church liars. I did not seek one dime of compensation from the cult and could care less to touch any of their dirty money. You are one victim I care not to defend anymore, seeing all you've become is a 1M dollar paidoff homosexual crybaby. You should be embarrassed to even consider yourself a "victim". You're just an indoctrinated brainwashed catholic atheist gay sheep from a cult of hypocrites whom you prefer to defend. (more later)

    • Dan says:

      Jim, can you explain to all of us how Dan's defending victims "has taken over Publion's job of herding catholics towards an anti victim position". Do you think you can claim anything and that makes it the truth. This forum and this church and even catholic brainwashed parents have defended the perverts and pedos of their cult and were "anti victim" long before I ever joined the conversation. If I can add anything to expose their corruption, then I've done my job. The disgusting hierarchy of your church is totally the problem, not me. How about you attack the guilty instead of attacking one of their innocent victims. Otherwise I will consider you as just another one of them.  servant of the Lord

  14. malcolm harris says:

    The stinging comments, by Dan  and JR, might. disturb some Catholics. I guess that's the idea?. To make us doubt our faith, and also have us have less trust in the priests and leadership. I guess T.V, commercials use basically the same method of persuasion, repeat something often enough… and some will think it is true. Like a low-key form of brain-washng. But both Dan and JR overlook something rather basic. Namely that the parents of children, attending Catholic schools, do talk to each other.They would not need anybody to tell them what might be going on. Because they talk and gossip, I saw it my parish, and it is universal. They would be the first to know, and they would protect their kids, just like any other parents. By taking their kids away from Catholic schools. This has not happened, in fact numbers have increased, over the last twenty years. So the mud- slingers are only playing to to the gallery. A gallery full of anti-Catholic bigots.

    • Dan says:

      A so-called faith based on greed, idolatry, cowardice, unbelief in the real God and Savior, sexual immorality, let alone against innocent young boys or girls, and let's not forget the liars, deceivers and deniers, is NO faith at all. Quit fooling yourselves. Swipe the dust off your Bibles and read it for yourselves, especially the New Testament promises of God. If you can read Romans 1:18-32 and explain to me how this is not a perfect description of how your church went downhill and didn't listen to God's teachings, but turned to idolatry which led to their sexual sins and ultimate future destruction, then I'll be a monkeys uncle. If that's not enough to convince you then go to Revelations 17:3-5,9 describing in fine detail the corruption in your cult. Not convinced? Rev. 21:8 "But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death." Quit blaming the messenger, because your problems are all based on Biblical Truth. Are you now ready to call God and His Word anti-catholic bigotry and a witch-hunt. This would absolutely not surprise me coming from an anti-Christ cult. Keep praying your rosary to your false goddess, Queen of Heaven, and we'll sit back and watch the fall of the catholic religion. ByeBye!

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, The reason why numbers have increased in catholic schools is because fearful parents are so afraid of the rare and definitely horrific mass murders that have happened in public schools. Faithless people must fear the devil and his works, because they have yet to learn the fear of God. So they send their children to catholic schools where they are preyed upon by nasty clergy. Their are some stories from catholic molested victims who would have preferred death over the horrors they suffered from your hierarchy. Thus the high suicide rate among victims. Stop trying to assume that your cult is alive and thriving. The End draws near.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      Oh Malcolm you are such an ass. Will you get a special medal from Rome or will you get a better seat in heaven.?  Presuming you'll go to heaven.  You won't have victims' votes for your entry that's for certain.

      But the heart of the matter here is your connecting me to Dan. I have asked Dan to leave. I'm sorry he had to pay a fine. I think it's interesting that what he had to pay a fine for was propagandizing his religious fervor on or near a Catholic school playground. Sound a tad familiar?

      What do you think you people out there in the dark? You know you one post wonders. Who always appear and post at the release of a TMR post but evaporate as the thread lengthens.

      Is Dan here to save us all? Or is he a newer angrier version of our previous stampede director? Is he driving the "cattle" away from the TMR ranch? Is he turning the dialog into a screed? Is he the Jim Baker of TMR? Do you believe he's real or is he just a plot point to be maneuvered, to change what the real story is. He, as always, uses our sex abuse as his excuse for saying your faith is the wrong faith. I think that is unfair to you. If you were on a street corner and a servant of the Lord shared his faith with you you'd not be required to see it over and over again. Here you are forced to read "the sermon on the curb" every time you check in to the TMR hotel.

      He's not going away. He's not going to stop using victims to justify his ends. Dan I never said you were the lord. I said you are the only one using "his" name to justify your shpeal. The lord isn't saying anything. the only one speaking for him is you.

    • Dan says:

      I didn't see this one you posted and thought the other two comments were enough. If you have no clue what you're talking about then maybe you're the one who should shutup and go away. You want to think you're as cute as the publiar to try to connect me to being some creep "propagandizing his religious fervor on or near a Catholic school playground". Don't forget that the creeps are the hierarchy of the cult you're now so willing to defend. You're such a fine catholic queer, defending idolaters, thieves, sexual perverts, cowards and compulsive liars. You would never be like Dan, to come against a church full of hypocrites. Wow am I ever so proud of heathen loving Jim. 

      First off, I paid no fine for what transpired at the school. Secondly, when God sends one to spiritually prophesy to anyone, this is not by the prophets own choosing. Nothing harmful was said to the children and the pastor of the church verified that to be fact. You sad bastards can make something sick from what God beautifully conveyed to the kids. I guess this shouldn't surprise me coming from the mouths of wicked, evil people.

      I guess if I'm "Jim Baker of TMR" then that would make you the Liberace Charles Manson of SNAPPED. I don't use sex abuse as an excuse for saying the faith is false. As I prerviously stated, it is one of many of the cults sins and faults. It just so happens that their sex abuse of children is a horrible sin in the eyes of my God. To lie, deny and coverup this sin makes this all the more horrific. It shows lack of guilt or repentance and this does not weigh well with my God. As I said, and it is written, their other sins also make them candidates for the Lake of Fire (Rev. 21:8). You don't believe it or wish to hear it, that's not my problem. You're not really capable to understand much of anything as pertaining to God, since you're such a staunch gay atheist. He doesn't pour out His wisdom on the unbelieving. This is why you can't accept anything I say. It's all foreign to the heathen.

      As long as I keep hearing the BS in this forum, you might be right, "He's not going away." Now you're lying like publiar and claiming you never said I was the lord. Exact quote from Jim, "Be not fooled"? Somebody thinks they are the lord." God uses His prophets and messengers to speak for Him. Believe me, if He was to speak to you you wouldn't like what He'd have to say, and His voice would terrify the living hell out of you. You should be happy I'm here to tell you.     servant, messenger and prophet of the Lord, by His choosing not mine

    • Dan says:

      By the way, Jim, from your own words speaking of me. "The lord isn't saying anything, the only one speaking for him is you."

      Isn't that interesting. The only one speaking for the Lord in a catholic forum is me (Dan). Further proof that I'm the only Christian out of the whole bunch of you. My teaching shall continue and that should bring joy to your soul. Thanks for the compliment, Jim.

  15. Dan says:

    How dare you compare me to publiar or Malcolm, when I've been defending victims from their criticism, slander, denials and outright lies. Too bad your an ignorant catholic atheist, because you surely are in need of some of God's wisdom. You aren't even smart enough to know when someone's on your side and has your back. Well no more! Your second to the last paragraph beginning with "Readership", you're once again confused and now you're criticizing the immorality and hypocrisy of the church. So what is it with you Jim? You can criticize the morals of your cult, but dare not Dan do so, because that was or still is the cult of hypocrites you love. Do you care about them because they're a bunch of homosexual perverts and pedophiles like yourself? Do you have a few screws loose or what?

    • Dan says:

      Catholics, Do you think it would be wise to listen to an atheistic Satan worshipper, who has slandered and mocked God, Jesus and His Bible, telling you to "ignore Dan's attacks on your [false] faith". Satan and his followers could care less about your soul, and they will demean anyone trying to teach you from God's Word and His Truth. In Ephesians chapter 6, it explains the evil that true Christians will come up against:

      "Finally, let the mighty strength of the Lord make you strong. Put on all the armor that God gives, so you can defend yourself against the devil's tricks. We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world. Ephesians 6:10-12

      We fight using faith, truth, salvation and for a sword God's message that comes from His Spirit. With these weapons we will stop all the flaming arrows of the evil one, his fierce lions, poisonous snakes and demons. Don't allow one of his gay followers to persuade you into thinking that I'm the enemy of catholic parishioners. That is a lie that comes from the depths of Hell itself. All of my close friends and family are all catholics and they could tell you how much I care and are there for them. I can love them without agreeing with their false beliefs. Jim and others like him think they can attack true Christians and we're some kind of pushover that are supposed to bow to their ignorance and threats. News for you Gayboy, Christians are tough and strong and we have no fear of effeminate gay men.  servant of the God of Real Men

  16. Michael says:

    Do any of you have any actual counter arguments to this report? Can you offer up a fact based defense of the timeline or not? Can you explain the sudden inclusion of Law, Shanley, and Cummings in the account of "James"?

    Criticism of the report that fails to offer legitimate (ie. logical, factual) counterarguments is without substance, and therefore without value.

    • Dan says:

      And tell us Michael, how do you explain the other accusations against the Cardinal? How about your church let the secular courts prosecute the case, instead of attacking victims and prejudging without knowing all the facts of the case. No, as usual the church accepts the resignation or laicises the criminals in hopes that the case can just disappear and the creeps of the church can die in peace. If not we will hear the excuses of Statute of Limitations. With the Almighty there will never be a SOL, justice will be served and punishment fair. No more bisiness as usual for the catholic cult and all its secrecy, lies and coverups.

      # Australia, Chili, Honduras, Boston, Los Angeles, Ireland and lets not overlook the latest of 70-plus priests in Pennsylvania, and every other land 'the Church' set foot, etc. etc. etc.

      P.S. We're tired of hearing all the apologies, false humility and phony claims of care for the victims your church has destroyed. Nothing but empty words of nothingness. FIX YOUR MESS AND STEP OUT FROM THE DARKNESS. NO MORE EXCUSES AND DENIALS!

  17. Dan says:

    It saddens me that deceivers, deniers, unbelievers, mockers and liars attempt to squelch God's beautiful promises to His faithful by attacking those who truly care for the lost and desire to open their eyes to the wickedness of their false belief systems. What could be a better work of the devil than to have people convinced that they're following God and His Truth, while surely being duped by charlatans who care more for their wealth and the good name of their Church, while destroying the vulnerable young of their cult. Then professing and acting like they care so much for the victims whose lives they've destroyed. Despicable Hypocrites and Deceivers parading as godly leaders of the catholic false faith, crucifying Jesus Christ over and over again. So very sad!

  18. Michael says:

    Dan, why not just admit that you are unable to offer a fact based rebuttal to the report? Lots and lots of words, but no rebuttal. 

    The individual who you have predjudged to be a victim (so much for waiting on the secular courts), made specific claims. This report has criticially examined some of those claims. Can you rebut what was written in the report or not?

    • Dan says:

      Michael, are you a lawyer of the Church, a wanna be lawyer of the Church or another of the the Church apologists or deniers. What I'm saying is to let secular courts decide, gathering all the facts of the case and statements of the victims and make a just decision as to who's lying and whose covering up. Let the Church, who's always been so upfront in other cases (Yeah! Right!), open their secret files on the cardinal and present their case. Not a Kangaroo court set up by the very bishops who have been previously unwilling to properly prosecute any of their perverted constituents. This report is not an unbiased or factual one with claims like "We immediately found it a wee-bit odd" or "It is 'almost impossible' that Shanley and Cummings could have been in Boston in any level of ministry together around the time that James says". It won't be the first time that 'the Church' has claimed that a priest would no longer serve mass, working "in any level of ministry" or ever be around other children or victims, to find he was still serving mass or now working at a Catholic Church orphanage. And "thugs" of your church don't have to be sanctioned to do what they do and the timeline can work. Have any of you heard of airplanes. All I'm saying is to let all the true facts determine who is a criminal and who is innocent. Don't work hard on slandering the victim in order to clear another pervert of your church.

    • Dan says:

      And Michael, Do you have a rebuttal to the facts I claim of the repeated modus operandi of 'the Church', as this constant exposure of new cases of pedophilia and pederasty just seem to keep popping up. Seems like cardinals and bishops are having their turn. One has to wonder when the popes will finally be exposed for "the wolves in sheep's clothing" that they have been for many years. That's all of them. I overlooked # Vatican City.

      P.S. It's a "wee-bit odd" how hashtag traces it's origin to the Roman term for "pound weight". "The Church" days have been numbered, it's been weighed on the scales and found deficient.

  19. Jim Robertson says:

    I can't discuss the facts of the case in the post beause I don't know them. Michael; but I have seen this ploy run several times. Always one victim chosen to have a bad story. so far 3 or 4 have been trotted out over the decades but none have played out. Maybe the accuser of Cardinal of Chicago who died did but the rest have not been the flag you can wave over all your real victims. The fact that you want one so bad, is very sad. We are very real people, Catholics, your own children harmed and you're not there for them/us.   Instead you trot out a ploy used only to rev up and or excuse your side. And since false flagged organizations and events have been shown to have been used by you in the past. Why should we believe this?

    I called Dan a zealot. I like zeal. I think zeal's a good thing. But look at what he has called me? I am a homosexual. I am an atheist. I not only am not ashamed of being these things i enjoy the fk out of them. But I have never come here to attack peoples' faith.  I came here to attack illusions about who victims are, the hierarchy that were in charge, and the system that allowed it to happen and of course all church created false flag operations. That's it. that's me. This is what I know.

    Why would anyone call me an effeminate gay man? Thanks for the comparison to women. I like women. I'm glad you and your manly phantom aren't afraid of us (and again a gentitaly defined god as male is male because there's a Mrs. God? If not what's he have genitals for?). You are both so butch. No one asked you to be afraid of anything. (Dan have you met me? I'm kind of butch actually.)

    I hear a lot of judging going on and very little fact. I think any reader can see something is decidedly going on here. re  manly servant and cringy moi. I and you are being played dear reader. Calling a gay person gay and effeminate used to work on the playground but not anymore. I, for one, am all grown up now. I'm not ashamed that I received a settlement for my injuries nor am I ashamed for telling you what it can cost you finacially if you let your priests fuck your kids. But most importantly because you owe it them I'm never ashamed of demanding you compensate the victims you refuse to.

    Now Dan, All and any shame you've placed on me belongs to you and your imaginary "friend". I hand it back to you. P.S. Your mute master has a shaming servant.

    Let us talk no more. I see you as an unholy obstacle to truth. I see you as attacking the readership. i see you as delusional. I see you as mean. I see you as irrelevant to the issues involved here. I see you as a trespasser, a tool, a fool and an obstacle to justice right here on earth for victims. You aren't P with a stampede premise. you want Catholicism the faith to change. Amazing! I have never even dreamed of asking such a thing. You connect child abuse to homosexual priests. the vast majority of whom have never touched a child. I haven't done that. In simple terms ,if you are real, you came here to fk with these peoples faith and you attempt to make demanding compensation for the victims out to be a greedy thing to do. How is that kind of behavior beneficial to victims?  Why would Malcolm LEAP to pair us up? When we both know we are not on the same track. Just like P tried to do to us. The thing is we both know I'll never pair up with you. Malcolm doesn't want to get that. I wonder why? Dan you know You don't need me you'll be attacking the faith whether I'm here or not. and I can't believe you're even here. But you are. So perhaps you can ask yourselves readers why should an outside servant haunt this site? Excess zeal? Revenge for false arrests and confinements and fines? Delivery boy for "the Good News"? or maybe just a plant. A mole. A false flag. a diversion like P was. Dan could you ask the master if he's recalled P? Could you be nothing more than a fraud placed here to connect what should never be connected. Greed and compensation. With single digit percentages of perpetrator priests I don't think you can claim the entire faith corrupt. but you do. Sad when people can't respect other people as they are. That's what perpetrators did. they ignore the victims feelings, their personhood and they dismissed everything but what they wanted to have happen.


    • Dan says:

      1) I hate being paired up with you, publiar did it and now Malcolm did. But you think it's fine that you can pair me up with them.

      2) You think it's fine for you to bash and mock the Almighty God, His Son, His Word and His true followers. You think anything is alright for you to say in your preferred filthy style.

      3) Just about everything I called you is the truth and you've admitted to that yourself, aside from the fact that you're "butch", if queers can ever be considered "butch". I just consider them queer, as in strange or odd.

      4) "Let us talk no more." That's fine by me, but not after you've taken more shots at me (i.e. tool, trespasser, fool and the ridiculously stupid "an obstacle to justice … for victims"). I have never told you to "Go away" or "You don't belong here." You might be queen of L.A., but here you're no better than anyone else. You have absolutely no right to say who does or doesn't belong here. You are an obstacle to God and His work. I've warned you to tread lightly.

      5) I never said victims should not be compensated and I don't think all the money in the world is fair for truely deserving victims. So I would appreciate your not lying about what I've said. You've stepped over the line and I'm fed up with all your ignorance and stupidity.

      6) And please. We do not need any of your queer interpretations of God's Word. Christ was no homo and for you to make that claim is as ridiculous as believing that God loves gays and wants them to remain as they are. This is contrary to all of God's Word and ludicrous. 

    • Dan says:

      I know you'll try to misconstrue what I said in number six above. God loves us all but wishes that we turn from our sinful ways and with His Son's help repent and change our lives. You wish to deny His Son and God's kindness and you will likewise get no help in overcoming your sins.

  20. Jim Robertson says:

    "The God of Real Men".

    I'll just let this sit here, like the Turd in the Punch Bowl it is.


    Yes Jesus/God jr. hung out with mostly men here on Earth and one was called his "beloved."

    Kind of Queeny talk that no? 

    Judas James Peter none of the rest were Jesus special friend.

    John was #1 to be, "beloved". 

    I should write a book called Deity Dating, why God has genitalia, and where and how  "IT" is used. Are there bathrooms/toilets in heaven? Does God use a heavenly version of Tinder? Is God a narcissist? Does he throw his seed upon the ground like Onan? Where's the ladies? I have it on good account he is a Real Man's God and real men need their ladies. Where does God meet a woman/women? I assume he wants someone His equal so she's got to be a god too. Right? I only think about this stuff because if God's all up in my business I get to be all up in his.

    What is your Holy Dick for, Oh Lord?

    Asking for a friend.


    • Dan says:

      I refuse to respond to this comment, except to repeat what I previously said that you're a poor spokesperson or representative of victims or the gay community. You make both look bad.

  21. Michael says:

    Quite simply, James' timeline for the two priests doesn't work. It is almost impossible that Shanley and Cummings could have been in Boston in any level of ministry together around the time that James says that he encountered the two priests in the early 1990s. 

    Please prove that the timeline does work, or admit that you are unable to do so.

    NYT: "The last time [James] visited Archbishop McCarrick, in 1989, he asked for money, he said; McCarrick refused, and never called him again."

    Dreher: "The last time he saw McCarrick, James says, was in 2012. He confronted the retired cardinal and told him that if he didn't agree to say the funeral mass for his mother, he was going to expose their past."
    (As if there is nothing odd about demanding that your childhood sex abuser say your mother's funeral Mass or you will go to the authorities.)

    Thus James told two entirely different accounts – in both time and substance – of the last time he saw McCarrick.

    Please explain how those two accounts do not contradict each other, or admit that you are unable to do so.

    Why do you pose as a supporter of the legal process? You have already concluded that McCarrick's accuser is a victim, thereby revealing your contempt for the presumption of innocence.

  22. Michael says:

    Jim Robertson, what I want is an actual rebuttal of the report, but what I see here is a bunch of comments that are just empty, unhelpful variations of "I don't like it, so I don't believe it, so it isn't true."

    I haven't trotted out a "ploy", and the only side I take is the side of fact based, logical argumentation. Dan rants against the report but hasn't disproven a single sentence of it. That side is the side of bluster and hot air. 

    • Dan says:

      Once again, We do not know all the facts of the case. That's what the court system is for. James and other victims can present their cases and church lawyers will have a chance to cross-examine the witnesses. What I'm saying is instead, the modus operandi of "the Church" is to take the case in house, the perpetrator denies accusations, "the Church" does find enough evidence against the perpetrator, prolongs the investigation in hopes that the older priest or bishop will die and if that doesn't happen, claims a Statute of Limitations excuse for not prosecuting. We're tired of the same old business. Since you're the One True Church, why can't we find many clergy willing to tell the truth and come clean. If there is any "bluster and hot air" it's usually coming from denying and deceiving priests and bishops or their excusers.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      Michael, how about the people like you and Malcolm who have no proof yet but want to believe that James is a fraud?

  23. Dan says:

    Jim, What don't you get? The beginning of God's 10 Commandments. He made all of us and you think He has no right to ask us to do anything, even when it's in your best interest?

    "I am the Lord thy God … Do not worship any god but me. Do not make idols that look like anything in the sky or on earth or in the ocean under the earth. Don't bow down and worship idols. I am the Lord your God, and I demand all your love. If you reject me, I will punish your families for three or four generations. But if you love me and obey my laws, I will be kind to your families for thousands of generations. Do not misuse my name. I am the Lord your God, and I will punish anyone who misuses my name."

    You think you can consider me a bad person because I'm trying to help catholics who have been deceived, lied to and conned into bowing and worshiping false Gods? The Bible is full of instruction against idolatry and how it led the ignorant into sexual immorality. You are not the goody two shoes for trying to keep catholics from knowing the truth. The work of the devil. 

  24. Jim Robertson says:

    When I said ploy I didn't mean you Michael. as I said I don't know enough about this particular case to take either side.

    When I said ploy I was referencing every other time this site has found  a case that has questions about veracity. The other cases were very similar to this. Too similar if you get my drift?  Big evidence gaps (according to TMR and you) If a liar is what James is he doesn't seem a very competent one. So I don't/can't defend a situation I know nothing about specifically. As far as having one's perpetrator who becomes a Cardinal say one's father's/mother's funeral mass is just an attempt, imho, to get something of "worth" BACK for a ruined life., i.e. "At least I got the Cardinal to say the mass for my poor parent. He ripped me off as a kid. I'm getting something back."

    I'm now THE Queen of Hollywood. Dan's promoted me. Dan I'm a Army veteran have you served?

    I'm now " an obstacle to God and his work"???? and " I've warned you to tread lightly"? 

    Are YOU going to do something to me Dan?  Are you threatening me?

    I threatened P but i can't find him. He in effect is invisible. just as you are.  I, however, am easily reached because I am known. I'm a real person. Not someone who doesn't have the balls to use his/her name when they threaten people. Don't threaten me Dan.

    Here's a big secret. Orgies and sexual license are pretty innocent experiences all in all. It's just adults doing what they feel like doing. And since shtupping's what they want to do and enjoy? People are very polite to each other. Kind and respectful. I know that's against what religions tell you but the reality is much simpler. Fun if you want to. If you don't want to fine. Don't do it.

    Someone needs to point out to Dan we all don't live by his or his deity's rules. In this country there's a separation between church and state. I don't think Dan's quite gotten that.

    You know what's immoral? Butting in on a subject that you are not personally linked to. Attacking  peoples' right to their faith and using other peoples tragedies as your excuse for doing it.  Also judging when your deity told you specifically not to judge that's immoral.

    Do you eat shrimp or clams or oysters Dan? Do you shave your face? Leviticus says those things are punishable by death.   In the same section it condems, supposedly, male on male sexuality. 

    Why even discuss this? it's a fucking book no more or less than any other book. No matter what they told you.

    I consider you a bad person Dan because you are one. You behave towards me and faithful Catholics, terribly. Who gave you the license to behave this way? How dare you? I thought yours is a God of Love. You show none.

    So Catholics let me make this clear. I believe Dan's here to get you to connect victims of childhood sex abuse to an attack on your faith. The same thing your leadership would like you to believe. the very same leaders who transferred known perpetrators to ignorant Catholic parishes and schools. Where Catholic families were kept ignorant of the cleric's known history around children. Families kept ignorant by the people they trusted with the safety of their children.

    Odd how Dan's connecting daily, his attacks on your religion and harmed Catholic victims. It's an all too convenient connection for the church and it only serves them.

    Dan's not converting any of us but he's here everyday doing his dirty work connecting victims rape to your faith. Quite the odd leap.



    • Dan says:

      One has to love that you think it's fine to attack God, His Son, His Word and His true followers with any filthy slur you desire, and yet at the same time think it's wrong for me to expose the idolatry, greed, sexual immorality, cowardice and lies from a church hierarchy filled with hypocrisy and perverts. Wow, you must be the One who knows all truth.

      ATTENTION BIG NEWS FOR THE WORLD: Now that the second coming of Jezus Chrystals has arrived on the scene in the form of the All Knowing Homosexual Catholic Atheist, we now live by new rules and definitions for the benefit of our society. 

      Morality (def.) – Have all the sexual orgies, filthy lusts and perversions you like and ignore AIDs and sexually transmitted diseases, because we have drugs to solve all our sick lusts.

      Immorality – a)Dan and any true followers of Jesus Christ, trying to lead the lost to repentance and to the eternal salvation of their souls in Heaven.  b)butting in on a subject when you were never personally invited or approved by the All Knowing Homosexual Catholic Atheist

      Tread Lighty – According to Jim's Concordance, co-authored by Charles Manson, means you're threatening murder or violence and no longer means proceed carefully or cautiously.

      Hell – the bonfire to burn all books, but most especially Holy Bibles so the world can live in peace following The Unholy Bible According to Jim, doing anything your filthy mind desires. True freedom! b) a cesspool of warm molten lava to bath while having orgies and sexual license

      Love – Having all the sex and sins you desire and threaten anyone with murder if they disagree.

      Hate – Telling others about the God who loves us and has no desire to see anyone go to Hell.

      BIG NEWS: Catholic Pedophile and Pederast Priests, Cardinals and Bishops are lining up in the thousands to join the Cult of Jim and purchase the Unholy Bible 8 track – only $6.66 – We have not seen these crowds since Trumps Nazi Rally or the Popes visit to Hell.

    • Dan says:

      Allow me to educate you on Bible principles. Some Old Testament teachings never helped humans to live the righteous kind of life that our Creator desired. They needed a Savior to help lead them from the sinful lives they were living. God sends His Son into the world as a precious gift to cleanse us from our sins, if we will have faith in Him and believe. If in the New Testament there is a change from the Old, then these are the rules we are to follow if we wish to find salvation and go to Heaven. NO rules regarding homosexuality or sexual perversions being wrong were ever changed in the New Testament (Romans 1). Murdering anyone was stopped. God changed the rules in regards to what we can eat and how we truly worship Him. 

      "Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath." Col 2:16  So apparently it looks as if you're the one who is doing all the "judging". And yes. I do eat shrimp and pork. And I don't wait until Sabbath to worship or defend Him. I follow Him daily and you just can't stand that.

      I never hear religions or heathens quoting this passage on judging, "The spiritual man judges all things, but he himself is not subject to anyone's judgment." 1 Cor. 2:15  So once again we'll just add your insistent judging of myself as another of your many sins. At this point I don't think it much matters if you were to add more to your collection.

      And I have to love your attempt to join "faithful Catholics" to your side. Once again. I Do Not treat "faithful Catholics, terribly" as you claim. I hate the false teachings of their hierarchy and cult, their idolatry, greed, repetitive prayer to the "Queen of Heaven", sexual immorality, cowardice, pedophilia, pederasty, denials, lies, etc. etc. What don't you get? I hate sin. My God hates sin. Am I a sinner? Yes. I do not hate catholics. I do not hate anyone. Why is it that you insist on demeaning and lying about me? 

      I have defended victims and want to see a stop to all child abuse, both sexual and physical and you say I've "harmed Catholic victims" and "doing his dirty work connecting victims rape to your faith." The cult you're defending "harmed Catholic victims" and it was their "dirty work" that did harm to their children. You have become as bad as the catholic leaders who falsely accused me in order to make it look like I was the evil one. You have placed yourself among good company and once again I think it would be wise if you tread lighty. Twist that however you like, because apparently you will.


    • Dan says:

      May I also inform you that I teach daily a message of love and forgiveness to those who are deserving of God's love. When dealing with those who have fallen deeply into sin and darkness, those who stubbornly fight against the wisdom of God, the approach becomes much different. First they must realize that they have sinned and hurt their Creator, leading to repentance and a change of heart and then they can come to know the love of God and I'd be more than glad speak of that love. I've even shared some prophetic loving messages from the Lord and even asked if they touched any hearts and got no response from anyone in this forum. That is why I haven't shared anymore prophecies in this forum. I'm not sure where you get the idea that you're the one spreading all the love. Strange how deceiving the devil can be.  

    • Jim Robertson says:

      If there is a God, trust me she can take what ever I throw at her and laugh.

      Readers, poor long suffering readers, do you hear the rage and vitriol in Dan's words?

      And notice who's writing as much if not more than P did.

      I mean is that what love sounds like to you?

      Dan, Your words are nastier and more vile than anything I've ever seen written here. You fairly froth as you type.

      Quite the campaign to win souls with rage.  A trulyTrumpian effort.  What is it you wish to profess on?

      "The Queen of Hollywood and the Cult of Jim"? My my! you darned sweet talker you.

      I'm part of a  international community of Devil worshipers Dan. the Devils we worship are truth, reason, justice. fact over fantasy and proof for claims by religions and kindness. Gosh what imps those Devils are.

      You actually think I'm alone in my thinking and analysis? Ever been to the big city Ruben? Ever travelled the world?

      Exactly how many books have you read? Reading after all is the cheapest way to travel. (We can assume you've read at least one.)

      Black Beauty? No? Harry Potter? No? Any Dr Seus? The Farmers' Almanac? Captain Billy's Whiz Bang? Camus? No?



  25. malcolm harris says:

    Have been following this scandal for the last five years and have discerned a clear pattern, that sustains the media narrraive. The accusers have learned, either directly from a lawyer, or through a support group, that the media wants to impact the public at an emotional level. So here 'James' has changed his story, for a more effective reaching out at an emotional level. Can you remember a deeper level of sadness than the death and funeral of your own mother?. This is why 'James' changed his story. His mother died in 2012. So his great loss had to be linked to his trauma of abuse by the  supposed 'cruel and heartless perpetrator'. His original account, about last meeting his abuser in 1989, just didn't fit the desired narrative. So that is why he changed his story, this guy just makes things up, as he goes along. 

  26. Jim Robertson says:

    Dan is so dumb he called me "an atheistic Satan worshiper". "ic"? "Atheistic"??? (One can't be half in or half out of atheism. Not even God can do atheism light.)

    I chose to worship imaginary demons yet refuse to worship an imagined, all loving, God according to serving boy.? WTF?

    Everything he writes about is what Dan thinks.

    What Dan thinks God is telling him through a book written by sheep herders. 

    What Dan thinks Catholics don't know.

    What Dan thinks about me and how I'm hurting victims and get this, how I'm harming the gay community itself!!!!????  I did not realize there was a magic normal that allowed christians to love us while they burn us. sorry Dan you don't get to hate us and then use us against ourselves. You have zero credence with the Gay community. Why? Because You don't think there should even be a gay community.

    It's all Dan all the time here at TMR (just like it was all P.). And the excuse he uses for his narcissism is God?

    He's just God's servant here doing God's work. Cuz God's too busy to fix things or some such nonsense?

    • Dan says:

      Allow me to further educate the ignorant, that those who prefer and would brag about living a sexually immoral lifestyle, while cursing God, His Son, His Word and His chosen would be definitely worshiping Satan and not even aware of this fact. Nothing Satan enjoys more than people who think they're living the good life, when the total opposite is true. Maybe someone should inform Jim that Satan isn't a little man in red satin spandex with horns.

      Have you ever read the Psalms of sheep herder, King David, a man after God's own heart. His wisdom could run circles around the best of anything you've had to say, which really isn't much of anything but trash.

      Wow! I "have zero credence with the Gay community." Any Christian or pope who has credence in the gay community would never qualify as a true follower of the Almighty or His Christ. Let me explain to you the reason you bring harm to the gay community. It's excuse that they should be given the right to marry was based on the fact that they were a monogamous, moral and a loving group of people. You totally destroy the image they would like to portray. By the way, I had nothing against them marrying and maybe you could talk them into Jim's version of a marriage orgie. Satan can marry the bunch of you at once. What a smokin' hot party you can have!

      And you've taken on the roll of the publiar as slanderer, mocker and liar against all things that are good. Well Done! And doesn't every narcissist consider themselves a servant. Anyone notice that Jim tends to throw ignorant slanderous comments at the wall to see if anything sticks. Not very smart at all as he calls others "dumb".  servant of the Only True God

  27. Jim Robertson says:

    Hopefuly this will link to a priest's case where he was transferred again and again and again. https://www.facebook.com/groups/454252571596239/?hc_ref=ARSXY9XozLw2jh0BQ9pAI2CRmdUEXk4_rhRc_KfXoBV_kLvvvdgcHOTl2nQFMgJEH8M

  28. Jim Robertson says:

    Dan will behave kindly towards me if I agree with him and, through Dan, agree with the God he simply serves and speaks for.


    No. There is literally no there there. It's just Dan and those that think like Dan.


  29. Jim Robertson says:

    Don't the rest of us have a say in whether you are good or not Dan?

    I say you aren't good.

    I say you prove this everyday by doing your slimy dirty link up work of connecting sex abuse victims to Catholic faith haters.

    You don't even know that according to both Catholic and Protestant theology. The Almighty IS the Christ as he IS the father and as he IS the Holy Spirit.

  30. Jim Robertson says:

    My talk of orgies objectively has lit a flame under Danny. Why?

    Because he's certain sex outside of marriage is wrong. Says who? He'll say God.

    I'll say prove there is a God and since he can't. He'll attack me for what? Not being ashamed of sex any kind of sex that's legal?.

    Did I give him permission to judge me? No.

    Did I ask his opinion on anything? No.

    Will Dan use anything to make his point whether it's true or not regarding the Catholic faith? Yes.

    Will Dan run his mouth again as to what's true and what isn't? Can you doubt it?

    Where's your proof that your God exists? If you can't even prove that there is a power behind the universe (and luckily for you he just happens to be a Christian) why should I or anyone else do what you say he says to do? You never answer questions Dan. You have all the answers but you never answer my questions.


    • Dan says:

      You're wrong Jim. I'm not judging you. Only God and His Word can judge or condemn. I'm letting you know that you're living a lifestyle that goes against God's Word and Truth. As long as you're living only you have the chance to change the direction of which you're heading. The so-called ball is in your court. You're free to choose the path you wish to take. I would say that's a pretty fair and just God, but somehow you refuse to understand or believe in the very one who created you and gave you a choice. There was a time when I refused to believe he existed, because I surely wasn't following His rules of love or punishment. I actually have told others that I considered myself as a Satan worshipper because I surely wasn't worshipping the Creator. Do you have respect for parents who see their children going down the wrong path but refuse to try to correct or punish them, even if that means a time out? If we're made in God's image, well that would signify that He would probably do the same. Don't try to make me hate you, because I can't do that. When you started attacking God and my beliefs so viciously, me as a Christian believer cannot take that lightly. I'm sorry, but I do care about you more than you can know. Also, I find it so hard to hear all the sexually abused victims stories and the destruction it has caused them and their families. When will someone truly listen and care to really help them and put a stop to this ongoing tragedy? I'm upset with all the excuses, denials, secrecy and blaming of the victims. That's just me.

  31. Jim Robertson says:

    By the way Jesus is very big in the gay community. We know our own.

  32. Jim Robertson says:

    Readership here's an Irish victim telling his story. I dislike they use the old line about victims being brave. This man's been brave all his life.


  33. Dan says:

    Well Jim who complains that I post too much has now posted the last 8 out of 9 comments, more than both me and publiar. Does it feel better now that you can get some attention, queeny? And by the way you misspelled Yeezus of the gay community. Maybe Kanye can sing it for you at the next gay pride parade. Please don't speak for me, because everytime you do you're usually wrong. As far as sex before marriage goes, I'm somewhat on the fence on that one. I believe whenever two are sexually joined together, in the eyes of God, that's a marriage and I surely wouldn't need a Gov't certificate, especially from a Gov't who thinks sodomy should be legal. Duh!?! Dan doesn't know that the Two are One. Duh!?! How do you explain God's voice from heaven saying to Jesus, "This is My beloved Son." Was He talking to himself? Also what good are theologies who call the Holy Spirit a ghost. BOO! Maybe you should stay away from interpreting Biblical verse unless you're ready to start obeying and believing it. I guess now I'm more "slimy dirty" than the pedophile creeps of the cult you defend. Maybe you should seek professional help. The rest of your ignorance and nonsense isn't worth a response. servant

  34. Dan says:

    And by the way, I never answer your questions is an outright lie. I've answered many of your questions, but you really don't want to hear my answers. That's pretty sad when you yourself said, "[I] have all the answers."

  35. Jim Robertson says:

    "queeny" Like a racist calling a Blackman the n-word.

    And thus we have the "servant of THE God of love". Spreading "kindness" as if it were fertilizer.

    I just wonder who convinced this Dan of all this religious crap? Mom Dad? Grandpa grandma? What human convinced him of this nonsense. i.e. "the voice of God speaking from the sky" over the dead Jesus. 3 "Gods" who are really one God.

    Funny how only the 4 gospel writters who weren't even there reported on this some 60 years later. Where as no contemporary writers mentioned a word about Jesus raising the dead or the voice (voices ?) of God. Amazing! now there's the real miracle. No accounts that say "Have you heard what's happened in Israel?"

    There is only one God right Dan? Then the three persons of the trinity are what? not one God?

    If you hadn't been raised with this silliness and someone tried to sell it to you as a grown up would you buy it?


    • Dan says:

      Hey Jim, I'm sorry for some of the words I've called you. I looked at it more as razzing or messing with you more than any words of hate. I'm truly sorry. As you might be able to tell, my beliefs are extremely important to me. I can't begin to explain to you the deep depression I suffered through and I can't even count how many times I was suicidal. Never attempted suicide but just thinking about it can be horrific. I've had arthritis since birth and doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists all agreed that I had a spine crippling disease that was going to put me in a wheelchair by the time I was 30. I still rollerblade at 64. I know God, Jesus and my beliefs are what pulled me through some pretty tough and dark times. I feel I owe Him my life and that's why I defend Him and I'm sorry, but no one can tell me I'm wrong. Off and on I gave many denominations a chance, to find that they really didn't follow God's Word well at all. There is not different interpretations of the Bible. You either read it the way it is written and live it or you don't. Religions see God and His Word as a get rich scam and a means of taking advantage of others, all in the name of God. That's why God says, "They put a bad name on what I'm really about." Hypocrisy can be one of the worst of sins. Something that Christ spoke against often.

  36. Jim Robertson says:

    Could some kind Catholic who believes, please explain the mystery of the Trinity to Dan.

    He hasn't quite got who he claims to serve.

  37. Jim Robertson says:

    He doesn't even know that if it weren't for Catholics he wouldn't even have a Trinity.

    Or even the book he holds most sacred.

    As a Protestant I'm sure he goes with the King James version.

    That version of the Bible was commissioned, created, funded and named after a gay man James Stewart.

    • Dan says:

      The "mystery of the Trinity" is that it is nonexistent. There is no word trinity in the Bible. I believe the Holy Spirit is the power of God and not a person. Don't believe God is a person either. Don't know how religions come up with this poppycock. I'm not a Protestant and I have no problem with the King James Version, but like to cross-reference it with other versions when having problems with the English. You won't believe it, but I prefer Catholic Versions and the Good News Bible, because I find the wording easier to understand.

  38. Jim Robertson says:

    You see Dan picks and chooses which of "God's" laws to obey and which laws don't matter…to him. But if anyone else does the same thing and it doesn't jibe with his choices, his interpretations? They are wrong.

    Hypocrisy, the mother's milk of religion.


    • Dan says:

      This is absolutely not true. I believe in all of God's laws, especially the teachings of the New Testament. You can't just throw out a blanket statement like that without pointing out which laws I believe don't apply. I do believe that laws were given for lawbreakers. Christians live by faith, hope and love, but you'll be mistaken if you think we're supposed to be perfect 

    • Dan says:

      Jim, I need you to interpret these for me, because apparently you claim I'm wrong and a hypocrite based on my false interpretations-

      "And do not call anyone on earth 'father', for you have one Father, and he is in heaven." Matt 23:9         Catholics: Call the pope "Holy Father" and priests 'fathers', with no children? 

      "But when you pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking." Matt 6:7   Catholics pray incessantly to Mary in the rosary 50 times and some believe you should repeat that prayer 200 times. Is the word 'heathen' complimentary?

      Jesus speaking, "So then this is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name … deliver us from the evil one. For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. " Matt 6:9-14     Catholics: Jesus told no one to pray to His mother and God will not listen to repeated prayers to false goddesses. Did Mary die on the cross for our sins? Jesus brought us salvation, hope, grace and mercy, yet Catholics pray, Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. God will not consider prayers said to human sinners. Mary was human, "For all have sinned and fallen short of the Father's glory." Romans 3:23

      An accusation of "hypocrisy" is very serious and it should only be used by someone telling the truth.

  39. Jim Robertson says:
    • malcolm harris says:

      Well I guess Karlyl McBride, Ph D, is much in demand by the contingency lawyers. Her role would be to explain away, to a receptive mind,  why the alleged victim did not report the assault earlier. I/m sure she is very good at her job…. particularly in convincing all those 'closet bigots'. I was interested in her observation that often the boy does not take the incident, at the time, as being serious. Personally I think he only recalls the incident when he hears of the huge payouts (for sexual abuse). Sometimes as long as forty years later, and his imagination takes it from there. However she did not attempt to explain away the fact that, if something "ruined my life", then most of us would have gone to a doctor, for advice and referral to a specialist. Yet most of these "victims" only did that after talking to a lawyer, decades after the incident. So it all points to a inexplicable delay in taking action, over something that allegedly "ruined my life". I think that some of them were waiting for the priest to die, or become frail with age, because that way he can't fight back. Can he?

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, Please STOP with all your assumptions and your "Personally I think"s, because most often you are wrong and not speaking the facts. The problems and faults lie in the systemic abuse and coverups throughout the catholic institution. STOP trying to place blame on the victims and others, when blame entirely belongs to the sick pedophiles and perverts of your cult, including their excusers, deniers and liars. These heinous crimes against children and the secret coverups are in no way indicative of anything close to a Godly church. Not a chance!

  40. Jim Robertson says:
  41. Dan says:

    Any Catholics paying attention to the Grand Jury Report in Pennsylvania? I've only read 6 pages and found it so disgusting that I'm not sure I need to read much more. Catholic business as usual. Cover-ups, secrecy, denials, hidden files, blaming and disdain for victims, shuffling priests to other states and overall refusal to prosecute perpetrators, all for the good of Holy Mother Church.

    "Can a CORRUPT THRONE be allied with you – a THRONE that brings on MISERY by its DECREES? The WICKED band together against the RIGHTEOUS and CONDEMN the INNOCENT to death. But the LORD has become my fortress, and my GOD the ROCK in whom I take refuge. He will REPAY them for their SINS and DESTROY them for their WICKEDNESS; the LORD our GOD will DESTROY THEM."  Psalm 94:20-23

    Catholics – Where is Peter your ROCK? He's in the grave and just like your 'Queen of Heaven', dead and waiting for his Judgment Day. Come to Jesus Christ, the one who truly rose from death and lives to guide you to the only true Father, through His Salvation. He is the only Savior and Mediator between man and God the Father! Don't let hypocrites lie to you!

  42. Dan says:

    What kind of leaders supposedly claiming to be those of 'god's true church' would harbor and conceal serial pedophiles and pederasts among their midsts? When their filthy deeds were exposed, they would secretly be shuffled to other unknowing parishes with no warning to the parents of innocent children of their criminal past. As word got out and they could no longer hide their multiple child abuses, they were sent off and retired to church facilities to live a life of prayer and penance. They pressured law enforcement and district attorneys into allowing them to handle matters in house, all for the good and protection of holy mother church. One has to question the moral capacity of a hierarchy running a worldwide pedophile ring based on coverups and secrecy and the blaming and disdain for it's most vulnerable victims.

    Nobody can make claims as to these priests not being pedophiles, when I read in the Grand Jury Report, in almost every case, that there were boys as young as seven years old and in one an 18 month old little girl. You can claim the percentage of pedophilia is low because these criminal priests were raping any flesh they could get their dirty paws on, children, teens and seminarians. One has to question the leaders of the cult and ask what type of sexual immorality were they up to if they were willing to protect these serial creeps. After all, the bishops were the only ones to have access to the secret files and could have easily destroyed or shredded any material pertaining to their malfeasances. Is this what they mean when stating that Peter was their first pope, given the 'keys' to their kingdom of darkness?    servant of the One True God

  43. Dan says:

    Catholics, when "the church" claims to 'adore, honor, venerate and revere with great respect the Holy Blessed Mother', better known as their "Queen of Heaven", they can deny all they like that this doesn't equate to worship, but this is an outright lie and the very reason that the church is headed in a downward spiral. You haven't read all the Bible verses relating to 'idolatry'? It is described in the 1st Commandment of Moses, Isaiah 44, Jerimiah 44 and Romans 1:21-31. 1 John 5 ends speaking to His chosen with, "And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. Dear children, keep yourselves from idols." Idolatry is a very serious sin and the gateway to even more horrible sinning.

    So Catholics, you have a choice of either believing in Biblical truths or listening to deceivers teaching their Catechism of lies. Rest assured that this is a false gospel and will not lead any souls to Heaven. A church consisting of immoral leaders and their protectors will never succeed in teaching others the truths about God and Jesus our Savior. IMPOSSIBLE!

    "Adore, honor, venerate and revere" are all synonyms for the word "WORSHIP". Combined together with "great respect" and you are most definitely worshiping a false goddess, Mary, "Queen of Heaven". Mount her on pedestals, bow and pray to her and parade her statues on huge rose covered platforms, and you have definitely made her and "worship" her as your goddess and savior. Be not fooled by the charlatans of your church. Popes, bishops and priests are all false Christs, not Vicars or little Christs. Believe and pray to the Only Christ and Savior. Then I heard a voice from heaven say: "Come out of HER, my people, so that you will not share in HER sins, so that you will not receive any of HER plagues. For HER sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered HER iniquities."  REV 18:4-5