Did Somebody Get to Somebody? New Criminal Charges Against McCarrick to Pump Value of Accuser’s Crazy Civil Suits

James Grein : Mitchell Garabedian

Accuser James Grein with his sleazy lawyer Mitchell Garabedian

In August 2019, when the state of New York opened a "window" to suspend the statute of limitations and allow anyone to sue others for sexual abuse no matter how long ago, one of the very first to jump on the gravy train was then-61-year-old Virginia resident James Grein, who made international headlines a year earlier with the claims that Theodore McCarrick sexually abused him many decades earlier. His lawsuit named the Archdiocese of New York.

Then a few months later, in December, within just a few days of a similar window in New Jersey being enacted, Grein immediately filed suit against the Diocese of Metuchen and the Archdiocese of Newark, again alleging abuse by McCarrick.

Not surprisingly, Grein's lawyer is none other than the smarmy Mitchell Garabedian of "Spotlight" fame.

A crazy case all around

Theodore McCarrick

Theodore McCarrick in 2018

Now law enforcement in Massachusetts have suddenly criminally charged McCarrick based on claims from Grein that the former cleric abused him as a 16 year-old at a family wedding in 1974.

One cannot help but wonder: Why are 47-year-old charges being brought against a 91-year-old cleric who may not even survive the trial? Is it to juice up the value of Grein's phony civil suits so Grein and Garabedian can get even more cash from the Church? Did somebody get to somebody? Indeed, it was Garabedian himself who wrote to law enforcement to drum up the current charges.

Are prosecutors aware of Grein's multiple lawsuits, and are they aware of the many inconsistencies and serious problems with Grein's accusations? Grein has also made the claim that the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin abused him as well. Quite a coincidence. Grein also claims that he once had a private audience with Pope John Paul II (!) in which he told the pope of abuse by McCarrick. (See the remarkable video below.) Grein's accusations also contain near-impossible cameo appearances from Cardinal Bernard Law and the notorious Paul Shanley.

Indeed, Grein's accusations show compelling signs of being the product of the junk science of "repressed memory therapy." Can you say "kook"?

Sticking to the facts

It's hard to see what's in it for Massachusetts here other than a lot of fawning press attention to come.

We invite readers to see our extensive rebuttal to Grein's accusations as well as our newly posted video of Grein claiming that he met personally with Pope John Paul II. You can't make this stuff up!

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