Monkey See, Monkey Do: Another State AG Releases an ‘Abuse Report,’ and the Media Is Hysterical – Again

Fred Hiatt : Doug Peterson : Will Bauer

Following the international frenzy three years ago surrounding the Pennsylvania grand jury report against the Catholic Church, attorneys general across the country looked on with envy at the glowing media attention that Attorney General … [Read more...]

Major Media Finally Admits: Sex Abuse Story Is Now So Dated That Professional Victims’ Groups Are Shrinking and Disappearing

David Lorenz : Terry McKiernan : Ann Hagan Webb

It seems that the mission of bludgeoning the Catholic Church for abuse episodes from a half century ago is not as thriving as it used to be. Few major media outlets have overplayed and exaggerated the abuse narrative more than the … [Read more...]

The Washington Post’s Selective Outrage Against the Catholic Church

Fred Hiatt, Washington Post

Witness: Just a few months ago, Boston Public Schools leveled a two-week suspension on a school principal after she admitted that she did not report a case of suspected child sex abuse by a special education aide. After the principal's … [Read more...]