Major Media Finally Admits: Sex Abuse Story Is Now So Dated That Professional Victims’ Groups Are Shrinking and Disappearing

David Lorenz : Terry McKiernan : Ann Hagan Webb

It seems that the mission of bludgeoning the Catholic Church for abuse episodes from a half century ago is not as thriving as it used to be. Few major media outlets have overplayed and exaggerated the abuse narrative more than the … [Read more...]

**VOICE OF THE FAITHFUL CONFERENCE** Kooky Judge Anne Burke Channels Dr. Seuss and Cher in Bitter Attack on Catholic Church

Justice Anne M. Burke

Illinois Justice Anne M. Burke (wife of Chicago ward boss Ed Burke) once served as the interim chair of the National Review Board, a lay group who advises the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on sex abuse policy. However, after her … [Read more...]

**VOICE OF THE FAITHFUL CONFERENCE** At Aging, Left-Wing Lovefest, Writers From National Catholic Reporter Unleash Nastiness Against Church

Jamie Manson and Phyllis Zagano :: Voice of the Faithful Conference 2012

The 10th anniversary conference of Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) in Boston this month proved to be anything but "faithful" to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. Youthful rebellion was there when … [Read more...]

Only in the Boston Globe: Voice of the Faithful Simply a ‘Lay Group’

As more evidence that the Boston Globe refuses to address issues related to the Catholic Church honestly, an article by Lisa Wangsness (Sat. 4/30/11)  labels Voice of the Faithful merely as a "lay group." Voice of the … [Read more...]