Boston Globe Promotes Drag Queen Story Hours for Children While Going Wild Over Any Mention of Sex During Confession


According to the Boston Globe, one of these is allowed to talk with children about sex.
Can you guess which one?

Linda Pizzuti Henry : Brian McGrory : Amanda Milkovits : Teresa Hanafin

Angry Church haters posing as journalists (l to r):
Boston Globe CEO Linda Pizzuti Henry, Editor Brian McGrory,
Writer Amanda Milkovits, and 'Audience Engagement Editor' Teresa Hanafin

Of course for The Boston Globe, it's never really been about the actual abuse of children but about using the issue of sex abuse to attack the Church for opposing its left-wing views on sexuality. Witness yet again:

In recent years, the Globe has proudly promoted drag queen story hours for toddlers and even endorsed sexually oriented books aimed at young children. Indeed, the Boston Globe has a very long and well-established history of vociferously promoting the sexualization of children. (Many more links below.)

If intimate discussions with kindergartners about sex is your thing, then the Boston Globe has your back.

Misstating the Nature of the Sacrament of Confession

However, when a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Providence was alleged to have asked "inappropriate questions" to teenagers within the Sacrament of Confession, the Globe goes nuts alerting its readers that Armageddon is upon us. (Note to the Boston Globe: The topic of sex in the Confessional is not at all unusual. Sexual sins, even among teenagers, are common, and the priest's remarks were very likely either misconstrued or misunderstood by the teens.)

So, according to the Boston Globe, drag queens and sex manuals for toddlers are great, but talk of sex in the Confessional is a no-go. Got it?

The Globe's mouthpieces to create the story

Of course, there is no real story or news here of interest to its readers, so the Globe had to make one up by looking for quotes from bigots and wackos. Writer Amanda Milkovits predictably turned to the lawyer-funded hate group SNAP, who itself has an ugly record of corruption, scandals, false accusations against priests, and has exploited abuse victims all along the way. Without citing any support for its claim, the SNAP mouthpiece alleged that any questions about sex by a priest during Confession was "grooming behavior."

But it gets worse. In another article about the beleaguered priest, Milkovits exploited an agitated man who stood out on a sidewalk with a sign protesting the Church. This unfortunate soul claims that he was sexually abused as an infant, even though he admits he "didn't remember anything," according to the article, and his abuse had nothing to do with any Catholic priest. But the guy claims to have been "triggered" by the story that a priest might have spoken "inappropriately" with teens in the Confessional. Milkovits should be ashamed of herself for exploiting such a person just to fill up a weak story.

And in the paper's Comments section, the Globe really let the Church have it by allowing scores of hate-filled comments from their subscribers, comments which the paper would never allow if they were directed at any other faith. Here is a small sampling:

● "The Catholic clergy are not even real Christians. They are wretched sinners and pedophiles or pedophile sympathizers."

● "Disgusting. Boycott this cult."

● "The RCC has to be the largest, most far-flung criminal organization in the world."

● "The Catholic Church has always been evil, filled with pedophiles, deceitful and protective of its own."

● "Defending pedophile factories that have abused kids for centuries is reprehensible. Anyone still involved with the cathoHOLIC church should be ashamed."

● "Never let your children attend a Catholic Church !!!"

● "The poison is deep in the Church's teachings about human sexuality, and in its formation of priests. Sexual abuse, and sexual illness (for lack of a better term) is a feature, not a bug. Avoid."

Would the Globe allow such vitriol directed at Judaism? Islam? Buddhism? Of course not.

But if you are a faithful Catholic, be assured that the Globe hates you. There is sadly no other way to state it.


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