Happy Holidays: AP on Journalistic Jihad in December Doing Dumb Storyline Retreads Against Evil Catholic Church

Jim Mustian : Associated Press AP : Bernard Condon

Embarrassing journalism: Jim Mustian (l) and Bernard Condon (r) of the Associated Press

In the month of December, the Associated Press published no less than five biased articles attacking the Catholic Church over abuse accusations against priests decades ago. Yet if one actually takes the time to labor through the articles, one sees that the AP only offers its readers only two basic takeaways: 1) Contingency lawyers love the free money that the Catholic Church is doling out, and 2) accused priests are guilty no matter how long ago the accusations are and how nonexistent the evidence may be.

Nothing has changed in the AP's slanted reporting against the Catholic Church since it started reporting on the issue back in the 1980s. What is not even on the AP's radar in any meaningful sense is the question of whether most of these decades-old claims against Catholic priests are even true or not.

Missing the big picture

For example, one the AP's pieces was a lengthy article about Pennsylvania dioceses doling out some $84 million in free money to 564 accusers, yet AP writer Michael Rubinkam did not even blink an eye or bother to question the veracity of a 45 year-old bloke who incredibly claims that a priest somehow abused him "two to four times a week for five years" and who also claims abuse by a second priest who was laicized 55 years ago. Do the math, everyone.

Needless to say, Rubinkam also did not reach out to the accused men to see what they had to say in defense of themselves. Both are long deceased. How convenient.

(And another note to Rubinkam: The 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report did not "conclude" that "more than 300 predator priests had molested more than 1,000 children." We have shown that claim to be completely false.)

This is journalism?

Another meandering AP article – one by Bernard Condon and Jim Mustian – purports to be about a "wave of lawsuits" against the Catholic Church because states are lifting the statutes of limitations. The piece begins with the scene of a Church-suing contingency lawyer looking out of his office window at a cathedral and wondering out loud, "I wonder how much that's worth?"

Yet by the end of the article, readers learn little else and are offered a single takeaway: Suing the Catholic Church is a lucrative practice for tort lawyers. That's it. Powerful stuff, eh?

Never missing a chance to attack the Catholic Church

Nicole Winfield : Associated Press AP

Nasty Nicole:
Nicole Winfield of the AP

Instead of educating readers on important issues when it comes to accusations against priests decades ago – such as the near-impossibility of defending oneself and the lack of any evidence or corroboration – the AP simply uses the topic as a cudgel with which to browbeat the Catholic Church.

In yet another hit piece by the AP's nasty Nicole Winfield – a "Vatican correspondent" whose hatred of the Catholic Church is palpable with every word she types – Winfield somehow sees an injustice that the Catholic Church has not recently telephoned an accuser whose alleged abuser was shipped off to prison over a quarter century ago (shortly after the accuser complained of his abuse) and then died in prison 15 years ago.

What does Winfield expect of Church officials? A phone call to the accuser asking, "How much more money do you want?" Unreal.

Wringing their hands over 'lists'

If it were not already clear already, the Associated Press really, really hates the Catholic Church.

A breathless article by the AP's Claudia Lauer and Meghan Hoyer – both of whom we already cited for a dumb article back in October – frets that the lists of accused priests published on many diocesean web sites are not "complete." Imagine that.

Yet in all the time the pair wasted poring over lists of accused priests, one obvious question never occurred to them: Why is the Catholic Church the only organization on the planet that is expected to compile such lists of its accused ex-employees (including those long deceased)?

Where are the lists of accused former teachers from Chicago Public Schools? Or California public schools? The Boy Scouts? Hollywood? The question is not even on the AP's radar.

It's a free country, and the AP is allowed to hate whomever it wants, especially the Catholic Church. We get it.

But the real story here is the groupthink that has created an overarching mindset that the Catholic Church is somehow failing in its goal to to provide restitution for victims and rectify for its sins from decades ago.

In truth, the Catholic Church has gone far above and beyond what any other organization should be expected to, especially since there has never been any evidence that the Church ever had a bigger problem than anyone else. Yet the media and the AP will never tell you this.

This is a bigotry that everyone can see.

The AP needs to find some new storylines, and we just gave them a bunch of possibilities.

We hope to see better reporting by the media in 2020, but we won't hold our breath.


  1. Dan says:

    There are so many horrific mortal sins that catholics commit, you think I'm going to accuse you of the sin of an historical error. Sounds more like you nitpicky Cathys. I don't even care about protestant revolts or reform or when, because I'm not part of their movement. I follow 1st century Apostolic Christianity which has no connection to catholicism or protestantism. They both are cults severely lacking in the Truth. 

  2. Dan G. says:

    Dan Corner says:

    There are so many horrific MORTAL sins that catholics commit, you think I'm going to accuse you of the sin of an historical error….

    Then this gem:  I don't even care about protestant revolts or reform or when because I'm not part of their movement (LOLOL).  I follow 1st century Apostolic Christianity which has no cnnection to Catholicism (INCORRECT) or protestantism (CORRECT).  They both are cults severely lacking in the Truth.

    So you, like Catholics, distinguish between mortal and venial sins.  Wow….you really are confusing.  I guess some vestige of the One True Faith still has root in your soul.

    You think you follow historal Apostolic 1st century Christianity.  Really now.  Again you have not read the Didache that describes the Mass and was also a catechism for the early Christians.  Also they did not carry a copy of the King James Bible with them.  So NO you do not follow the practices of 1st century Christianity and the Early Church.  Far from it.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  3. Dan says:

    I'm glad to see you didn't deny that you "both are cults severely lacking in the truth." LOLOL

    I have absolutely no desire to read the didache describing your mass. Who says it was "a catechism for the early Christians"? Oh! The catholic fable tellers spreading their fairytales to their gullible brainwashed sheep?

    I never carry a King James Bible with me and believe that's no better than catholics who have massive bibles, with pictures of their ever-virgin on the cover, displayed on their coffee tables so everyone can see how holy they think they are.

    Please stop with the Dan Corner BS. I do not agree with street preachers shouting at the moon, sermons of fire and brimstone, while no one seems to listen except the occasional mocker. God's Spirit has never led me to do such spreading of his Word, thankfully.

    Seeing that you're so wrong about me again, then I might just be the True Christian that you deaf and blind catholics just don't seem to understand. You may try concentrating on reading the Bible rather than your fake catechisms and you just might learn yourself somethin'. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! and stay out of the trash!  servant

  4. Dan G. says:

    OH boy Dan, you don't know how to read.  No need to further explain because everyone on here who is a Catholic knows that I was quoting yot to make a point.  Sigh.

    You go on to say, " I have no desire to read the Didache describing your mass.  Who says it's a catechism for the early Christians? Oh! The Catholic fable tellers……

    Dan, really?  You don't want to research our responses to see why it is that we have the "hope that is in us?" I mean, we take your accusations into account and give biblically sound responses to to them which also means we learn more and more about how true our faith is and how utterly lacking yours is.  Are you afraid that the light might go on over your head and you will begin to see what you have been missing?  

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