Always a Good Time For a Church Bashing: NY’s Cuomo Extends Time To File Lawsuits Against Church

Andrew Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sticks it to the Catholic Church – again.

Civil lawsuits always carry statutes of limitations. After a certain time has passed, you can't bring a lawsuit anymore, as it becomes impossible for the defendant to defend himself. It's just not fair.

But when it comes to the Catholic Church, the rules are different. Many states have now passed "window statutes," which allow those who alleged they were abused to bring a lawsuit against the Catholic Church during a certain "window" of time no matter when the alleged abuse occurred.

It's not very just, as one can imagine, but it does wonders for the bank accounts of contingency lawyers and folks looking to make some fast money.

New York, New York

This month, a one-year "window" in New York state to sue the Catholic Church was set to expire, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo has now announced that he will be extending the window another five months to allow accusers even more time to sue. Nice, eh?

As we have already shown, false accusations in these recent cases are rampant, rampant to the point that the vast majority are likely completely bogus. Indeed, one falsely accused New York priest – Buffalo's Rev. Roy Herberger – has even gone as far as to sue his accuser for defamation.

And as we have also reported, the Archdiocese of New York has openly admitted that it has "lenient standards of evidence" (to put it mildly) when it comes to doling out cash to accusers and that it has paid out on many "weak claims." The archdiocese claims that it pays out on flimsy cases "in order to lead to a collective sense of resolution" – whatever on earth that means.

Cuomo claims that his extension is all about giving support to "victims." But it isn't. It's about inflicting even more damage on the Catholic Church during an excruciating time of national crisis and giving his campaign-feeding lawyers even more opportunities to line their pockets.

The attack on the Catholic Church continues it seems even amidst pandemics.


  1. LLC says:

    The Church is not afraid of justice, nor persecution. In my opinion, the NY Archdiocese correctly errs on the side of caution, although I would be less lenient on the weak claims – and I would make them much more publicly known, as much as the Law allows, at least as statistical proof of the rampant bogus cases.

    Having said that, personally, I wouldn’t really have an issue with this extension, provided that:

    1) the Media wouldn’t focus only on claims brought forth against the Catholic Church. As the news article plainly states, “The law extended […] to file civil claims against their abuser and any institutions…”. As many studies have shown, virtually all institutions dealing with children have faced these horrible crimes, but usually the Catholic Church is singled out by the Media.

    2) as the news article, again, plainly states, the civil claims should be “against their abuser and any institutions that enabled the abuse”. While it is relatively easy to prove abuse from an individual, it is much harder and biased to prove fault from the institution. Enabling is a very generic and misleading term, ranging from active roles (statistically, historically and anecdotically extremely limited in number) to a much more passive or completely unintended ones (the overwhelming vast majority – still troubling, although the Church is tremendously much more attentive now, alone among almost all other institutions.)

    3) punishment should be laid down heavily on all guilty parts, including those who bring false accusations against all innocent people (not only priests).

    4) there should be, in few years, a review of this process and its results. Specifically, it should be studied how many times.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation, but miracles have happened before. In these troubling times is more important than ever to ask our Father in Heaven for strength and the guarantee promised by His Son, Jesus in Matthew 16:18.

    • Dan says:


      Your church has prayed to Mary, claiming her patroness of the whole country, under the false title of the Immaculate Conception and has asked her mercy and grace for healing from this pandemic. God has closed His ears to your worthless prayers to your false Goddess, so don't even bother to think you can now go to Him or His Son for anything. Maybe try praying to your Pachamama. Maybe she can conjure up some spell to help you heathen idolaters.

      servant of a Mighty God

    • LLC says:

      My apologies for the incomplete point #4. It should read, "there should be, in few years, a review of this process and its results. Specifically, it should be studied how many times accusations have been proven accurate, both in absolute numbers and as a ratio". Clearly user error from my part.

  2. Michael says:

    Have faith and speak out against the evil we see rampant today. Cuomo and others are paid mouthpieces.

    • Dan says:

      How come when we speak of evil, it often seems to involve your church and it's followers for some strange reason? If catholic Cuomo and other catholics like Church Militant are paid "mouthpieces" or puppets, it wouldn't be surprising seeing that they are members of your cult. Talk about a church divided. The only way I see you united is in your wickedness.