Fighting Back! Falsely Accused Priest In Buffalo Sues His Accuser

Rev. Roy T. Herberger : Diocese of Buffalo

Falsely accused priest Fr. Roy T. Herberger of the Diocese of Buffalo fighting back

There are some abuse accusations against priests that are so crazy that they give pause to even the most ardent Church hater, and we just found yet another one.

Rev. Roy T. Herberger of the Diocese of Buffalo just filed a lawsuit against a man who falsely accused the retired priest of abusing him as an 8 year-old boy in the 1980s.

News of the lawsuit was first reported by Jay Tokasz at The Buffalo News.

A clear case of fraud

Scott Riordan : Buffalo investigator

The search for truth:
Buffalo investigator
Scott Riordan

Fr. Herberger's case is a textbook example of how a Catholic priest can have his name plastered across the media as if he were a convicted child molester even though the decades-old accusation is clearly a fraud.

In 2018, Herberger's accuser surfaced to claim that the priest "sexually assaulted him multiple times over an approximate three-year period" in the 1980s with acts including sodomy and oral sex at St. Ann's Parish and school in Buffalo. Yet as the investigation into his claims revealed:

• Investigators found no record of the accuser even having attended St. Ann's;

• St. Ann's parish was operated by the Jesuit order, and Fr. Herberger, a diocesan priest, himself had no connection to the parish at all until 2010, many decades later; and

• The accuser also claimed abuse at "the priest's house in Lackawanna," a city just south of Buffalo, but the priest never even owned or rented a home there.

And quite remarkably, when Buffalo diocesan investigator Scott Riordan asked the accuser where he attended elementary school, the accuser claimed that he couldn't remember, prompting Riordan to write in his report to the diocesan review board, "It is not believable that someone would be completely unable to remember what elementary school he attended." Indeed.

In the end, Riordan concluded that Fr. Herberger's case was not just one where the facts did not add up, but the accuser's wild claims of repeated acts of sodomy and oral sex were so implausible that it was literally "impossible for it to have happened."

Meanwhile, Herberger's personal attorney also did some digging of his own and found that the accuser already had a criminal background that includes a charge of falsifying documents. Nice.

Yet … will this accuser score some cash?

Upon the complaint in June of 2018, Fr. Herberger was immediately removed from public ministry, and six months later, after the investigation determined that the accuser's claims were bogus, Herberger returned to ministry. But the story doesn't end here.

Despite the fact that his claims against Herberger are clearly fraud, the accuser still filed suit (pdf) in August 2019 under the "Child Victims Act," a law passed by New York's legislature in 2019 to target the pockets of the Catholic Church.

The gall of this fraudster is off the charts. He is represented by an attorney who clearly has no shame: contingency lawyer Stuart Mermelstein from Herman Law in New York City, a firm that advertises itself as "Voice for Victims." But it seems the only victim in this entire episode is Fr. Herberger.

We will keep an eye on this case with the hope that this flimflammer and his lawyer don't get a penny from the Catholic Church. It is Fr. Herberger who deserves money from the accuser for destroying his reputation.


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