*TheMediaReport.com SPECIAL REPORT* SNAP Uncovered: Shocking Facts About the Media’s Favorite Church-Bashing Group

SNAP Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

The alarming truths about SNAP: Barbara Blaine (l) and David Clohessy (r)

Fact 1: A Victims' Support Group Where Support Comes Last

SNAP has claimed that the "organization's primary purpose is to provide support for men & women who have been sexually victimized by members of the clergy," but SNAP's own tax filings tell a radically different story!
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Fact 2: SNAP's Attacks on Innocent Priests

There are several examples of SNAP brazenly attacking innocent priests. For starters:
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Fact 3: SNAP Leaders Have Failed to Report Molesters

Convincing evidence reveals that David Clohessy, while he was the National Director of SNAP, had the opportunity to report a dangerous child molester to police, but he didn't.
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Fact 4: SNAP Leader Lobbied For Child Porn Convict

SNAP President Barbara Blaine wrote a passionate letter on behalf of a criminal psychologist who was arrested in April 2008 for "possessing more than 100 sexually explicit pictures of children."
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Fact 5: SNAP and ACORN: SNAP's Left-Wing Agenda Exposed

David Clohessy, the National Director of SNAP, worked for nearly a decade with the notorious community organization ACORN.
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Fact 6: Even Many Abuse Victims Criticize SNAP

Many self-professed clergy abuse victims have sharply criticized SNAP.
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Fact 7: SNAP's Shifty Alliance With Contingency Lawyers

Research reveals that SNAP has largely been funded by the lawyers with whom it closely collaborates.
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