Better Business Bureau (BBB) Slams SNAP [w/ UPDATE]

In a scathing assessment of how SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused By Priests) operates, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) determined that SNAP fails to meet a full one half of BBB's 20 standards of Charity Accountability.

In January, the BBB, one of the country's most trusted evaluators of charities, concluded that it would not accredit SNAP. The BBB found numerous flaws in SNAP's operation. For example, in BBB's assessment, it determined that SNAP did not meet its first very important standard.

Standard 1: Oversight of Operations and Staff …

SNAP does not meet this Standard because its board of directors does not:

– Approve the organization's budget.
– Have an approved conflict of interest policy.
– Have a voting member of the board who is assigned the responsibility of serving as the treasurer. In general, the board's treasurer helps provide independent oversight of the organization's finances.

The damaging report can be found at the web site of the BBB.

Those who are considering supporting SNAP should seriously consider BBB's findings as well as SNAP's shady history.

[UPDATE, December 2011: has learned that the BBB re-evaluated SNAP in September 2011 and has issued another report showing that SNAP still does not meet all 20 of BBB's standards. Although SNAP improved itself by achieving 19 out of the 20 eligibility standards, the BBB still has not accredited SNAP.]