LA Times Issues Correction After One-Sided Slam on L.A. Archdiocese

On Monday, August 24, 2009, the Los Angeles Times printed the following slam in its "California Briefing" section (bold in body of article mine): Parish targeted by victims' group Members of a support group for victims … [Read more...]

Clueless on Catholicism VII: LAT Still Airs Falsehoods About Catholic Faith

In a recent news article (Fri. 10/23/09) and a pea-brained editorial (Sat. 10/24/09) regarding Anglicans joining the Catholic Church, the Los Angeles Times again displays its utter ignorance of the Catholic faith. The Times' editorial … [Read more...]

Awful: LA Times Uses Obituary Page To Gloat About Catholic Church Misdeeds

The Los Angeles Times has joyfully discovered a way to keep the clergy misdeeds of the Catholic Church forever in the minds of its readers and the public: the obituary page. Take a look at the obituary of former bishop G. Patrick Ziemann. … [Read more...]

LA Times’ Lopez Misleads On Clergy Scandal

In a September 23, 2009, article in the Los Angeles Times, Steve Lopez deceives his readers by suggesting that recent testimony by a member of "[Cardinal Roger] Mahony's inner circle" could spell serious problems for the local … [Read more...]

Omissions + Misleading Information = More Dishonesty From LA Times On Clergy Scandal

A September 19, 2009, article in the Los Angeles Times by Martha Groves and Richard Winton blares the headline, "Sex abuse cover-up by L.A. Archdiocese is alleged." Under the headline: "The former vicar of clergy testifies … [Read more...]

LA Times’ Helfand Cherrypicks Pew Study To Overstate Effect of Abuse Scandal On Ex-Catholics

On September 6, 2009, the Los Angeles Times published an article by Duke Helfand about efforts by Catholic dioceses to draw ex-Catholics back to the Church. Helfand penned the following passage (bold mine): Most people raised Catholic … [Read more...]

Media Singles Out Catholic Church, Goes Wild Over Report of Decades-Old Abuse – In Ireland

Since when is the media so interested in keeping America abreast of the latest news coming out of Ireland? A commission in Ireland just released a report detailing awful abuse of children who attended Catholic schools "from the … [Read more...]

More Disparate Coverage From LA Times (And Rest of Media) In Covering Sex Abuse

Check out the following two stories: 1. A former Catholic priest comes forward Monday (4/20/09) to say that another priest abused him as a teenager nearly 30 years ago. (The accused priest has no other similar public complaints and … [Read more...]

Book Review: William Lobdell’s Dishonest ‘Losing My Religion’ (Extended)

William Lobdell's new book Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America-and Found Unexpected Peace is nothing original. A former "serious Christian" loses his faith because he finds a … [Read more...]

At the LA Times, Some Lawsuits Are More Worthy Than Others

Today's Los Angeles Times (Wed. Feb. 11, 2009) features a curious article on page B4, "O.C. priest is focus of suit over alleged molestation," written by the fact-challenged Duke Helfand and staffer Christine Hanley. The … [Read more...]