Massive Fraud Uncovered in Abuse Cases in L.A. Public Schools, Media Barely Notices

LAUSD money fraud

As we have noted so many times before, the mainstream media has repeatedly demonstrated that it has no interest in pursuing the counter-narrative story of fraudulent claims of abuse against Catholic priests. But there are now discouraging … [Read more...]

Media Highlights Church Opposition to California Bill Pushed By Contingency Lawyers Seeking to Bankrupt It, Ignores Exemption of Abuse-Ridden L.A. Schools

SB 131 : California Senate Bill 131

Making the news recently is California Senate Bill 131, which seeks to open up a one year "window" in 2014 allowing anyone over the age of 26 to sue the Catholic Church for damages stemming from clergy sex abuse. Suits would be … [Read more...]

L.A. Daily News Does It Again: It Breaks Story on Rampant Sex Abuse Going On Today in L.A. School District

LAUSD sex abuse

Just in the last 15 months, some 600 teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) have either been fired, have resigned, or have been administratively "housed" due to allegations of serious "inappropriate … [Read more...]

David Horsey’s L.A. Times Cartoon Revives Ugly Anti-Catholicism

David Horsey anti-Catholic LATimes 020413

In an episode that recalls something out of the 19th-century, anti-Catholic Know Nothing movement, a political cartoon in the Los Angeles Times by David Horsey portrays a Catholic priest as Satan. Horsey's bigoted work is sure to put … [Read more...]

The Untold Story: What the Media Refuses to Report in the Cardinal Mahony / L.A. Archdiocese Documents Story

Roger Mahony :: Cardinal Roger Mahony Los Angeles

By his very own admission, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, the former archbishop of Los Angeles, tragically mishandled cases of abusive priests from decades past. The devastation to victims has truly been immeasurable – a fact which Mahony … [Read more...]

Kudos to L.A. Journalists: Their Investigations Uncover Widespread Cover-Ups of Abuse in Public Schools; But Rest of Media Snores

Jason Felch : Barbara Jones : Howard Blume : Jason Song : Kim Christensen : Los Angeles

Reporters in Los Angeles are highlighting the fact that the criminal abuse of children is not really very bothersome to a lot of people, unless Catholic clergymen are involved. This past year has been a banner one for journalists in Los … [Read more...]

Not the Catholic Church? LA Times Ignores Shocking Abuse Story

Los Angeles Times

This week, Los Angeles County law enforcement charged a former third-grade teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) with thirteen counts of sexually molesting children. The criminal complaint alleges felony-level … [Read more...]

Journalists Tout Dissident Nuns and Rehash Decades-Old Scandals To Bash Catholic Church Again

Joan Vennochi

Since when have journalists been so concerned about internal doctrinal matters in the Catholic Church? Why are journalists suddenly fretting about the status of nuns in America? It has been no secret that many Catholic women religious … [Read more...] Nabs LA Times’ Rutten for Errors knows that when Tim Rutten of the Los Angeles takes aim at issues related to the Catholic Church, problems are almost sure to follow. Rutten's recent article (Wed. 5/4/11) is rife with the usual errors and warped … [Read more...]

LA Times Continues to Propagate Abortion Falsehoods

A defender of abortion falsely claims in a letter in today's Los Angeles Times (Sat. 11/10/07), "The Bible does mention abortion." The erroneous reader adds that a passage in the Bible, Numbers 5, gives a "a detailed … [Read more...]