Nabs LA Times’ Rutten for Errors knows that when Tim Rutten of the Los Angeles takes aim at issues related to the Catholic Church, problems are almost sure to follow.

Rutten's recent article (Wed. 5/4/11) is rife with the usual errors and warped thinking. Thankfully, Phil Lawler at has aptly analyzed and skewered the columnist in an excellent piece, "Of all the Rutten ideas."

For example, Lawler notes that Rutten wrote,

Many Catholics worry about a Vatican that fires an Australian bishop for speaking in favor of ordaining women and married men, but declines to act against a Belgian prelate who unapologetically admits to molesting young boys.

Lawler replies:

This would be a plausible argument, if the Vatican had indeed declined to act against Bishop Roger Vangheluwe. But in fact the disgraced Belgian bishop has been suspended from ministry. In fact, he was pressed to resign his episcopal office as soon as his abuse became known—unlike Bishop William Morris, who remained at the helm of the Toowoomba diocese for 5 years after making the heterodox statements that drew the Vatican’s scrutiny and eventually led to his removal.

And Lawler finds even more mistakes from Rutten.

Thank you,!