John Manly Voices Falsehoods About Church Abuse Scandal

During the five o'clock hour of the March 20, 2007, episode of the John & Ken radio show on KFI: 1. Attorney John Manly stated that disgraceful ex-priest Lynn Caffoe "has not been laicized. Now if he has, it's news to … [Read more...]

Only in the LA Times: Infamous Anti-Catholic Touted As a ‘Devout Catholic’

What do you call a guy who leaves the priesthood, rejects fundamental doctrine of the Catholic Church, and propagates egregious falsehoods about Catholics? If you're the Los Angeles Times, you call him a "Devout Catholic" - in … [Read more...]

Harvard Professor Smears Catholic Priests With False Claim

Via The Catholic League. In a speech in New York, Harvard professor Jessica Stern reportedly told her audience, "Catholic priests are not stepping up to condemn those who kill abortion doctors." Her comments were reported in … [Read more...]

LA Times Admits To False Reporting On Cardinal Mahony

Check out the very first line from this June 7, 2007, article in the Los Angeles Times (emphasis mine): A judge Wednesday ordered Cardinal Roger M. Mahony to testify in a lawsuit alleging that he failed to protect parishioners from a … [Read more...]

‘Deliver Us From John Manly’: Manly Cited For Egregious Distortion in Documentary Film

Deliver Us From Evil is a 2006 film that purports to be a documentary about the church abuse crisis. Grant Gallicho, an associate editor for Commonweal magazine, penned a critique of the film in November of 2006. It was published by the … [Read more...]