NY Times Journalists Again Reveal Why They Are Obsessed with Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Maureen Dowd

The New York Times has shown yet again that the abuse of children does not really bother them unless it involves the Catholic Church. But if there were still any doubt, the Times has now made it perfectly clear that the decades-old abuse of … [Read more...]

Politically Incorrect Maureen Dowd?: Homosexuality a Cause of Child Sex Abuse

The New York Times' Maureen Dowd's most recent anti-Catholic hit piece (Sun., 5/19/11) contains a number of falsehoods. However, her article's biggest eye-opener is her apparent claim that homosexuality is a direct cause of … [Read more...]

More Anti-Catholic Falsehoods From NY Times’ Dowd

Can the New York Times' Maureen Dowd address the topic of the Catholic Church without promulgating falsehoods? It doesn't seem like it. Dowd's recent rant, released on Easter Sunday (Sun. 4/24/11), contains a number of false … [Read more...]

NY Times Dowd’s Anti-Catholic Piece is Riddled With Errors, Deceptions

The New York Times's Maureen Dowd spent some time in Catholic school as a youth, but judging from her latest rant/column, she didn't learn too much about actual Catholicism. Dowd's anti-Catholic screed reveals that of someone … [Read more...]