The Truth About Gov. Bob Casey and The 1992 DNC Convention

Back in 1992, Gov. Robert P. Casey of Pennsylvania was a leading figure in the Democratic Party who had just come off a triumphant re-election in 1990 over his Republican opponent. As the 1992 Democratic National Convention approached, Gov. … [Read more...]

A Response to Margaret Sykes and the ‘Brain Waves’ Issue

Welcome, Stand to Reason readers! Here is my response to the Margaret Sykes/"brain waves" issue. There's a lot to this one, but here it goes: 1. WHO IS MARGARET SYKES? This is not an ad hominem towards Ms. Sykes. I also … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Guest Falsely Claimed President Clinton Prevented Millennium Attacks On U.S.

Nancy Soderberg, a former Ambassador to the United Nations and Foreign Policy Advisor under the Clinton administration, repeated the often-heard myth that President Clinton prevented Millennium attacks on the United States. Soderberg made … [Read more...]

Media Matters, Others in ‘Revisionism’ Pitch of Michael Steele Oreo Episode

Media Matters and the blog Daily Kos are among two liberal mouthpieces who look to be on a slippery campaign to rewrite one of the more ugly episodes in recent memory for Democrats. It appears they are trying revise the history that Oreo … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Times Launching 2008 Obama Campaign??

Are we witnessing a budding love affair between the Los Angeles Times and freshman Democratic Senator Barack Obama? Cue up a Barbra Streisand love song! Today's edition (Wednesday January 5, 2005) features no less than three photos of … [Read more...]

Hollywood Axes Abortion Horror from Alfie Remake

Alfie (1965) is the movie that gave British actor Michael Caine one of his first starring roles. As the title character, Caine plays Alfie, a free-wheeling, promiscuous bachelor in 1960's London. He carelessly roams from one of his many … [Read more...]