Los Angeles Times Launching 2008 Obama Campaign??

Are we witnessing a budding love affair between the Los Angeles Times and freshman Democratic Senator Barack Obama? Cue up a Barbra Streisand love song!

Today's edition (Wednesday January 5, 2005) features no less than three photos of the Illinois newcomer (one on p. A2 and two on p. A16). (To contrast, there are zero photos of President Bush.) An effusive, glowing article labeled Obama a "political rock star," although he's only been at his new job for one day.

Yesterday's edition (Tuesday January 4, 2005) featured another flattering photo of Obama on p. A16.

That's four photos two days in a row!

Yikes. And it was only a month ago that the Times published a fawning feature on Obama! (December 6, 2004: "Obama Pokes Fun at His Political Future, Fame.")

TheMediaReport.com says … The election is over, but the partisanship in the Times "news" coverage continues.