Lunacy Down Under: Australian Court Now Says Family of Dead Accuser Can Sue Church For Abuse That Now-Deceased Cardinal Pell Never Committed

False accusations against Catholic priests

Persecuted even in death: Cardinal George Pell

You can't make this up. To begin, Cardinal George Pell never abused anybody. In fact, Australian law enforcement officials even admitted in court that they began an investigation into Pell in 2013 even though there were not any criminal complaints against him! Or, as Pell's attorney rightly observed, "It was an operation looking for a crime and a complainant."

Now, even though Pell was fully exonerated in March 2020 for kooky accusations against him from many decades ago, and he died in January of last year, an Australian court has just ruled that the family of a dead accuser can somehow still sue the Catholic Church and Pell's estate for big cash over the claim that the flimflammer's father suffered "nervous shock" over the mere allegation that Pell abused his son. And you thought our legal system here in the U.S. was out of control.

Can things get any crazier?

Would such an absurd lawsuit ever proceed against any other organization other than the hated Catholic Church? Of course not. We now live in an age of government-promoted bigotry and persecution against the Catholic Church.

Will the media ever take notice?


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  1. Malcolm Harris says:

    State of Victoria veered sharply left under former Premier Dan Andrews, He resigned just months ago, jumped before he was pushed. The Victorian Ombudsman Deborough Glass had described the Public Service as being ruled by a "culture of fear". Andrews had stacked the Public Service with his appointees… like-minded activists. This had virtually destroyed the capacity of senior people to give independent and impartial advice. The Ombudsman did not mention the Police or the Judiciary, but you can draw your own conclusions about how far his toxic culture extended. But Andrews could not have done this without the mainstream media in his corner. The media seem to see themselves as some kind of social justice warriors. And with few exceptions "Dan was their man". 

  2. Joanne says:

    Just how is the executor supposed to defend Cardinal Pell's estate against such a frivolous lawsuit? Greedy sham artists ought to be sued for the "nervous shock" and defamation they cause to innocent clergy.

  3. LLC says:

    Aside from the considerations on this specific case (Cardinal Pell, as reported in the article, was exonerated and, if anything, it should be his family right to go after the accusers), this is troubling on so many levels. What does constitute the “family" of the accuser in this case? Immediate parents? Children? Grandparents? Great-grandchildren? Where do the Courts draw a time and relationship the line for these kinds of proceedings? If, for example, I claim that my grandmother was wronged by so-and-so, and I allege still suffering from that event, am I allowed to sue the current relatives of that person? It’s an extremely disconcerting precedent – and I hope that any future legal or civil action against Cardinal Pell of this nature will be thrown out of court with a laugh.