David Versus Goliath! The Boston Globe Tried to Intimidate and Silence TheMediaReport.com – And Lost.

Linda Pizzuti Henry : Jeremy Blackowicz

Who's laughing now? Boston Globe CEO Linda Pizzuti Henry and lawyer Jeremy Blackowicz

I guess we struck a nerve.

Shortly after publishing our post last week critical of The Boston Globe for unfairly targeting the Church yet again, a legal representative of the Globe contacted our web hosting company demanding that it remove our story. They claimed that we were "illegally using the Boston Globe Media Partners name in their article and naming our client" and that we could be committing strange "internet crimes."

Of course the Globe's claims were laughable, as we were not using their trademark or intellectual property but merely criticizing them. There was absolutely nothing "illegal" about our post. Our site was taken offline for about an hour, but thankfully our hosting company soon saw the Globe's missive for what it was: an attempt to bully and silence us into not criticizing a multimillion dollar media company. The Globe's problem with us was "a simple free speech issue, which we support," as a representative of our hosting company remarked.

[*Click to read the Globe's bully message yourself*]

According to a link within the message sent by the Globe, a lawyer named Jeremy Blackowicz at Day Pitney LLP oversees the trademarks of the Globe and presumably wrote the note attempting to silence us.

Well, we have a message for Globe CEO Linda Pizzuti Henry and Blackowicz: You know what you are doing is wrong, both legally and morally. You do not scare us, and you will not silence us. We won't back down to bigots and bullies.


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