Michigan Dreamin’: State AG Phonies Up Story to Gain Headlines

Dana Nessel : Michigan Attorney General

Using her office as a cudgel against the Catholic Church: Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

The way Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, the media, and even many "Catholic" outlets would have you believe, law enforcement rounded up five Catholic priests last week and dragged them out of their rectories in handcuffs for committing recent child sex abuse.

But, yet again, the truth is quite different than what we have been led to believe.

The headlines vs. reality

In truth, all five priests were already out of public ministry, all had already been reported to law enforcement, all but one of the priests no longer lived in Michigan, and all but one of the cases involve allegations from many decades ago. Some notes on each of the men:

1. Neil Kalina was a religious order priest who already left public ministry in 1993, over a quarter century ago. His allegations date back to the early 1980s. Allegations of sex abuse were not even known to Church leaders until 2017.

2. Fr. Jacob Vellian is now in his 80s and lives at a retirement home for priests in India. His abuse accusation dates back to the early 1970s.

3. After Church officials removed Timothy M. Crowley from parish ministry in 1993 after abuse allegations surfaced, they shipped him off to an office assignment at the chancery at the Archdiocese of Anchorage, Alaska. After policy changes from the Dallas Charter in 2002, the dude was defrocked and reported to police, who decided not to press charges.

4. Church officials removed Vincent DiLorenzo from ministry in 2002 after they received a complaint against him. The current charge involves a claim dating back to 1995.

5. Fr. Patrick Casey is the only one who was still living in Michigan. He was accused of engaging in sexual acts with a 24-year-old man who came to him for counseling in 2013. When the archdiocese found out about it in 2015, they ripped him out of ministry right away. His case for complete removal from the priesthood is still pending in Rome.

In other words, these are all old cases, and the Church had already done everything it was supposed to do.

Nessel was able to utilize a legal doctrine called "tolling", in which the statute of limitations is suspended because an individual is no longer physically within the jurisdiction where an alleged crime was committed. All but Casey no longer lived in Michigan and therefore were able to be arrested in other states. (The one from India will be extradited supposedly.)


According to recent news reports and government statistics, Detroit remains one of the most violent big cities in the country. It saw rates of homicide, rape, and auto theft rise in 2016. The violent crime rate in Flint, Michigan, rose 23 percent in 2017, making it the sixth most violent city in the country with a population over 50,000.

Oh, and children all over the state are constantly being targeted for sickening sex acts.

So where is AG Nessel expending her energies? Let's take a look at Nessel's own Twitter feed:

That's right. Michigan law enforcement is sifting through decades-old files looking to see if they can arrest a dead priest who was accused of abusing someone last century.

Surely there are many, many unsolved violent crimes in Michigan, and victims want justice. But instead, man-hours are being spent sifting through stale Church files.

This is outright anti-Catholic bigotry that even a blind man can see.


  1. Shawn R Johnson says:

    I wonder how many teenagers and even children give birth every day in Michigan.  Do you think she is prosecuting the rapists who sired these children or Planned Parenthood for failing to report the rapes?

  2. peoples clown says:

    Comrade commissar nessel is just following protocol of warfare by deception. Wasting time on years old cases that are superseded by the here and now , but not in her eyes. Again, its more important to deceive the public into thinking the worst of the church, and help to destroy it, spiritually and economically! Looks like those volunteers working overtime over the weekend, would be better off doing security around Detroit or some other hot area. 

  3. Dan says:

    The important question you all seem to be overlooking, is why were none of these men thrown in prison? Great Church! Laicize the creeps of your Church and wash your hands of the situation and free them to continue in their perversions and crimes against children. In one case even the police were notified and refused to press charges. I think someone should look into the control the Church has over our judicial system and those of other countries. Corrup-tion protecting the morally corrupt.

    • LLC says:


      "why were none of these men thrown in prison?" = because, as reported by the TMR article, there were allegations (not convictions) for four of them. In particular, for Fr. Patrick Casey the investigation seems still ongoing.

      Regarding the fifth, Timothy M. Crowley, the Police decided (not refused – vast difference) not to press charges. Perhaps the accusations were not as credible as first appeared. No matter: for the likes of you, it is always the Church’s fault.

      As the article also mentions, "the Church had already done everything it was supposed to do", i.e. removed these individuals from being able to interact with youngsters, pending investigation. The Church does not “throw anybody in prison”. The real Church, it is. Your church of one, possibly.

      Now, to the sense of this article: while it is perfectly in the power of the AG to reopen old cases, one must wonder, cui prodest? It seems that AG Nessel is using low (very low…) hanging fruits to boost her appeal; after all, in her own words, “I had to run for Attorney General just so I wouldn’t have to bring a space heater to work anymore” … In all seriousness, we must not fall into the “they are speeding too, so why do I get a ticket?” trap. While it is painful, cleaning house is a must.

      Finally, there is an interesting back and forth from the Twitter feed. A gentleman wonders if these are actual volunteers, or, more likely, “voluntold”, exploited by the AG. In my opinion, this would be worth investigating, particularly by some actual investigative journalist, instead of “the control the Church has over our judicial system and those of other countries”.

    • Dan says:

      You catholic excusers and deceivers, living in denial, are completely ridiculous. Of the four men you're referring to, these were not just "allegations". Crowley "admitted" to his Archbishop of the rape of a ten year old boy for 3 years. The Archbishop was happy to explain that he only knew of the rape of a young boy for 3 years and not the 8 years he was accused of. The other, DiLorenzo, admitted to sex with an 8 year old boy over a five year period. So we have laicized, defrocked and admitted child rapists, but you wish to claim that these were only "allegations", so undeserving of prison time? Really? While you're "pounding sand" maybe you should stick your head back into it, ostrich, or was it "Dodo" bird? When are the lies, denials and deceptions going to stop? My guess is Judgment Day. Come Lord Jesus.

      P.S. Julie, don't forget to brag about all your giving.

    • LLC says:


      Following the allegations, these five priests have been removed from their functions and the proper authorities informed, which is the responsibility of the Church.

      It was then up to the Justice department to continue the legal process. Again, it is not up to the Church to “throw anyone in jail”, unless they belong to your church of one, of course.

      Regarding Vincent DiLorenzo, according to the Genesee County’s Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor John Potbury, they are not sure “…why DeLorenzo wasn’t charged in the case earlier by local authorities” (according to Michigan Live).

      Regarding Timothy M. Crowley, it was up to the Police in Anchorage, AK, to press charges. They didn’t, at the request of the victim (also according to Michigan Live).

      Finally, as usual, you have completely missed the point of this (and other) post. Nobody here is defending these men, nor is saying that the Church acted perfectly. More could’ve been done, for sure, but this is Monday Morning Quarterbacking, and as such is only useful to prevent future harm. Complaining because these men were not fully prosecuted serves no purpose.

      Now, if you wish to defend the timing of AG Nessel’s investigation and what can/will accomplish, then I will provide my feedback. If, instead, you are simply bent on ranting, thus making a fool of yourself, be my guest, as this is a free Country. Do not count on any attention from my side, however.

      Sayonara, baka.

    • Dan says:

      Excuses, on top of excuses and more excuses, backed up with denials and added deception. How long are we to debate the many thousands of cases against your Church hierarchy, before you guys realize and admit that the Church is not God's Church, or anything close to godliness or purity. The disgusting, lustful, filthy, gathering of hypocrites. I never asked for any "attention" from you nor pursued it. I'm going to refrain from calling you any more names, because it is no longer innocent kidding and has become nasty. I'm done with you, so please go away and leave me alone like you've promised.        servant of the One True God

  4. malcolm harris says:

    This morning, on the radio, heard an old song from 'The Lettermen'.The lyrics included the words…"they say that all good things must end…someday". Paused to wonder if the people who work in the news media even consider this. Sure they have found a soft target in the Catholic Church, but when will the good thing end?. From their perspective it is a good thing, because they can pretend to be protecting children, whilst actually churning out sensational headlines, which sells their gutter journalism. Also wonder if grandstanding politicians, like  Attorney General Dana Nessel,  ever think about consequences. She is supposed to uphold Michigan's laws, but is clearly trashing the legal right to the presumption of innocence, instead she is creating a presumption of guilt.   Incidentally this story is told about Padre Pio.   A man said that he told Padre Pio that he,( the penitent) did not believe that hell existed. The reply he got was…."you will believe it when you get there". 

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, You have not yet understood that your Church has made itself a "target" of it's own making? The couple books of Peter in the Bible have great teachings about doing wrong and receiving the punishment you deserve (1 Peter 2:20 and 1 Peter 3:17). Another, "You reap what you sow." Would be good for you tp read and understand what these quotes mean. You can't blame the media or attorneys who are finally doing their job, for the horrific sins of your Church. Those filthy sins of today, yesterday or tomorrow. Come out into the light of Christ and receive his mercy. Defend and excuse the wrongs of your Church, and you just may share in their suffering.

  5. Julie says:

    Dan, OK, will do. I will count all the words in your last comment and give a doller per. I love to give to the church. I used to be a former Catholic who became an evangelical protestant. Jesus led me back to His church. Kicking and screaming. I have probably already told you this. And I encounter Christ during Mass in a very personal way, as I had an encounter with Jesus one night and He saved my life and I felt His presence. I feel His presence again at the Mass. It sounds crazy but I know He is there. I know it and I feel it. I am grateful that He Himself comes to us; it makes me feel a happiness that goes deep to my heart. Anyway, thank you Dan for the reminder. I hope you find a bit of happiness today. We are at flood stage where I am but the sun is finally peeking through. God bless you. 

    • Dan says:

      Are you sure that you haven't had an encounter with Mary? Be careful that you don't "flood" in your worship of Mary. Seriously though, stay safe. Take care.

    • peoples clown says:

      That is such a nice note, Julie! I'm hoping Jesus leads Dan corner back to His Church, "kicking and screaming"!

    • Dan says:

      Clown, If Jesus was to lead me back to your Church, "kicking and screaming", it would be for kicking and screaming at all the pedophile and pederast priests, bishops and lay people, and those who keep making excuses for and covered-up their filthy crimes. I'd also maybe enjoy "kicking" over some of the idols that have you Catholics so deceived. I find in my daily walk that Jesus is happier sending me to those who listen to His message rather than those who fight the truth with all their lies. Already been back to your Church to experience many Catholic liars and frauds. Please don't wish that on me! Thanks anyway for sharing your fantasies.

  6. Julie says:

    Dan, Thank you. :)

  7. Mark Taylor says:

    I posted a link to this article on Catholics4Change's Facebook page and got this response: 

    "Mark Thank you the link. Seems I need to be educated about the 5 inconvenient truths or the five fact about the grand jury. Seems I need to understand the difference between the weight of evidence in a criminal and civil cases. I also need to be educated about why the church/religious orgs settled so many cases – it wasn't because of if the cases were deemed crediable – its because they were afraid of the amount of credible/provable cases.So upset that these guys are protected by the SOLs. Like to be able to discuss the relationship with the many parishes, hospitals and schools but these priests/brothers are protected by those SOLs. Also, a certain bishop/cardinal is mentioned in the five facts about the Grand Jury. Like so many,wonder how many blackmailed the church? Also, an insult to Grand Juries in general. They work hard. Believe the first Grand Jury relized the public wasn't ready to prosecute – later DAs decided to prosecute priests. Like mentioned before cafeteria catholics, cafeteria facts. Yes, I was a religious and when younger in a minor seminary – can believe others did see the signs of abuse."

    Just wonder what you people would say to that?

  8. Julie says:

    Mark, I will say something to that when you can provide the name of the person who gave you that response. Is that person credible? Do they have proof? Do they have an axe to grind? And yes, we all know about the guilty priests and want this mess to be cleaned up, the victims compensated and the guilty parties severely punished. We don't want cases to just be settled with massive amounts of fraudulent claims. We do want genuine claims compensated. Along with that, (and I almost wish they could just hang to death any guilty clergy) we want justice for falsely accused priests like Father Gordon MacRae who are imprisoned. We want disordered men kept out of the seminaries. Mark, what is your agenda in all this? What are you hoping to have happen? 

    • malcolm harris says:

      Hang in there Julie, you appear to be asking the right questions. That your questions are likely to be ignored?. Well….. even that should tell us something?. Incidentally 'Catholics4Change' sounds like a trendy and catchy marketing product.  But will it be change for the better?

    • Mark Taylor says:

      Hi Julie, my agenda was just to see what other people like yourself had to say to that post. That person's name was Ed Gunn and I'm sure he has an axe to grind. And I am just as upset about falsely accused priests as you are. 

  9. Mark Taylor says:

    Malcolm, Catholics4Change is a blog about the sex scandals. The 'change' they want is in the clergy's attitude. I like to think the Church has taken steps to weed out this problem but it seems a lot is still needing to be done. Here's a link to their website: https://catholics4change.com/?fbclid=IwAR1H23o5qC-iJ3rwSbZkIFJGWoD26Yc3dki6JtFrp34YN05QL7j-sf8MLPs

    Also, Malcolm, if you look, you can find their Facebook page. I shall leave it to you to find Ed Gunn's last two responses for yourself. God bless.

  10. malcolm harris says:

    Mark Taylor has  provided me with a link to 'Catholics4Change'. It was very interesting to scroll through their many posts. But the impression I got was that it was largely based upon the premise that a priest is always guilty, just for being accused. Only a biased person would fail to discern that the end objective is a big settlement. The cover story is  supposedly about child protection, and justice and reform. But it is really about money. The lever being used against the Church is scandal and loss of credibiltiy. Plus the well known vulnerability of the average Catholic…..a peculiar guilt complex.  We tend to always blame ourselves. And close our minds to the reality that there are  people who lay awake at night, planning how to make easy money. But we have a clear example of what is really going on, by looking at Australia. With Cardinal Pell being convicted…. without any evidence to support the accusation. Such monumental prejudice explains the confidence of so many accusers. So blogs like 'Catholics4Change' exist to keep the witch-hunt going… and those burning torches aflame.

  11. Julie says:

    We have certainly had crappy priests (understatement?). One we had when I was a kid was a pot smoking draft dodger. Another one was clearly a gay man uninterested in being an actual priest. He wore bikini swim trunks to the beach (and we naively laughed at that). We didn't have any church groups or activities or Bible studies or such things in my parish. And we all know about the ones who were REALLY sick b-tards who I wish could be strung up (though most are dead) along with their cowardly bishops. They weren't men of God. They weren't Catholics. They were evil. That said, Catholics4Change appears to not be a genuinely Catholic group, but an anti-Catholic one that is working to drum up people who can sue the church out of existence. Because that is the real agenda. To drum up enough outrage and lawsuits so that Catholic churches will have to close and be out of business. The more victims they can find and bundle into lawsuits, the more this is able to happen. I don't think with SNAP and some other such groups, I don't think they care if accused priests are really guilty or not at this point. It's about strategy. They know the drill. They know the playbook. They have eager allies in the media and government, along with "outraged" anti-Catholics pushing the idea that this only happens in the Catholic Church. I think Catholics4Change is pretending that their agenda is wanting change among clergy attitudes. I think they want the church to close up shop. 

    • Dan says:

      Julie, Julie, Julie. How hard is it for you guys to understand that Romans 1:18-32 describes what becomes of a faith that bows to the creation and not the Creator, "images resembling mortal man", which would include your Virgin Mary. Exodus 20:4, "You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, of that is in the water under the earth." How do your carved images of Mary, Jesus or saints not fall into one of these categories.

      Knowing these scripture verses, how can you deny that the idol-worshiping clergy who committed homsexual sins against innocence, never were Catholics? They were "Catholics" and "they were evil" and as idolators became the very wicked men that are described in God's Word. Why do Catholics have such a problem understanding Scripture predicting precisely what becomes of a false Church teaching unbiblical practices?

      P.S. I guess if your commenting, then you've survived the flooding. At least that is good news.

    • Dan says:

      I guess those first few sentences should be questions and should have had question marks?

  12. Mark Taylor says:

    Good points Julie and Malcolm. They don't seem to worry about falsley accused priests at all. I have tried on Catholics4Change and also on the Facebook page LOUD Fence to raise awareness on the other side of the issue but seem to get nowhere. Over at LOUD Fence they have nothing but venom for George Pell. But what if he *is* innocent?

  13. Julie says:

    Mark, Thank you. I am not one to defend clergy that I believe are guilty. But I think Pell is innocent and if he, is in fact, innocent I feel horrible about what is going on. Yea, anyone can call themselves Catholic. I think the "Catholics4Change" name is a cover. Time and again I see where people who attack the church use deception. 

    • Dan says:

      Julie, Fortunately "think[ing] Pell is innocent" doesn't make him innocent, so you don't have to "feel horrible" about his conviction. Julie mistates, "Time and again I see where people who attack the Church use deception." So the Church known to work in lies, secrecy and "deception" is now being attacked using their own skills. Oh please, Julie! I don't know what is worse? Biblical falsehoods you've learned from your Protestant experience, or the lies, false accusations and twisting of truth you've been taught from your Catholic Church. And you claim you've had a personal experience with Christ that brought you back to the Church? Did you mean Anti-Christ?

  14. Julie says:

    Dan, More dollars for my church collection. Thank you, dear friend. 

  15. Mark Taylor says:

    There's a saying. "Weak Catholics become Protestants. Strong Protestants become Catholic." I think Dan was a weak Catholic. Even though he claims to be anti-Protestant as well as anti-Catholic, I still think he was a weak Catholic.

    • LLC says:


      interesting adage, worth remembering. As for Dan, I would associate him more to a sectarian church à la JW. Although usually more civilized, they share the same ignorance of Scripture and history while showing equal intransigence. On a second thought, he would probably find himself at home at the Westboro Baptist Church.

      Have a blessed day!

    • Dan says:

      Mark, Who do you attribute that statement to, one of your pedophile excusing popes or bishops? I'm not anything Catholic or Protestant and against all of the false religions of this world. but your heathen one especially!

    • Dan says:

      LLC, Just in case you can't put two and two together and realize that my 6/12 @10:20pm comment was directed towards you, yes you are the troll I was referring to. I guess I didn't click on the reply button, but it will give you something to critcize me for, seeing that you catholics think you're so perfect in your own minds.

  16. Dan says:

    I thought you were going to leave me alone, jackass, Stop associating me with evil and ungodly belief systems that act similar to your own. Get lost, troll.

  17. Dan says:

    Oh! And lest I forget, May all of you heathens, "Have a blessed day!"

  18. Julie says:

    Dan, You too. :) Enjoy the weekend.