Latest State Witch Hunt: Michigan AG Nessel Proudly Makes Her Hatred of Church Known, Catholic Media In Hiding

Dana Nessel : Michigan AG

On the hunt for papists? Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

"If an investigator comes to your door and asks to speak with you, please ask to see their badge and not their rosary."

When she was elected Attorney General last November, Dana Nessel became the first openly 'LGBTQ' candidate to win a statewide office in Michigan. She had been a fierce advocate for gay marriage in the state and then married another woman. The pair have custody of two children.

And when Nessel ran for office, she even touted the fact that she "didn't have a penis" as a primary reason to vote for her. (Don't believe it? See for yourself.)

These indisputable facts alone give pause as to whether Nessel might have some animus against the Church in light of its teachings on sexuality.

But then last week at a press conference in which she announced the continuation of a criminal investigation against the Catholic Church over allegations of abuse from many decades ago, it was a remark from Nessel that left little doubt about where her mind is. Nessel announced:

"If an investigator comes to your door and asks to speak with you, please ask to see their badge and not their rosary."

Obviously, a public official could never get away with such a clearly bigoted remark against another religion. If a law enforcement official investigating a Jewish group said, "If an investigator comes to your door and asks to speak with you, please ask to see their badge and not their yarmulke," the outrage would be rightfully swift and furious. That individual's career would be finished. Kaput.

But when it comes to the Catholic Church, anything goes. Nessel clearly has it out for the Church. In a television interview a couple weeks ago, she even referred to the Church as a "criminal enterprise."

And the cowardly Catholic media stays cowardly

In the 1950s, historian Arthur Schlesinger, Sr. called anti-Catholicism "the deepest-held bias in the history of the American people." That was not only true then, but the bias has clearly become much, much worse as liberals get angrier and angrier that the Church keeps resisting their demands to accede to the latest fads in human sexuality.

And in reviewing so-called "Catholic" media, we have yet to see a single voice criticizing Nessel's bigoted remark. This is a problem.

Dear Catholic media: Stop being such cowards. The Church is under relentless attack, and just like the apostles on the day of the trial of Jesus, you all are nowhere to be found.

Man up.


  1. peoples clown says:

    The situation in america, for catholics, today, is precarious, as always! Only we have religious tests to get into office! And none of us really objects or protests, just bow their heads in agreement really! Only we get singled out for verbal assault, and NO ONE objects! Church haters like dan/Jim rub their hands with false delight, as their belief or nonbelief could be next!

    The southern baptists are now marked for persecution. American atheist chief, David Silverman, was kicked out a couple years ago, for sex assault, but no persecution, YET!!!! He's just a "secular advocate"

    With u.s. catholics trained to run with their tails between their legs, and agree, and happily take the crap, its just a matter of time for an established government bolsheviki apparatus, to start throwing catholic clergy, and all of us, in prison, just for being catholic. The destruction campaign continues, and foolish catholics bow and scrape in agreement. Indeed, they don't even know it happened to them!!

    • Jim Robertson says:

      Clowny you are such a fool, hence your name.

      Name one Catholic in prison in the U.S. for their faith. You can't.

      The Catholic church IS a criminal enterprise.

      If the Rico act had been applied to church leaders for transferring, known to them, predators into other states and countries there would be dozens if not hundreds of Catholic officials in jail and rightfully so.

      Catholics don't have tails and Catholics don't run from anything. They've thrown millions of dollars into fighting same sex marriage and LOST.

      As far as throwing innocent clergy and all Catholics in jail just for being Catholic? LMFAO! Every other country but the U.S. have had hearings on sexual abuse by the clergy. Yet you claim you are being persecuted? LOL! That's why I named you clown but I should have just called you a lying propagandist for child molesters.


    • peoples clown says:

      Well, Jim, I know you gave me the name, so I try to be for the "people" ,and not for the bolsheviki! Yes, there's a priest, forgot his name, he's in prison, innocent, for more then 20 years, as he didn't want to do a plea bargain , for a crime he didn't commit!

      Even you have to admit, all these AG are a storm brewing! Which criminal enterprise?? Junipero Serra high school, where you liked a lot of the teachers? Lock them up? Or a catholic hospital, with a great cancer ward, that, if you had brain cancer, would try to save you!! Invoke RICO??? Yet, it could get to the point ,if they don't abort, maybe close down, prison later, perhaps.

          Next time you are "hanging 10"  be sure to catch the wave towards mexico, where a small group took over the government, and killed priests!! Its just over the border. Cristero war.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      So much to unpack …

      First, I said the Catholic church is a criminal enterprize because it enabled crimes against its own children and protected and transferred the criminals while ignoring the victims.

      Second the anti LGBTQ sentiments in the above article have nothing to do with any hostility towards the church but comes from the church as a given. (Meanwhile LGBTQ people all come from the same nature you do. We just don't hate our neighbor for who they love like you do.

      Third, the priest you refer to is in jail for molesting a child not for his faith. (unless you consider molesting children is his faith.)

      Fourth, I don't surf. So your prejudice against Californians may play big to your ignorant followers who live in butt fk nowhere but what you overlook is, that California has the fifth largest economy in the world. so surf that.

      I ,as a child, hated every religious who taught at my high school. Why? because they were violent and used violence for control. I loved two lay teachers at my school because they taught respect by giving respect and were never violent. Respect was given them by their classes because they earned it by being respectful of us as people.

      May I add in grade school I loved several of our nuns for, and hated one or two others for, exactly the same reasons as I loathed the bullies at my high school. They offered violence as a solution to their problems.

      Fifth, No one ever has asked or expected a Catholic hospital to provide abortions. Show me where that's ever been demanded of Catholic hospitals.

      Sixth, I wonder why those Mexican priests were killed? Why, if they were such "beloved Fathers", didn't any of their flock vouch safe their goodness and defend them against injustice?

      and finally seventh, Last time I looked Bolsheveki are people too. Not just boogey men and women come to kill priests.

      And If we Bolsheviks had just come to kill priests explain why the church in Russia is now sadly the major power there again? Magic mumbo jumbo didn't raise a moribund religion from a grave it was never in.  Perhaps we should have killed a few more priests who like lawyers are pretty much universally loathed and seen as thieving con men more interested in wealth and power than love.

      I was watching on EWTN a French film on St Bernadette of Lourdes and her life in the convent post visions. The lead was the prettiest little model of an actress. She was prettier than literally everyother woman in the film. The core of the film was about Bernadette's acceptance of suffering (TB) and the importance of obedience to the males and authorities of the church. And Why? So that little uneducated Bernadette could get to heaven, her only goal. Seems like greed and selfishness for eternal bliss( still as yet to be proven extant) was the St's. only goal. Fear of Hell and desire for Heaven are not the things saints should be made of.

    • peoples clown says:

      Well, Jim, you see how Dan owns up to "Dr. F.."

      We all know that you don't fear hell or desire heaven. Why watch EWTN? I'm sure you don't subscribe, and could be considered a freeloader, with your economic background.

      Both of you miss publion! He was so erudite, in his 3rd person in depth observations. Maybe he'll be back!

      Well, no anti California ,am I! Have relatives, that I visited years ago. So you don't even sidewalk surf, like Jan + dean? Look what they started?

      Sorry, but bolsheviki are boogeymen. Look at lubianka prison! Russia's church survived because of their faith and Gods will. Putin's mother had him secretly baptized, a crime then! She was courageous! He still wears his baptism medal, around his neck! They even gave back a catholic church that had been trashed, reconstructed!

      Anyway, don't worry, bolsheviki aren't the persecuted ones, we are!

    • Dan says:

      Wait a minute, Clown. Just because I called you Bozo/Gacy, may have given you the right to get back at me, but didn't give you the right to say that to Jim. That one is totally on you. Try putting the blame where blame is due. Forgive Me!! I forgot how Catholics like to blame everyone else for their sins.

  2. Click to hear how I, as a media person, asked the AG for an aplology on her biased comment



  3. Michael C Smith says:

    So, the state of Michigan has a clergy abuse hotline. I wonder if they have a hotline for butchers, bakers and candletick makers? Or state employees, specifically, members of the attorney generals office? Or don't they abuse children. This is nothing more than payback for The Church's stand against sodomy and abortion.

  4. Dan says:

    I'm not in any agreement with her lifestyle or political perverted misstatements, but what she's saying is that victims of sex abuse or pedophilia should be dealt with by the civil authorities and not by the deceivingly secretive hierarchy protecting Church credibility, whatever little they have left. That's not a "Witch Hunt" by any means. It's just asking for justice and prison time for the perverts of the Church.

    For Bozo/John Wayne Gacy – No decent human being wants to see Catholics thrown in prison for being brainwashed sheep. We only want to see the guilty given proper justice and punishment and kept from harming innocent children or adults ever again. That isn't only in the Catholic Church, but in every false religion, organization or household, period.

    • Gallibus says:

      Who gets to define 'decent'? Anybody except the Catholic Church that still, after over 2000 years still teaches Christ's doctrines since he is the head and founder of the Catholic Church? Where have you been all these years?

    • Dan says:

      Gall-e-bus, "Where have you been all these years?" You haven't figured out yet that your Church teaches Marian "doctrines" and the worship of the Queen of Heaven, greed, sexual immorality, cheating, lying and idolatry. I ask again, "Where have you been all these years?"

  5. RuthRexor says:

    How was she biased? She’s making a joke about how the Catholic Church’s sex abuse investigations are a joke. She references the rosary because it’s something that Catholic clergy often carry, so she’s suggesting that any witness approached by an “investigator” should ask for a badge to confirm that it’s a state investigator, as opposed to someone who works for the Church and wants to discredit their claims. So obviously she’s going to refer to a Catholic symbol rather than a sacred cow or wheel of Dharma… There’s no other religion discussed at that press conference.

    And peoples clown commented that there are religious tests? Sure, in some states there are laws that prohibit atheists or non-theists from holding state office. But there are no laws or barriers to Catholics holding public office or employment.

    • peoples clown says:

      Well, Dana nessel didn't have an "office test" ,for being lesbian, as far as I know! There was no hearing saying: "ms. Nessel, you put us in a " pickle"! Will your lifestyle interfere with your duties?" Or her answer:"I like……"

      Chicago might also have a lesbian mayor soon. Will they question her? Gee, they didn't question Emmanuel.

    • peoples clown says:

      I think ,pretty soon, Michigan newspapers will take a cue from 1880 Thomas nast cartoons, that show bishops, swimming ashore, in lake Michigan, with "alligator tooth" hats, attacking. Dana could be shown wearing hercommisar uniform!

  6. Gallibus says:

    "They claim to be in the truth but the truth is not in them because there is no love."

    God is Love, Think about this.

    • Dan says:

      "God is love." Yes, and we're waiting for your Church to practice what it preaches. "God is love" doesn't mean to molest anything you can get your hands on. Apparently your hierarchy thinks so. The rest make excuses and cover-up for their disgusting lusts and sick diseases.

    • peoples clown says:

      Well, I guess a problem here is that Dan/Dahmer and Jim/Dr frankenfurter, miss poster publion!!! So, I will try to invoke some of publions best attitudes to ease the pain and boredom:

      In this segment, doncha know, we are treated to : " brother Dan's traveling salvation show! Pack up the babies, and grab the old ladies cause everyone knows" except Dan! His bathroom mirror says we're waiting for the church to see this, obviously, forgetting who invented hospitals. Dan has confused Gods love, with "when love comes knocking at your door" by the Monkees, which he's free to do, but I'll be grabbing my popcorn to see him wiggle out of this!

  7. Otto says:

    The problem with the Catholic media is worse than cowardice. Instead of defending the Church they are too busy trying to score points for their own ideological factions. Liberal Catholics are still blaming the all-male priesthood and clerical celibacy as usual but now right-wing Catholics are in on the act, using the abuse issue to strike at Pope Francis.

    I am disgusted with the Catholic media and much of the laity who parrot anti-Catholic talking points on social media. It is bad enough having to deal with attacks from the secular media but now Catholics are attacking their own church. There are very few sources with an unbiased, rational approach to the abuse issue which makes me think that most of those who comment on the issue really do not care about victims or fixing the problem but only scoring their own ideological points.

  8. Dan says:

    "The [real] problem with the Catholic" Church is the Church itself, while their followers are too busy blaming the media (Catholic and secular) and innocent laity who would like to know the truth and anyone else they can slur, in order to protect their wolves in sheeps clothing. God and Christ are tired of all your nonsensical blaming of others and are slowly exposing the truth of the evilness that was kept silent among its hierarchy for centuries. This is the sign of this worlds ending and the Vatican and all their Marian shrines shall meet their just due. 

    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: "Come out of her, my people, so that you may not have fellowship in her sins, and so that you may not receive of her plagues." Rev. 18:4 Any Catholics out there ever read God's Word or are you to taken with their Golden Shrines?

  9. Jim Robertson says:

    Why didn't your god do his own translations of his word?

    Why did St. Jerome and Martin Luther and the homosexual King James have to do the translations?

    Particularly if the "word" (bible) is the only way to be saved?

    All those who couldn't read it couldn't be saved?

    Religionists are so damned dumb.

    • Dan says:

      If you knew the "Word" then you would know that the Bible doesn't save anyone. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word became flesh in the form of Jesus Christ His Son and believing the Lord died for our sins is how we are saved. The Bible is a great tool for knowing the difference between what is right and wrong. The Bible doesn't save anyone. Man us Christians are so "damned dumb", but at least we're not just "damned" for all eternity.

    • peoples clown says:

      Wow! Between popcorn bites, I think its a "tevye" as you both have points! Jim's point, too, in that its only last century, where massive illiteracy is wiped out, still lots around. Dan in that the bible is a great tool!


  10. Jim Robertson says:

    Clowny, comparing Dan to a mass murdering cannibal is disgusting. You are disgusting for doing it.

    Comparing me to Dr. Frankenfurter is supposed to do what exactly? Demean me?  Make me feel acknowledged as a gay man?

    Who do you screw besides yourself and anyone who believes your nonsense.

    Where's that god of love and his followers when you need them?

    • Dan says:

      Jim, I'm somewhat responsible for his comeback, because I wrote Bozo/Gacy hoping he would stop the "Dan/Jim" comments. 

      For peoples clown, your stuff is bad enough without adding publiar's stupid comments to your repertoire. And the Bible is a "great tool", packed with knowledge and wisdom. It couldn't hurt for you to try to learn something from the Lord's Word.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan – are you so blind, that you have a log in your eye. I was AGREEING that the bible is a great tool!

    • Dan says:

      I'm far from blind, but when you begin a comment with one of publiar's "popcorn bites", how is one not going to mistakenly take what follows as sarcasm. Why does it take some small misunderstanding for you Catholics to judge another and think poorly adding an inappropriate Bible verse proves I have a "log in my eye"? That quote refers to religious hypocrites, which would better apply to the hierarchy of your Church, never practicing what it preaches. 

    • LLC says:


      Dan’s “I'm far from blind” cry is a clear reminder of Luke 6:29. He and Jim surely make a nice pair.

      As for the name they allegedly assigned you, wear it proudly. During the Middle Ages (certainly more enlightened that our current age, judging from the level of some posts here – but I digress), jesters were commonly employed by nobles and kings as entertainers (which is much more that could be said about Jim, son of Robert, for example), or offered their services as traveling jesters to bring solace to the otherwise sometimes gray lives of common people. In other words, nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Dan says:

      And LLC returns with another "inappropriate Bible verse". Luke 6:29 has nothing to do with blindness, but just may show proof to more of your blindness. Jim and myself are not a "nice pair", but instead complete opposites. With all these comments and you guys haven't yet figured that out?!? How astute?!?

    • LLC says:


      Correct, the verse I meant to cite was Luke 6:39, as any Bible scholar would’ve known. And yes, you and Jim truly make a nice couple. Almost like a married one. Opposite do attract, as the old saying goes.

    • peoples clown says:

      I've always felt they were like patty/Cathy duke, " different as night and day!".

  11. Jim Robertson says:

    A dead molesting priest is a joy forever.

    • malcolm harris says:

      JR, on the 4th, tells us …. "a dead molesting priest is a joy forever".  His comment is revealing…. re his thinking. Which is that an accusation is itself the proof, and no evidence needed. Therefore, according to his peculiar logic, every accused priest is always guilty. So we must shut up and pay up. Both with money… and with reputation. This has been demonstrated, in Australia, with Cardinal Pell. There was no evidence to support the accusation, not one witness or collaboration. But twenty witnesses who say they did believe it could have happened., in the time and place claimed. The Cardinal's reputaion is now trashed… but the payout is problematic… because he is likely to win his appeal to the Supreme Court . So those trucks, lined up for big bucks, may have to drive away empty.


    • peoples clown says:

      as Malcolm explains this is thenew bolsheviki mode of attack!

  12. Jim Robertson says:

    Bwa!HaHaHaHa! Bolsheviki!

    Who do you hate now?. Who will you blame to deflect your sins?

    Was it Communists who collapsed your economy, stole your homes, failed to give you pensions made healthcare the most profitable enterprise in the country. (and I do mean profitable)

    Was it the Communists who cheated your children from being educated and/or made debtors out of those who attempt to climb out of their class through a good education?

    Or was it capitalism who removed the little you had? I'm speaking to Americans now.

    The US of A, The richest country in the world where 40% of the population can't afford a $400 emergency and 90% live pay check to paycheck.

    Is this the best of all possible worlds? Ask Voltaire.


    • LLC says:


      “Was it Communists who collapsed your economy, stole your homes, failed to give you pensions made healthcare the most profitable enterprise in the country. (and I do mean profitable)” = not; it was Communism’s precursor, Socialism. Socialism can’t work, so Government feels justified in taking the next logical (or, shall we say, illogical?) step, i.e. Communism. History has since long condemned both economical structures as inefficient and ineffective. Furthermore, healthcare is far from being the “most profitable enterprise” in the Country. Their ROI for healthcare insurance companies is around 3.3%. A much more profitable industry drug manufacturers, of course, because people have become reliant on drugs instead of self-control. Education, which you seem to value so high, is around 11.7%.

      “Was it the Communists who cheated your children from being educated and/or made debtors out of those who attempt to climb out of their class through a good education?” = not; again, it was the well-intentioned (giving the benefit of the doubt) but utterly foolish and unproductive government policies regarding education, and the greed of left-controlled colleges. Furthermore, “good education” and “colleges and universities” is an interesting oxymoron.

      “The US of A, the richest country in the world where 40% of the population can't afford a $400 emergency and 90% live pay check to paycheck” = correct, because they have learned to become depended on the government for every little need.

      “Is this the best of all possible worlds? Ask Voltaire” = still beats the alternative. Furthermore, if you really want an interesting reading, I recommend R. A. Heinlein “Starship Troopers” (not the movie, although I believe you get most of your limited and incorrect knowledge from the cathodic tube).

  13. Jim Robertson says:

    So Malcolm you don't think molesting priest should be punished? That's what your saying. That's your defence? No witness no crime?

    The victim's the witness.Malcolm . Our description of the crime has to be very specific. That you convieniently overlook per usual.

    You're like the Nazis blame the Jews, Gays, Commies, and Gypsies.

  14. Jim Robertson says:

    Thanks LLC I haven't been to Fantasyland for a while. you're a laugh a paragraph.

  15. Jim Robertson says:

    Obviously those pesky Capitalists didn't steal LLC's home. Or the dickhead would be singin' another tune. By the way it's "value so highly" not "value so high."


  16. Jim Robertson says:

    Dan don't let LLC gay bait you. Dan is sraight and I am gay. He, like you, doesn't like gay people as we are.  We need savin'.

    And for LLC to use gay marriage as an insult is bigotted as well but what can we expect from "Christians" cerainly not love.

    • LLC says:


      Cumulative answers, if you don’t mind.

      “I haven't been to Fantasyland for a while” = interesting; from your posts, one would’ve thought that Fantasyland was your permanent domicile.

      “you're a laugh a paragraph” = glad to lighten up your (otherwise seemingly bleak) days.

      “Obviously those pesky Capitalists didn't steal LLC's home” = correct. In the State where I reside, it is more likely that the socialist government may decide to confiscate my domicile.

      “Dan is sraight and I am gay” = first, given your pedantic attitude, it is “straight”, not “sraight”. Second, your lifestyle is of no relevance here. Furthermore, it is interesting and revealing how you let yourself be defined extremely narrowly (gay or straight). God created men to be much more than that.

      "We need savin'" = correct, like anyone else. Now, this is the real bait. Let's see if brother Dan bites…

      “And for LLC to use gay marriage as an insult is bigotted as well but what can we expect from "Christians" cerainly not love” = for the pedantic, it’s “bigoted” and “certainly”. More importantly, my post said nothing about gay marriage: you really are touchy. It is, again, very revealing how everything about yourself is reduced to a lifestyle.

      As for your foul language, stay classy, my friend…

  17. Jim Robertson says:

    LLC I am "classy" Working Classy.

    And fk off!

  18. Jim Robertson says:

    Recommending Heinlein as an answer to Voltaire speaks for it's sad self, LLC.

    You might want to grock the bisexuality of the hero, Valentine Michael Smith, in Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.

    "Yes you (Dan) and Jim would make nice couple. Almost like a married one."

    No you didn't bring up gay marriage per se but you sure beat the hell out of my gayness infering I and Dan would make a nice couple, we wouldn't because we are not at all alike and one of us is straight and then there is your comparing a non existant couple to a married one.

    LLC you are pathetic. You should change your name to Chubby Checker because you twist things as much as he did.

    By the way we same sex couples can and are married now under federal law. Dan is straight however and therefore (I'm sorry to bring it up again) a true gay marriage couldn't (thanks to Dan) be consumated. You know the old in-out.

    I was right about the banks' not taking your house away. What about all the Catholcs that lost their homes to the greatest robbery of the working class in history?