Storm Clouds On The Horizon: Phony Conviction of Cardinal Pell Spells Deep Trouble Ahead For Church [w/ Cardinal Pell Police VIDEO]

Cardinal Pell : martyr

Coming soon to a public square near you

"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square." – Cardinal Francis George, circa 2010

Back in a June 2017 post about the cases against Australia's Cardinal George Pell, we wrote, "Will another innocent cleric be dragged off to prison for crimes he never committed? We believe so, but we hope we're wrong."

Well, quite sadly, we were correct. And future signs are not encouraging.

The entire "Catholic Church abuse story" has long ago ceased about being about "justice for victims" and "bishop accountability." The actions of law enforcement, the media, tort lawyers, and so-called "victims groups" are now nothing less than a full-on assault against the Church because of its teachings on sexual ethics. The issue of sex abuse committed decades ago is just a pretext for this attack, and the absurd criminal conviction of Cardinal Pell on ludicrous abuse charges is simply the latest proof of this.

Catholic media, wake up now!

It is now time for all faithful Catholics – especially those in the so-called "Catholic media" – to finally wake up. Too many Catholic voices are afraid of being personally attacked on Twitter or elsewhere for being a "Vatican flak," "tone deaf," or "heartless to victims" if they dare speak up against this clear attack on the Church. Meanwhile, innocent Catholic clerics are being dragged off to prison.

The gutlessness in the Catholic media in particular is off the charts. It is time for Catholics to get mad. It is time for Catholics to stop kowtowing to the secular mob and instead fight back. Call out the injustices. Call out the fraud. Call out the bigotry.

Judge for yourself. We urge readers to watch this October 2016 video of Cardinal Pell's police interview. The whole thing is insane. The idea that Cardinal Pell somehow sexually assaulted two altar boys in a cathedral just after a busy Sunday Mass while draped in three layers of clerical vestments is the epitome of lunacy. Oh, yeah. And one of the alleged "victims," now deceased, even said the abuse never happened.

Take the time. Dig into the facts. Don't blindly follow other people's narratives – especially from those who hate the Church for reasons that have nothing to do with the abuse of minors decades ago.

Recommended reading / HT:
"Cardinal Pell felled by abuse claims – but are they credible?" by Michael Cook (

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"The Witch Hunt Against Australia's Cardinal George Pell: Five Facts You Need To Know" (, 12/31/2018)


  1. David and Sandra Sonnen says:

    Thank you

  2. peoples clown says:

    This article is right on! Cardinal George was a visionary, in this case! Its not so remote of a movement to especially destroy us in the u.s., but of course, worldwide. The sad part, is that many catholics are brainwashed, and go along with the media narratives. These actions have happened, periodically, throughout the world(,mexico,Portugal,Spain,soviet union). I can see us in front of firing squads, like in the Spanish civil war, why not? Were already guilty in the court of public opinion, and should be "divested" and shot for the crime of being catholic.its not just coming, its here!

  3. peoples clown says:

    Those that gloat about the situation, will be the next in line.

    The Bolsheviks have never ceased their assault. Its just morphed!

  4. LLC says:

    As much as I agree with the general idea that Catholics should and must speak up in the face of persecution, we mustn’t forget that the aspiration as Catholics is not to avoid persecution, but to persevere in its duress for the sake of the Kingdom.

    While the western culture in which we live teaches self preservation and fulfillment as the key to earthly happiness (sentiment seemingly fully embraced by some posters in this same blog – Dan and Jim in primis), Scriptures attest to the courage of men and women willing to die as martyrs, summarized in John’s vision in Revelation 7:14. Jesus puts tribulation and persecution as conditional to true discipleship in Matthew 16:24-26.

    So, by any means, let’s point out the media’s bias and the unjust generalization of the crimes of very few Catholics to the detriment of the myriad of faithful priests that everyday fulfill Jesus’ commandments. This bias weakens the justice process and ultimately only provides a disservice to the real victims. We need to protect the innocents on both sides of this tragic issue and bring to justice the actual perpetrators. We must react to the feeling of gloom and doom portrayed by the media (and sometimes supported by well intentioned, and yet fully deceived Catholics) and point out the marvelous works of the Church, even in such stormy and dark times. Historically, the Church has withstood crisis of much larger magnitude, always coming out stronger, unlikely the earthly powers that tried to destroy her (including other so called churches).

    But, in the end, if this is our (or Cardinal Pell’s) cross to bear, we must do so, confident that Jesus will never give us a burden that with His power we can’t endure.

  5. CJenny says:


    Having attended St. Patrick’s Cathedral Masses offered by Archbishop Pell in those years, I am incredulous that if the police did any investigation they would know that this was utterly untrue.

    With the sacred vestments that the Archbishop wears, the Master of Ceremonies – Fr. Portelli, other Priests in the Procession, Sacristans, Altar Boys, Choir Boys, Visitors and others – this is absurd.

    Totally impossible.

  6. malcolm harris says:

    Want to congratulate Dave Pierre on his timely warning about this attack on our Church. He describes the accusation against Cardinal Pell as "insane".  Well it is…. and you wonder what's going on with the Victorian Police?  Just try to imagine the allegation actually happening?. How could the alleged abuser know that the boys would not go running to their parents, who were waiting out the front of the Cathedral?.  The risk would be tantamount to reputation suicide?.  No….there is a spirit abroad…. that has a diabolical effect…. and people no longer think rationally. Prejudice seems to be everwhere.

  7. Dan says:

    I've never seen the gathering of a more gullible group of brainwashed  people in all of my life. Cardinal Pell has several other accusations against him. You want us to believe after all the pedophilia, pederasty, seminarian homosexuality, rape of lay women or nuns, intermingled with secrecy, lies and deception, you're going to convince us that Pell is totally innocent, a visionary and worthy now of sainthood? You don't think that by now the clergy, especially bishops and cardinals haven't learned by now to just deny everything and anything and hopefully it will come down to their word against yours. Keep believing that the number of perverts among yourselves is few, and the Lord God who sees everything will have His final justice and you might want to hope that you won't share in the sins of your Church, since you're so willing to defend their perversions.  servant of the Lord of Truth

    P.S. You can claim persecution when wrongfully accused of sins you didn't commit. Your Church is a persecutor of anyone exposing their evils. They are not the persecuted and to claim that is utterly ridiculous. They are a tax-free fraud and God has your number, 666.

    • LLC says:


      So many comments, so little time…

      “I've never seen the gathering of a more gullible group of brainwashed people in all of my life” = I have, and I do, daily. They are the ones who blindly believe anything that comes out of the media.

      “Cardinal Pell has several other accusations against him” = Please define “several”. Furthermore, Cardinal Pell has been cleared of the (only) other accusation I know of, dating back to 1962.

      “you're going to convince us that Pell is totally innocent, a visionary and worthy now of sainthood?” = aside from the childish tone, nope, we are not doing anything of the sort. The facts are, and will (for those interested in facts, it is).

      “Keep believing that the number of perverts among yourselves is few…” = actually, math says so. Are you sure you majored in Math? Your comments tell otherwise (political sciences, or left-handed puppetry, perhaps?). Regardless, as any Catholic in this blog and elsewhere will say, one is too many. But it has to be one actually guilty, not proclaimed guilty by the media (or by you, for what it matters).

      “You can claim persecution when wrongfully accused of sins you didn't commit” = nope, actually you can’t. Persecution has nothing to do with sin. The Church is persecuted because of her stand against the corrupted and degenerated secular costumes of today’s society. You still don’t see the reason why the Catholic Church is always singled out by the media, do you? You are truly blind.

      “…God has your number, 666” = what’s the area code? Modern numerology is the refuge of the ignorant.

    • Dan says:

      Why are you asking me for the area code? You should know seeing that you believe "Modern numerology is the refuge of the ignorant". So now you want to question the Lord's Word regarding the number of the beast? What other Biblical truths do you wish to dispute?

    • LLC says:


      please read my comment again. Especially where I specifically mention "modern" numerology, i.e. made up by ignoramus of your caliber, as opposed to what is conveyed by Scriptures.

    • Dan says:

      For someone questioning my math skills, you sure wrote a slew of wrong equations. Everyone of them, false deceptive lies. Don't feel I need to waste my time explaining your nonsense and consistent blaming of the media. Seems these days that all frauds try to claim FAKE NEWS, all the way up to our lying president.  servant of the Truth

    • Dan says:

      Maybe before you throw your "ignorant" or "ignoramus" accusations at me, you may want to ask if I follow "modern numerology" or any of the world's numerology. I do believe God's Word and the Holy Spirit has shown me some meaning to a few numbers, like His several sevens in Revelations. Why do you think casinos and the lottery have brainwashed gamblers into believing that 777 means you won the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? The only gold really worth seeking is that of God's wisdom and the precious gift of His Son, foolishness to the "ignorant". Things more precious than gold, while the world and your Church seek and concern themselves with their earthly gold, minerals that will not survive God's final fire.  

    • LLC says:


      Interesting Pindaric flight. How did you get to talk to casinos and gold is truly revealing of the confused state of mind in which you live. Also interesting how you can’t come up with any meaningful and coherent response to any of my points. If you may (or can), please explain your mentioning of 666 and 777. I think I know where you are going, but it will still be fun to read it.

    • Dan says:

      I'm of a "confused state of mind", but you think people "talk to casinos and gold". Maybe a drunk or an idiot might talk to casinos or to their gold. I wouldn't know since I haven't been near a casino in 35 years. Last time I went rollerblading up to the Heavenly Valley Resort while my Catholic family went gambling. I was the only winner. You haven't seen casino and lottery commercials trying to intice you into thinking you'll hit 3 sevens on their slot machines or lottery tickets and strike a gold mine? Are you just playing dumb, 'cause you're doing a good job?

      Regarding the 666 and sevens I was referring to in Revelations, maybe it would be wise for you to look it up for yourself, if you can find the right verse. LOL. The number seven is mentioned over 50 times; Seven churches, spirits, lamps, eyes, angels, trumpets, etc.etc.. And let's not forget the seven bowls of God's wrath, poured out on the wicked who worshipped the beast (666), and the the seven vials filled with the seven last plagues, reserved for the cowardly, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, the idolaters and all liars [deceivers] of the Church and those who refused to leave HER. There you go. Have your "fun" with that.

      P.S. Needless to say, I'm not required to answer to your ignorance, deceptions or falsehoods. Do your own research and try reading the Bible and maybe someday you'll learn something. 

    • peoples clown says:

      Well, Dan's ignorance is now explainable, as he's just another self hating former catholic. I think these blogs of his ,are a 21st century "maria monk" story! Maybe he'll come out with an e-book for sale! Doncha know!

    • LLC says:


      My original post was supposed to say, “…to talk about casinos…”, not “…to talk to casinos…”. The question remains. Anecdotes from your personal life are of no relevance to the discussion here. Thanks for the utterly useless report on numbers in Scriptures. To be clear, your report is useless, not the allegoric use of numbers in Scriptures.

      As a reminder for the future, if something is “Needless to say”, please do not say it, and save everybody’s time.

    • Dan says:

      You criticize me for not answering to your questions or points, and then when I do answer to your ignorance and stupidity, then you take your worthless shots at me. You're quite a prize and let me repeat this, "I could care less about what you have to say." That's period.

  8. malcolm harris says:

    Dave Pierre suggests that we should…."call out injustices, call out fraud, call out bigotry". But how? What to say?. Well perhaps this line of reasoning might assist. We know that most western countries have courts that are based on western justice. A basic tenet of western justice is.. "There is no crime unless there is compelling evidence of crime". Which contrasts with those countries that have revolutionary justice. For example the old Soviet Union had revolutionary courts, and they only required an accusation.  No evidence required….. e.g. those old Stalinist show trials. Returning to the present we can defend Cardinal Pell simply by asking…. what was the compelling evidence?. Nobody will be able to tell you. So by inference they are defending revolutionary justice. Which history tells us…. was no justice at all.

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm suggests we should "call out injustices, call out fraud, call out bigotry"! I can't agree more. Problem is that the Catholic Church would obviously be the most guilty party of these offenses. I ask, Malcolm, who do you really think your fooling? Yourself?

  9. Julie says:

    Dan, Your comments are going to be very, very costly for me. I am going to count each word and give $1 per word to my Catholic Church at Mass this weekend. That money will go to our St. Vincent de Paul food pantry for the poor, and we do have a lot of poor in my town, so that is the good thing, but I am going to be very broke lol. Always do your best work, and always turn evil into good, Dan. And pray to be the Lord's instrument. Every morning. You'll be surprised. 

    • Dan says:

      When you're through bragging of your generosity, you may want to research SV de P, who receives gov't funding for aged care facilities, supported employment for people with disabilities, housing and homeless services. I'm sure they'll appreciate your cash donations to help them raise more money ($$$) through their fundraising programs. Very interesting that the Society does not receive any direct funding from, drum roll please. the Catholic Church. LOL. I've even read where St. Anthony's got free food from food banks and wouldn't be surprised if SV de P received the same. However maybe one of the thieves of your Church can use your cash.

      P.S. When LLC is through flattering you, could you remind him that I could care less about anything he has to say. I'd appreciate it. Try reading the Bible and God may enlighten and teach you things you won't learn from your Church of greed. Call me when you can't afford the ride home from Church. Did you get your ashes yet? Trying to come up with more to say but I think your generosity has left me speechless. Have fun at mass and hope you don't need a Brinks truck to haul your marvelous donation. I'm sure the Church will appreciate all your giving and maybe even put a fools gold plaque in their vestibule for you.  servant of the One True God

  10. LLC says:


    bless your heart. Judging from Dan's logorrheic prolificity in nonsense, your local St. Vincent de Paul food pantry won't be wanting for food any time soon…

    • Dan says:

      Hey Dave, Judging from LLC's recent vocabulary, I was wondering if you guys have cloned Publion? He also tried and failed to tear an opponent apart line by line, only lacking = signs. I just can't see wasting my time on stupidity or nonsense.

    • LLC says:


      My apologies, I may have awoken Dan’s superfluous verboseness and affinity for redundancy. I could suggest to change the terms of your generous commitment as to donate for every intelligent and constructive point raised by Dan, but I am afraid your local chapter of the S.V. de P. Society would very likely starve to death. A compromise, if you allow, would be to donate any time Dan affirms that he doesn’t have time to waste (three times already). Time’s a-wastin…

    • Dan says:

      Again let me repeat, "I could care less about what you have to say." And I don't have the "time to waste" to answer to your "ignorance and stupidity".

  11. Sean Coleman says:

    Excellent article as always. I was arguing with someone online the other day who said that the recent trial was not a retrial but on different charges from the ('an') earlier one. Michael Cook's article (from mid-Feb) says that it was a retrial and that the jury at the first trial was hung 10-2. A quick read of the Wikipedia article on George Pell did not seem to mention that hung verdict at all. My online opponent was also relying on Louise Milligan's book for information. Can anyone here (not Dan the bore) please clarify?

    • Dan says:

      Are there any more of you kind Catholics out there that are waiting to step up and take a cheap shot at me? You think exposing the filth of your Church and quoting Bible verse as proof is boring? Oh! And you defenders and deceivers of the Church are so interesting? NOT!

    • Dan says:

      "This is no more than a plain, vanilla sexual penetration case where a child is not volunteering or actively participating," says Cardinal Pell's former lead attorney.

    • malcolm harris says:

      Responding to Sean Coleman, sadly some appear ready to muddy the water. The second trial was actually a retrial of the first, in which a hung jury voted 10 not guilty and 2 for guillty. Would like to know what went on (in that jury room) in the retrial….because their verdict was crazy.  The book by Louise Milligan was a hatchet job, from beginning to end. Would not be at all surprised if much of the book's content was obtained via leaks from the Victorian police. Incidentally the police did not have one complaint against Cardinal Pell at the time their investigation began. They had to search far and wide for a convincing accuser…..seriously…. it's  like something out of 'Alice if Wonderland'.


    • peoples clown says:

      Well, Dan, I'm not taking any kind of shot at you, but just wish to say, I'm glad LLC is stepping up, where publion left off, as you did miss him, and had a vacuum! Look how many replies you are doing, now that there's formidable responses to you, doncha know!

  12. Jim Robertson says:

    Poor you, long dead Bolsheviki are your biggest fear?

     Fear is all you are about. Fear of god. fear of hell. Fear of gays. Fear of burning forever, (with no proof of hell's existence)  Fear of not obeying the church.

    Fear is what the right wing is all about. That and inventing fear where none need exist

    You fear everything but your own ignorance (That you'll defend to the death and pretend you are smart) and the rich few  (You'll defend them.) that think they own a world we all share and all pass too quickly through.

    How rich are you believers that you can afford to hate socialism?

    Anybody want to give up their Social Security? It's socialism.

    How about medicare? It's socialism.

    How about the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes? Want to get rid of that?  It's socialism.

    (The miracle was that everybody who brought food with them shared it with those who didn't out of love and respect.)

    • LLC says:


      FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” is no match for your blather about fear (as they say in the old Country, the clucking chicken laid the egg…). Such eloquence, such inspiration. Jim, you magnificent literati giant…

      “Anybody want to give up their Social Security? It's socialism” = case in point. SS, like all Socialist inventions, works as a Ponzi scheme, hence should be illegal. Incidentally, one of FDR’s many errors.

      “How about medicare? It's socialism” = Actually, it is not. Medicare is medical assistance (stress on assistance) coverage for older Americans and people with disability, and only covers (in average) a third of the billed healthcare expenses.

      “How about the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes? Want to get rid of that?  It's socialism” = actually, it is not. Jesus did not take from a group of people to give to another group. He created the supply of bread and fish from what a young man had, and since the young man presumably received back more than what he “invested”, it is an example of Capitalism.

      “(The miracle was that everybody who brought food with them shared it with those who didn't out of love and respect.)” = actually, again, it is not, despite the new age interpretation. The miracle was that Jesus provided the crowd everything they needed (Matthew 6:33).

    • peoples clown says:

      Jim, there's no fear of the bolsheviki, because they will fall, as the soviet union did. If there's fear of the bolsheviki, its the fear of the damage they do to the innocent. Since Lenin gave "abortion to all" there's been a billion abortions. Don't forget the holodomor , where children were eating grass to survive. Such social progress!

  13. Julie says:

    LLC, Thank you kind sir. When Dan rails against my church, I know I am in the right place lol. Dan, you don't know it, but your helping me to be generous to my church truly is a blessing. We have a lot of needy people in my town. You actually bring a smile to my face when you mention the Bible, because I very much love the Bible, and I love Jesus with all of my heart and soul. I pray every morning to let me be His instrument. Being His instrument brings me the greatest joy. The connection that I have with Jesus diminishes any hatred that I might otherwise feel, and so I don't feel the need to insult and denigrade other churches and beliefs and rail against them and deliver verbal kicks in the teeth to their members. And in fact I love the fact that my church helps to feed and clothe independent fundamentalist baptists, Methodists, Unitarian Universalists (although in my town those tend to be people with money), and so many others. Any "priests" who got into my church so they could prey on vulnerable people, who were selfish and sick men did not follow the Catholic faith, and any cowardly bishops, they are not going to drive me away from MY church. Just as the hundreds of baptist pedo clergy are not going to drive you away, I am assuming. This is MY church, where I encounter my Jesus. It is not their church. When Jesus led me from Evangelical protestantism back to the Catholic Church, I asked Jesus what is He doing to me. I knew it was not going to be easy. But it is worth it to get that closeness and that personal relationship with Him that I get through the church, and that I didn't find in my memberships in the Church of Christ, Baptist and non-denom "Bible" churches. 

    • LLC says:


      again, bless your kind heart and positive attitude!

      So that Dan doesn’t feel singled out by the use of “=”, allow me a couple of comments:

      "When Dan rails against my church, I know I am in the right place" = interestingly, I feel the same, regarding society at large. When my values and society's are aligned, I know that something is not right.

      “Any "priests" who got into my church so they could prey on vulnerable people, who were selfish and sick men did not follow the Catholic faith, and any cowardly bishops, they are not going to drive me away from MY church” = well said. We are not leaving the church because of Judas; we are staying because of Peter.

    • Dan says:

      How surprising that birds of a feather would flock together. Flatter yourselves and each other all you like, but God and Christ will be the ones to judge your self-righteous boasting, for He knows the heart. 

      "No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. You shall know a tree by its fruits. People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers." Luke 6:43-44

      For Catholics finding this simple verse difficult. If there is any rotten people in your organization, then your whole organization is rotten, especially when the rotten fruit are your teachers and bishops. If you belong to them, you are part of them. 

    • Dan says:

      More false equations, LLC? I'm not promoting society's values, but the values of God Almighty, His Son Jesus Christ and Biblical values. When your values don't align with railing Dan against your Church, then you'll be wrong, dead wrong.    servant of the Lord

  14. Dan says:

    Ohhh! "Bless your heart." "Thank you kind" Julie. 

    "A lying tongue hates its victims, and a flattering mouth works ruin." Proverbs 26:28 If this doesn't describe your Church and its members.

    "May the Lord cut off all flattering lips, the tongue that makes great boasts," Psalms 12:3

    Fine that you claim I rail against your Church. Tell me something I've said that isn't the truth. I have never heard you say anything towards Catholics who rail against me. Instead you flatter them. I've been in this discussion for over three years. Show me where I've boasted of all my giving and the work I do for Christ. Do you think I have nothing to boast of? Sorry, my boast is in Christ.

    You claim you "very much love the Bible", then you should do an indepth study of Romans 1:18-32. The bad priests and cowardly bishops "who got into [your] church" did not break down the doors, they were bred there and they are your Church. They just don't attend the Church, they lead and falsely teach the Church. And apparently you're unaware, but this is the very reason why I do not belong to any organized religions. Zippo. None. No pedophiles or perverts would be welcome or protected, or lied for in my group of true believers. I'm so glad you are unwilling to stand for the truth and try to tell others who are caught up in their false religions and would rather let them be and watch them go to Hell. Sorry, but I would rather be hated by all than to compromise what I know to be the truth. That's Biblical.     servant of the One True God

  15. BlueyBlogger says:

    Those who judge, without Forensic Evidential Facts, are Fools, and will always be Fools!

    Those who judge, after viewing the Forensic Evidential Facts, should also remember; "Let Him Without Sin, Cast The First Stone".

    • Dan says:

      If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, waddles like a duck and lives in a pond with many more guilty ducks, well, it probably is a duck. You never heard, Ducks of a feather flock together?