Shocker: Even National Catholic Reporter Now Admits That Philadelphia Accuser’s Varying Claims of Abuse Were ‘Utterly Different Versions of Reality’

National Catholic Reporter

The claims of sex abuse made by Philadelphia accuser Dan Gallagher that led to the convictions of two Catholic priests and a school teacher are so wildly outlandish and inconsistent that even one of the most staunch critics of the Church, … [Read more...]

Bravo: Bishops Respond to Media Bias and Inaccuracies

Bishop Paprocki : Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki

Ever since Pope Benedict announced his resignation, the media has given a special voice to the usual cadre of anti-Catholic bigots and malcontents lashing out at the Church over the decades-old abuse issue. However, in what may be the … [Read more...]

**VOICE OF THE FAITHFUL CONFERENCE** At Aging, Left-Wing Lovefest, Writers From National Catholic Reporter Unleash Nastiness Against Church

Jamie Manson and Phyllis Zagano :: Voice of the Faithful Conference 2012

The 10th anniversary conference of Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) in Boston this month proved to be anything but "faithful" to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. Youthful rebellion was there when … [Read more...]

National Catholic Reporter Smears Arch. of Los Angeles in Bogus Abuse Story

Josh McElwee

The left-wing National Catholic Reporter newspaper is suggesting that a newly discovered 27-year-old letter somehow may be evidence that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles knew that a priest it had welcomed from England had been accused of … [Read more...]

National Catholic Reporter’s Tom Roberts Opposes Bible, Jesus, and Church

Good ... grief. Shouldn't a writer for a self-professed Catholic newspaper actually know a few things about Catholicism? Tom Roberts' November 9 post for the liberal National Catholic Reporter is so rife with errors, falsehoods, … [Read more...]