Los Angeles D.A. Steve Cooley Calls Out John Manly For ‘Outrageous Statements’

During the four o'clock hour of the July 17, 2007, episode of the John & Ken radio show on KFI 640 AM, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley opined on recent statements made by Church-suing attorney John Manly on the … [Read more...]

More Falsehoods From John Manly

Check out this bogus tale that John Manly told in a radio interview on KABC, July 17, 2007, during the 7 a.m. hour. Manly was claiming that the Catholic Church has retaliated against priests who spoke out during the abuse scandals. The … [Read more...]

John Manly Wrong on Catholicism

On the four o'clock hour of the John & Ken Show on KFI on July 16, 2007, attorney John Manly said the following: "In Catholicism what we were all taught as kids, at the moment of consecration, when the priest holds up the … [Read more...]

John Manly Voices Falsehoods About Church Abuse Scandal

During the five o'clock hour of the March 20, 2007, episode of the John & Ken radio show on KFI: 1. Attorney John Manly stated that disgraceful ex-priest Lynn Caffoe "has not been laicized. Now if he has, it's news to … [Read more...]

‘Deliver Us From John Manly’: Manly Cited For Egregious Distortion in Documentary Film

Deliver Us From Evil is a 2006 film that purports to be a documentary about the church abuse crisis. Grant Gallicho, an associate editor for Commonweal magazine, penned a critique of the film in November of 2006. It was published by the … [Read more...]

John Manly Sanctioned By Judge For ‘Unacceptable’ Conduct

As reported by the Associated Press, January 11, 2006: LOS ANGELES – An attorney representing dozens of alleged victims of clergy abuse was sanctioned by a judge for making "unacceptable" comments during the deposition … [Read more...]