Boston Globe’s Carroll Busted For Airing Bogus History

In a gross April 4, 2011, column, Boston Globe columnist James Carroll sought to blame Christians for the "roots of anti-Muslim bigotry" in the world. Yes, he did, indeed. Thankfully, C.J. Doyle, who spearheads the Catholic … [Read more...]

James Carroll Exploits Holocaust, Lies Again About Catholic Church

Leave it to the web site The Daily Beast to publish a lie-filled attack on the Catholic Church the day before Christmas. The author of the hate-filled piece is James Carroll, one of the country's foremost haters of the Catholic Church. … [Read more...]

Only in the LA Times: Infamous Anti-Catholic Touted As a ‘Devout Catholic’

What do you call a guy who leaves the priesthood, rejects fundamental doctrine of the Catholic Church, and propagates egregious falsehoods about Catholics? If you're the Los Angeles Times, you call him a "Devout Catholic" - in … [Read more...]