Boston Globe’s Carroll Busted For Airing Bogus History

In a gross April 4, 2011, column, Boston Globe columnist James Carroll sought to blame Christians for the "roots of anti-Muslim bigotry" in the world. Yes, he did, indeed.

Thankfully, C.J. Doyle, who spearheads the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, has busted the paper's anti-Catholic "Catholic" trying to re-write history. Mr. Doyle penned the following letter (4/11/11):

JAMES CARROLL’S assertion that Christian attitudes toward Islam were founded in hatred and bigotry is contradicted by history ("The roots of anti-Muslim bigotry," Op-ed, April 4).

Christian apprehension over the expansion of Islam was not the consequence of an irrational prejudice, but was the result of a very rational perception of reality. By the end of the 15th century, the formerly Christian provinces of North Africa, the Fertile Crescent, and Asia Minor — more than half of the classical Roman Empire — had been forcibly Islamified. This had been accomplished through wars of conquest, followed by the imposition of regimes that reduced Christians to second-class citizens, and used economic incentives to induce them into apostasy.

Carroll is attempting to stand history on its head, by portraying aggressors as victims of intolerance, and victims of persecution as bigots.

C. J. Doyle
Executive director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts


This is not the first time that Mr. Doyle has busted the bleary-eyed Carroll for flimsy history. He has also done so in 2010 (scroll down to October 11) and 2008 (scroll down to the last letter).