Boston Globe Keeps Anti-Catholic Reputation Thriving

Imagine if a newspaper disproportionately and endlessly harped upon decades-old crimes committed by black people. Even if the stories were all true, people would be rightfully outraged at the paper’s overt racism in consistently and … [Read more...]

Church Postpones Gay-Friendly Mass, Boston Globe Flips Out

Earlier this month, the Archdiocese of Boston felt that a special mass at St. Cecilia's Church in Boston to "commemorate Boston Pride 2011" would give parishioners and the public the false impression that the Church was … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Shocker: In Moving Tribute to Falsely Accused Priest, Columnist Slams Church-Suing Lawyer

Kudos to Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory for composing a truly moving and remarkable tribute to a falsely accused priest, Fr. Charles Murphy, who served several years at St. Francis Xavier Parish in South Weymouth (MA). A wonderful … [Read more...]

Divine Mercy Sunday at the Boston Globe: Another Anti-Catholic Hit Piece By Kevin Cullen

Kevin Cullen's latest article (Sun., 5/1/11) is yet another example of how the Boston Globe's reporting of the Catholic Church abuse narrative has descended into lazy, mean-spirited, and dishonest journalism. The Globe plastered … [Read more...]

Only in the Boston Globe: Voice of the Faithful Simply a ‘Lay Group’

As more evidence that the Boston Globe refuses to address issues related to the Catholic Church honestly, an article by Lisa Wangsness (Sat. 4/30/11)  labels Voice of the Faithful merely as a "lay group." Voice of the … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Profiles Falsely Accused Priest – In Order To Hammer Church

Rev. Edward C. McDonagh of St. Ann Church in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, has endured what far too many priests have had to face. Fr. McDonagh has been the victim of a vicious false accusation of child abuse against him. In 2002, … [Read more...]

Boston Globe’s Carroll Busted For Airing Bogus History

In a gross April 4, 2011, column, Boston Globe columnist James Carroll sought to blame Christians for the "roots of anti-Muslim bigotry" in the world. Yes, he did, indeed. Thankfully, C.J. Doyle, who spearheads the Catholic … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Piles On Ireland Abuse Narrative – Again

Since November 2010, the Boston Globe, through a large number of front-page and other high-profile articles, has made sure that you know that Boston Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley has visited Ireland to address the decades-old abuse cases … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Singles Out Catholic Church – Again

In the past three weeks, the Boston Globe has published not one, but two, articles about the release from prison of a soon-to-be-laicized Jesuit priest, Fr. James F. Talbot. (One article was by the frenetic Joan Vennochi.) The bottom line: … [Read more...]

You Say, ‘Child Abuse’; Boston Globe Says, ‘Catholic Church’

This week United States Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) delivered the very sad claim that he was sexually abused by a camp counselor when he was 10 years old. How did the Boston Globe cover this news? As part of its reporting of the story, the … [Read more...]