***TheMediaReport.com SPECIAL REPORT*** Who Am I To Judge? In 1992, Boston Globe Touted Therapy Treatments for Sex Offenders, Then Excoriated the Church Years Later For Actually Using Them

Boston Globe

When the Boston Globe excoriated the Archdiocese of Boston in 2002 for relying on therapists to treat abusive priests from the 1950s to the 1990s, the paper somehow apparently forgot that in 1992 the Globe itself was enthusiastically … [Read more...]

Rezendes vs. the Truth: Boston Globe Recycles Old Attack on the Chicago Jesuits and Embarrasses Itself

Michael Rezendes : Boston Globe

Some journalists simply don't know when to let an old story line die. As we first reported at the time over two-and-a-half years ago, Michael Rezendes of The Boston Globe published two splashy front-page stories about the failures of … [Read more...]

FOLLOW-UP: DreamWorks Drops Plan to Make Boston Globe Church Abuse Movie

Steven Spielberg

As we reported last fall, Hollywood producers began work for a movie based on the story of the Boston Globe's reporting in 2002 about the Catholic Church abuse scandals. The planned pic was envisioned as an investigative journalism … [Read more...]

Old News Becomes New News? Hollywood Plans Film About Boston Globe’s 2002 Church Abuse Coverage

Boston Globe documentary Catholic Church

The Hollywood industry newspaper Variety is reporting that a director has been assigned to command a movie about the Boston Globe's relentless reporting in 2002 about the Catholic Church abuse scandals. Yet again we see that the media … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Double Standard: Paper Yawns As School Removes Teacher and Principal Following Abuse Probe

Boston Globe and Carol Johnson

If the Archdiocese of Boston began proceedings to laicize a Catholic priest accused of "inappropriate contact" with an innocent minor, it hard to imagine the Boston Globe burying the story. It is also hard to imagine the Globe … [Read more...]

Journalists Tout Dissident Nuns and Rehash Decades-Old Scandals To Bash Catholic Church Again

Joan Vennochi

Since when have journalists been so concerned about internal doctrinal matters in the Catholic Church? Why are journalists suddenly fretting about the status of nuns in America? It has been no secret that many Catholic women religious … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Little Concerned With Child Abuse – Unless It’s In the Catholic Church [w/ UPDATE]

Michael Rezendes Boston Globe

Consider this: Just a few months ago, Boston Public Schools leveled a two-week suspension on a school principal for not reporting a case of suspected sex abuse by a special education aide. After the principal failed to report him to the … [Read more...]

Media Uses Flimsy ‘Dutch Castration’ Story to Smack Catholic Church

The Netherlands

The media are falling over themselves to relay a salacious report that the Catholic Church in the Netherlands may have surgically castrated "as many as 10 young men" over a half a century ago, in the 1950's. Perpetual … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Ready for Victory Lap In Anniversary of Clergy Abuse Coverage


Let the gloating begin. It will soon be ten years to the day that the Boston Globe initiated its widely heralded, full-throttle coverage of the Boston-area clergy scandals, and the paper wants everyone to know about it. Starting on … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Gives School Abuse Kid-Gloves Treatment

The Boston Public Schools community has been rocked by the shocking allegation that one of its schools shuffled a special education aide to another school after suspicion that he may have sexually abused a special needs student. The aide is … [Read more...]