CENSORSHIP ALERT: Boston Globe Bans Those Who Disagree With It!

Brian McGrory : Boston Globe

Only hearing what he wants to hear: Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory

For many people, sometimes the facts hit too close to home, and there comes a breaking point.

For many years, TheMediaReport.com has been a relentless critic of the Boston Globe and its corrupt reporting on the Catholic Church abuse story. This site has repeatedly exposed the paper's dishonest "Spotlight" narrative and unmasked its rank hypocrisy in reporting sex abuse.

So it comes as little surprise that the folks at the Globe would eventually reach a point that they would snap. And that point apparently came with our post last week. Using data from this year's Catholic Church annual abuse audit, we revealed how the dishonest Boston Globe outright deceived its readership with corrupt journalism.

What was the Globe's response to our latest work? Apparently the rejoinder was to ban TheMediaReport.com's founder, David Pierre – a paying subscriber of the paper – from commenting on its stories underneath its articles. When I (Pierre) went to comment under a Globe story this past week on "The rock radio wars: BCN vs. FNX," I got the following message:

The Globe did not provide any explanation for banning me, but we can reach no other conclusion for the paper's actions: thin skin.

C'mon, editor Brian McGrory. Is this the best you can do?


  1. Dan says:

    Sorry to hear that, Dave. As I've told you, you've been more than fair in allowing us to voice our opinion. Much appreciated, Dan.

  2. David says:


    I was about to comment but I see you have no following.

    I guess everybody’s getting off the Koolade : )



  3. Tom More says:


  4. Mary says:

    Well boo hoo! — your unholy partisanship got RCC victim me banned at Raw Story because I pointed out your paid bias defense of pedophile priests.

  5. Mark Taylor says:

    I may not agree with everything you say Dave, but at least you let your critics comment here. I like that about you.

  6. malcolm harris says:

    Some years ago a leading academic warned that we would have to live through what he called "the triumph of mediocrity".. Sadly that day has arrived… and the Boston Globe is just one example. Why so? Well because an editor with any knowledge of history would be aware that the Catholic Church has survived for almost two thousand years, despite numerous forms of  persecutions,  The Church has clearly survived it's many persecutors  And in my own lifetime I heard of Joe Stalin saying "How many divisions has the Pope…., hahaha?"   Yet Joe Stalin's own empire did not survive the twentieth century,

     But the Church is still alive… and  is the spiritual refuge of a billion souls.

     Incidentally it is widely believed that newspapers will not survive….in this new cyberspace world. If this is correct then the Boston Globe is on borrowed time.