EXPOSED [Part II]: Broadcasting Rumor and Innuendo to Trample the Innocent and the Dead [**UPDATE, 3/2018**]

Anne Barrett Doyle

Visitors to the home page of are greeted with the name of the site and the tag line, "Documenting the Abuse Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church." Prominently displayed on the top of the home page is a … [Read more...] EXPOSED: The Self-Professed Chroniclers of Abuse Smearing Innocent Priests

Terence McKiernan : Anne Barrett Doyle :

When the media needs a quote to bash the Catholic Church for abuse from a half-century ago, one predictable source it often turns to is The Massachusetts-based professes to act as a sort … [Read more...]

Catholic Abuse Audit Shows Current Accusations Are Down Again, But Media Highlights Decades-Old Claims

Rachel Zoll

The newly released annual audit of abuse in the Catholic Church reports that only seven credible abuse allegations were made against Catholic priests by current minors in all of 2011. Yet nationally syndicated articles from the Associated … [Read more...]

Al Jazeera Recruits SNAP and to Smear Catholic Church

Al Jazeera

According to Al Jazeera opinion writer Rose Aguilar, United States Catholic bishops have been “given a pass on pedophilia” and “widespread child abuse scandals continue to this day.” What has prompted Aguilar to … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Keeps Anti-Catholic Reputation Thriving

Imagine if a newspaper disproportionately and endlessly harped upon decades-old crimes committed by black people. Even if the stories were all true, people would be rightfully outraged at the paper’s overt racism in consistently and … [Read more...]

No Fairness For Innocent Priests at

The high-profile web site has long extolled a policy that it will not publicly post the names and cases of priests in which the accusers have recanted their claims. However, the organization continues to do this … [Read more...]