An Australian Bishop Was Found Innocent of Concealing Child Abuse, and the Media Went Silent, Unlike His Conviction

Archbishop Philip Wilson : acquitted

[Big HT: MercatorNet.] When Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide, Australia, was convicted earlier this year of concealing an alleged case of child abuse from 42 years ago, media across the globe went hysterical. It was an international … [Read more...]

Now This: The Media’s Cardinal Pell Disinformation Campaign

Damian Dignan : Cardinal Pell : Lyndon Monument

The media is having a field day reporting that Australia's Cardinal George Pell has been accused of child abuse. From the way the media is telling it, one would think that this abuse was something that happened somewhat recently, and … [Read more...]

Hysteria Down Under: As Commission Inquiry Approaches, Writers Warn of Anti-Catholicism in Australian Media Coverage

Andrew Bolt Australia

News of decades-old abuse by Catholic priests in Australia has now reached down under. The breathless reporting by Australian media, however, presages a media narrative in which reason, facts, and logic are ignored, and the media feeds on … [Read more...]