Media Goes Mum As Another Falsely Accused Priest Is Cleared and Yet Another Fraud Exposed

Rev. Charles Hanel

Free at last: Rev. Charles Hanel of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

In September of 2018, local media in Milwaukee went crazy when prosecutors dramatically announced felony sexual assault charges against Fr. Charles Hanel. A 13 year-old girl came forward to claim that the priest had "groped" her during confession almost a year earlier and "made her feel uncomfortable" – whatever that means.

If Hanel were found guilty, he could have faced up to 40 years in prison.

But now, over a year-and-a-half later, the media is not as excited as it once was now that prosecutors have announced that they will drop the charges against Hanel altogether.

During a trial in March (which ended in a mistrial), it surfaced that the accuser and her family were undocumented immigrants and were using the claim of sex abuse as a ruse to gain citizenship. The girl's mother had a history of illegal entry and re-entry into the U.S., which precluded her from the usual paths to citizenship. And as Fr. Hanel's attorney discovered, "The evidence demonstrated that both (parents) were aware that the only path to legal status was a U-Visa, provided to parents of minor victims of crimes such as sexual assault."

Rev. Charles Hanel media wrong TV child sex trial

Local media trumpeted a bogus 'priest child sex trial' against Milwaukee's Rev. Charles Hanel.
But after he is found innocent, they've gone radio silent.

Fr. Hanel had "served the archdiocese for 35 years without a hint of inappropriate conduct." But Fr. Hanel's unblemished record has now been tarnished forever over an attempted scam by a family of fraudsters. Indeed, Fr. Hanel's attorney also added that during the trial, the girl's mother "pretended not to understand straightforward questions even when translated to Spanish."

Will prosecutors admit their error and go after these criminals? No, they won't, of course. Instead, they've made the laughable claim that their decision to drop the charges was based "out of a consideration of the amount of strain that a future trial will place on all parties, most importantly the victim and her family." Translation: They would lose the trial.

As we have said many times before, faithful Catholics must grasp the massive fraud being perpetrated against the Catholic Church today. False accusations against Catholic priests are at epic proportions. The Church is under relentless attack. But in this instance, at least justice was served.


  1. Herb Zeller says:

    The tragedy of Fr. Gordon MacRae, abandoned by his bishop, convicted in a kangaroo court proceeding by an politically ambitious prosecuter, a biased judge, false testimony and locked up in a NH prison with 67 year (life) sentence, is an unconscionable miscarriage of justice.  Read about Fr. MacRae at:

  2. Justicia says:

    Is the name of the false accuser and her family known? Any other details about her/them? 

    • Frank says:

      Their real names are all protected by the media.which is why there are so many bogus charges.

  3. Joanne says:

    Given the status of the girl and her mother, Fr. Hanel probably won't be able to recover damages from them if he is so inclined. Regardless, they should be charged with filing a false police report. It appears law enforcement and the prosecutor did not do their due diligence in their investigation of this case before taking it to trial. Such a case needlessly costs the taxpayers as well as an individual party. The seal of the sacrament of confession prevents Fr. Hanel from speaking about the matter, which puts him at a distinct disadvantage. In my opinion, he deserves more than admittance of their error and an apology.

  4. Malcolm Harris says:

    Perhaps the scheming parents of the girl were hoping that the law would somehow shield them from any investigation. Usually the name of the alleged victim is protected from publicaton and anything which might identify them. Maybe the parents were counting on that to protect them from any kind of background checking. For example Cardiinal Pell's accuser was completely shielded, so that the court would not even allow discovery access to his medical records. Despite alleged victim's own admisssion that his best buddy was an addict who died from an overdose. The prosecution's case rested entirely on the accuser's words, and the court would not permit evidence that might have helped the jury to judge the credibility and character of the accuser. Yeah, I agree, it's enough to drive you nuts.


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